Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

50 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 Conversations and recognition of mental health continue to develop daily. However, finding reliable treatment options and advice remains difficult, not helped by the sensitive and delicate nature of mental health. Fortunately, the My Possible Self app exists to provide NHSbacked services from the comfort of your own phone. Personal Wellbeing App of the Year 2022: My Possible Self y Possible Self is a leading mental health app with an expanding collection of clinically certified, interactive, and accessible content developed with Priory Healthcare, world leaders in mental health, and a growing body of evidence to demonstrate significant mental health improvements among users. My Possible Self is an accessible tool that provides an invaluable service. A service that is both needed and appreciated across the planet, as evidenced by how popular it became, in 2021, when it was made available globally. Founded in 2017, the My Possible Self app quickly demonstrated that it meets NHS technical, clinical, and safety standards and was therefore listed in the NHS Apps Library in 2018. Following this, in 2020, research showed that a digital intervention developed by My Possible Self – with the NHS and academics in Scotland – rapidly reduced depression and anxiety, and increased well-being among health and social care workers, especially throughout the pandemic. My Possible Self also worked with the Good Thinking project and won its first commission with the NHS to help combat poor mental health in London. Good Thinking, which the NHS commends, was recommissioned My Possible Self after becoming one of the service’s most popular digital supports. It has continually proved its success and efficacy amongst patients. Downloaded in nearly 200 countries, the astonishing app has almost 250,000 registered users – and is ranked first for mental health apps on Google Play and seventh in the Apple App Store. It has sustained solid ratings such as 4.8 on Google Play and 4.6 on the App Store, all based on more than 2,000 independent reviews. Most of its users report improvements after using the app, according to data collected by My Possible Self between August 2021 and January 2022. Alongside its own analysis, it partnered with the Priory to process its successful statistics. 51% of users with severe anxiety reported an overall improvement, with 24% reporting a clinically significant improvement. In addition, 43% of those with moderate anxiety reported an overall improvement and 76% reported a clinically significant improvement overall. Yet, despite the already glowing results of the app, the team has not rested on its laurels. It continues to develop and launch new content for the app and, this year alone, it added two new guided series. The Men’s Mental Health and Coping With Loss and Grief services were added to its free-to-use library. T myriad of interactive tools, helpful tips, visual and mental exercises, and engaging activities help users manage anxiety, tackle depression, reduce stress, and improve sleep. The Men’s Mental Health series offers learning resources, support, guidance, and positive steps – such as putting thoughts and feelings into words. It helps users explore why men need to talk about their mental health and includes stories from other men who have struggled with it. Coping With Loss and Grief covers diverse types of loss and grief events, the stages involved in processing these and the misconceptions that sometimes occur. It provides essential self-care tools, encouragement in talking to others, pointers for relaxation and a grief journal. The series helps users learn to live with the experience of loss. In conjunction with the above, My Possible Self has also produced a series of free podcasts with world-leading mental health experts, thought leaders, influencers, and ambassadors. These include experts such as Alastair Campbell, journalist and mental health campaigner, Dr Hilary Jones, GP and TV presenter, Professor Rory O’Connor president of the International Association for Suicide Prevention, and the directors of My Possible Self, Hana and Fleur Wilkinson. The podcasts help reduce the stigma around the elements of mental health and include poignant questions on each guest’s specific area of expertise. With record demand for NHS mental health services, My Possible Self’s clinically certified, interactive, and accessible content provides valuable 24/7 support that is free of charge. From general visual and audio guides and meditation aides to guided series, such as managing stress to gambling safety, My Possible Self offers an extensive list of its many tools and services that truly help a global audience. Overall, the My Possible Self app and service has not just assisted hundreds of thousands, it has empirical data that proves its positive effect on people’s lives. Many of its users worldwide would agree that it is well deserving of the title of Personal Wellbeing App of the Year, 2022, and it is a welcome and supportive presence in their lives. Contact: Simon Miller Company: My Possible Self Web Address: M Jul22209