Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

48 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 Oxfordshire and West Berkshire is home to a plethora of care services but, second to none, Q1 Care is altering the way people experience support. It is of utmost importance that we take note of its special skills when attending to the needs of its many clients. Here we look at its essential services as it wins this esteemed accolade in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards, 2022. Q1 Care provides bespoke care in the homes of its clients. It offers its services on a short term or long term basis, also guaranteeing live-in services should they be needed. Daily care can be carried out by an individual that is dedicated to their client. This may be preparing and planning meals, medication management, providing personal care, being there for conversations, and much more. Everything is tailor made to the individual being cared for, and they are all able to feel comfortable with their carer because of this. Q1 Care guarantees help through housekeeping duties, transportation, and companionship – and does so by supplying only the best of the best to its many clients. Being based within Oxfordshire and West Berkshire, Q1 Care provides an invaluable service that is entirely unmatched. With daily care, at home, Q1 Care breathes new life into its clients. It gives routine back to them whilst caring, understanding, and Most Outstanding Domiciliary Care Service Company 2022 – UK Jul22221 empowering them so that they may lead a fuller life. In addition, its 24/7 care ensures that clients feel safe and prioritised, at all times. With some families being distant or long gone, people can battle loneliness or isolation, resulting in the decline of mental and physical health. Not only is Q1 Care present for their stresses, tensions, and tribulations, but it is there for their loved ones. Its clients’ loved ones can gain tremendous peace of mind just by knowing Q1 Care is looking out for their family member or friend. Founder, Melanie Meads, tells us that Q1 Care’s mission is to “deliver the highest standards of home care services to all our clients and their families, and be an inspirational company to work for.” We are proud to present Q1 Care with this prestigious award as it has helped so many people to live a life of happiness and, of course, dignity. Q1 Care knows that everyone deserves to receive the care they need – and Q1 Care is there for everyone who requires that extra help with living. These are the many reasons why it has won Most Outstanding Domiciliary Care Service Company 2022 – UK. It is set to win even more hearts as it promises to continue its dedicated work. Its customised approach ensures only the best, and we wish it every success as time goes by. Contact: Melanie Meads Company: Q1 Care Web Address: