Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

53 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 Not everyone is as agile as they should be, but with proper care and attention, they can achieve optimal function with the minimum of fuss. This is what the team at Orthosports, under the care of specialist Dr Sean Leo Pien Ming, aim to do. We thought it time to take a closer look at some of the secrets of their inimitable success. hen it comes to sports surgery and degenerative joint disease, there are few services finer in Singapore. Treating these conditions requires a detailed and intimate knowledge of precisely what needs to be treated, and how to treat it in such a way that the patient can return to their regular routine most quickly. As the specialist mind behind Orthosports, Dr Sean Leo Pien Ming has made it his mission to deliver these services to the highest possible standard. “I treat a wide range of patients,” he tells us, “ranging from young sportsmen to professional athletes, as well as older patients with degenerative disease such as osteoarthritis. As an orthopedic surgeon, I am also skilled in managing traumas and treat patients who have sustained fractures.” Dr Leo’s journey as a leading medical mind began after receiving a military scholarship to study in the NUS school of medicine. While in the military , he was involved in the medical treatment of many professional soldiers in physically demanding vocations. It was this experience that has driven much of how Dr Leo works today. “Through my work and experience in the military,” he explains, “I was exposed to the latest program in human performance optimisation, pioneering surgical techniques and rehabilitative programs which I have now applied to my practice.” With this grounding, it will come as little surprise that Dr Leo completed a specialist fellowship in Royal North Shore, Sydney, Australia, providing medical coverage to the team of Gordon Rugby Football Club. His knowledge made him the ideal clinical consultant for team players. Now, Dr Leo is able to offer a service which is invaluable to his clients. “My overall mission is the optimal restoration of function in all my patients so that they can continue their regular activity and achieve their best performance,” he informs us. Since opening Orthosports, Dr Leo has opened the doors for many to treatments which might not otherwise have been available, leveraging his unique skill and expertise. Modern medicine offers a wealth of opportunities to Dr Leo’s eyes, with the chance to offer individualised health services for every patient. “In today’s field of modern medicine, there is hardly any unique single surgical technique that can only be performed by a single surgeon,” Dr Leo tells us. “Hence, the tailoring of any surgical procedures and individual adaptation of any techniques are essential for the best outcome in a patient.” Needless to say, this attitude applies to his own approach, with Dr Leo paying close attention to the needs of his patients at all times to provide the best possible care. Looking ahead, it’s clear that the orthopaedic field is evolving rapidly, with new techniques and technologies offering incredible potential for those who want to explore it. “What we know as standard treatment now may change with the advent of new evidence,” Dr Leo laughs. “The challenge facing the field is the adequacy of the assessment of each techniques and its safe implementation in clinical practice.” Key to the continued success of his impressive venture, therefore is keeping abreast of any new developing surgical techniques and trends, and continuing to serve the needs of customers to the highest possible standards. As we round off our interview with Dr Leo, we wondered what he considers his biggest success in a career that has seen many different stages of development. “My most significant success is the number of patients that I have successfully treated and help achieve their peak performance,” he says with a smile. “It is a very fulfilling journey to be able to witness the recovery and attainment of each patient’s optimal function.” For any prospective patients, looking for someone to turn to, there can’t be a clearer sign of your health being his priority. Company: Orthosports Name: Sean Leo Pien Ming W Jul22273 Best Patient Focused Orthopaedic Surgery Clinic 2022 - Singapore