Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

49 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 The process of change and development is not easy. Recognition that a change needs to be made can be difficult, with many organisations failing to recognise what specifically needs to shift. Here, the expertise of organisations like the Ravenall Institute continues to shine.We take a closer look to find out more. he Ravenall Institute is a transformation company with a vision of empowering individuals and organisations in becoming successful and healthy versions of themselves. It sits at the head of a group of like-minded organisations focusing on personal and business transformation through unique, industry-leading methods. The group’s primary focus is on maximising human performance and health. With a ‘one person and organisation at a time’ mentality, Ravenall achieves its vision through individual and group exchanges and interventions. It provides leading tools that unleash the capabilities of its clients and partners. In this way, it also changes their perspectives to accelerate growth, health, and forward movement. When working with outsourcing clients, Ravenall adopts what it calls a ‘vendor neutral method’, a relatively unique approach for an outsourced revolution service. This model stems from the recognition that outsourcing is ever-changing and exists to respond to the challenges that come with it. Ravenall noticed – amongst itself and its competitors from an outsourcing perspective – that working relationships often break down due to a lack of trust and mutual understanding. Frequently, a client doesn’t want to speak the truth regarding a situation. In turn, the outsourcing company finds itself unable to understand the full scope of the problem. As a result, client and outsourced companies are frustrated and lose trust in one another. However, with the neutral model, Ravenall achieves the best possible results with fewer hassles. This stems from a mutual understanding and trade of transparent information and the best possible prices. This model is a tool to aid with client relations and provide a comfortable relationship to do business. The group’s USP, which informs the success of its transformations, is its unique approach via the ‘Human Performance Replicator.’ Designed to reshape how organisations approach and understand uplifting performance, it is an approach that identifies individuals operating in the Top 10% of any group. Ravenall then studies their processes, behavioural traits, skills, attributes, and problem-solving approaches and decisions. From there, it identifies the more transferable attributes and reduces them into a system that the average performers can then take note of. This is completed in a matter of weeks, using cutting-edge neuroscience, and leaves clients with a practical and holistic set of goals and practices to follow and a clear end goal – all whilst remaining relevant to the company and specifically learning from the client. Supporting both of these key group approaches, Ravenall provides one on one interventions to tackle individual transformation. At a time when mental health issues seem to be spiralling the approach looks at transformation at a wholistic level. No other company approaches transformation and growth in the same way as Ravenall. The Human Performance Replicator being built on a passionate focus on delivering through cuttingedge techniques that replicate top human behaviour and skill at pace and through the Suzanne Ravenall brand helping move individual performance to become the best possible version of themselves. . This allows for a uniquely adaptable and efficient solution that adds value to as many areas as possible. Ravenall stands out through the Human Performance Replicator alone. It differs from all other companies through this unique, holistic view of how clients can change and provides its degree of excellence to the market. Everybody shares their stories and information uniquely and differently; people are drawn to what resonates with them. The Ravenall Institute aligns themselves with organisations and people ready to take that next step in growth and change, utilising the cutting edge of what is available on the market. With its distinctive methods and approach, combined with the successes it has achieved, the title of Most Innovative Human Performance Specialists in South Africa firmly belongs to the Ravenall Institute. Contact: Dr Suzanne Ravenall Company: Dr Suzanne Ravenall & The Ravenall Institute Web Address: T Jul22213 Most Innovative Human Performance Specialists – South Africa