Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

45 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 Front and centre during the COVID-19 pandemic, Text2Md is changing the face of online telehealth. The company connects patients to board-certified physicians in 32 states. Text2Md recognises the importance of the patient-doctor relationship.The company enables patients to choose to connect with the same doctor each time.We speak with Founder, Miguel Antonatos, MD, to find out more. he frustrations of patients living in medically underserved areas are well-known. Depending on where you live it can take anything from one day to six months to see a primary care doctor in person. Delays in patients being able to see or speak to a board-certified doctor can have a far-reaching impact on both their physical and mental well-being. One company looking to redress that balance is Text2Md. Text2Md offers urgent and primary care as well as functional medicine and laboratory services. The company also specialises in the prevention, treatment, and long-haul management of COVID-19. Text2Md’s simple online process asks patients to answer a few questions that are then reviewed by a licensed medical provider. Patients receive a recommended, customized treatment plan. This may include over-the-counter products, nutritional supplements, and prescription treatment. Also, making things even easier, Text2Md can have everything shipped right to your door. Serving a broad population, Text MD’s clients are of all ages and come from a wide range of both rural and urban areas. Focusing on personalized care and customized functional medicine protocols, the company works with its patients to build strong relationships. Patients use a secure messaging app to text followup questions to their doctor. This direct line of communication eliminates unnecessary phone calls, waiting times, follow-up inperson appointments, visits, and other related costs. The company believes that telemedicine should be easy-to-use, accessible, and affordable. In its commitment to the doctor-patient relationship, Text2Md offers discounted consultation fees for returning patients. All patients also receive a 20% discount on professional grade supplements. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many bricks-and-mortar practices were obligated to close. It was at this point that Text2Md saw a spike in the demand for its services. The company stepped in to ensure patients received their medication refills and had access to COVID treatment support, chronic illness follow up, and urgent care services. We ask Doctor Antonatos about recent developments at Text2Md. He tells us, “We’ve been researching COVID long haul protocols. We implemented our COVID long haul protocol back in 2021. This achieved a 90% success rate in alleviating the symptoms of our patients. Our most recent project focuses on implementing functional medicine protocols for hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue, performance and mitochondrial health optimization.” One of the biggest challenges the company faces is ensuring all patients can gain access to its services. Doctor Antonatos explains how Text2Md is addressing this, “We’ve designed a simple process for patients that are not familiar with telemedicine. This means they can access consultations even if they don’t have a smartphone. They should have at least an email address and access to a computer with an internet connection.” To ensure Text2Md remains at the forefront of telemedicine the company will continue to invest in research, development, and implementation of functional medicine protocols. Also on the agenda are physical therapy services, remote monitoring, and health coaching. It is with great pleasure that we bestow Text2Md with the prestigious award of Best Online Functional Medicine Service 2022. Contact: Miguel Antonatos, MD Company: Text2Md Web Address: T Aug22282 Best Online Functional Medicine Service 2022