Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

47 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 Tanunda Lutheran Home is located in the beating heart of the Barossa Valley. It is a 120-bed aged care facility that not only provides personal care, but it deeply changes people’s lives on a daily basis. Here we celebrate its excellent win in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2022. Care homes and independent living facilities are spread far and wide as they are a necessity in society. Whether it’s from families needing help with their loved ones, those who need care but live completely without a family to help, or people retiring and wanting to live somewhere that makes them feel good, Tanunda Lutheran Home guarantees the best care for all. Tanunda Lutheran Home is nestled in its gorgeous surroundings and it has become one of the most trusted, respected, and soughtafter aged care facilities in South Australia. Within the complex, there is a huge range of services such as physiotherapy, podiatry, gymnasium, hairdressing, cafes, private function rooms, and shops. There is also space for a private function room and a chapel for people to use when they like. Tanunda Lutheran Home offers all of these amenities to its residents, and their loved ones when they visit, to ensure a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life. In further regard to living a healthy life, Tanunda Lutheran Home guarantees home cooked meals made with fresh and high quality ingredients. Leaving no stone unturned, from mental to spiritual and physical health, Tanunda Lutheran Home offers all the experience it has to improve people’s lives. Retirement living doesn’t have to be unfashionable or boring. Dedicated to providing only the best for its residents, Tanunda Lutheran Home pulls out all the stops to make every day a comfortable, fun, and enjoyable time. With fully kitted rooms including ensuites, air-conditioning, electric beds, and much more, Tanunda Lutheran Home offers the chance to reside somewhere that has everything you need within and without its walls. Its time, dedication, and attention to detail takes a simple dwelling and elevates it to a place that is in high demand. Its attitude toward people is that of the greatest respect and support – treating everyone well, Tanunda Lutheran Home shows its true colours, which are positively effervescent. There for you, or your loved ones, Tanunda Lutheran Home guarantees only the best care, activities, and living spaces that not only make life easier, but encourage personal growth – both mentally, spiritually, and physically. Being awarded Best Residential Care Home 2022 – Barossa Valley, Tanunda Lutheran Home stands in the spotlight for its tremendous work. Not only does it touch the lives of the people it cares for, but it touches the lives of their loved ones – and us, as we read about its delightful success. Contact: Ameya Bhiskute Company: Tanunda Lutheran Home Web Address: Best Residential Care Home 2022 – Barossa Valley Jul22271