Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

54 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 Havingstartedin2003,SevenWayshasmadeitselfoneofthebestsupportedaccommodations providers in the UK. Serving care leavers, asylum seekers and young parents aged 16-25, its focus has been on providing emotional and practical skills to its service users, ensuring that each of them can transition from their previous living situations to living independently in the UK far easier. The goal, for Seven Ways, is to equip service users to manage their own tenancies and reassure them that acclimatising to a new way of living doesn’t have to be a lonely nor daunting experience. Best Supported Housing Provider of the Year 2022 - UK upporting young people in building their skillsets to allow them to adapt to independent life, Seven Ways has provided high quality support and inter-personal encouragement for its service users in a holistic sense. Nominally, seeking to give a sense of agency and the ability to craft the foundation for their life to be strong and stable, Seven Ways hopes to foster confidence in their young people, instilling in them a sense of surety that the future ahead is indeed bright. With pragmatic and pastoral care, it has been able to forge a full package of support that grants a structured and supported approach to learning, something that has been cultivated over time thanks to the tenacious and experienced employees within its ranks, offering several different items that vary depending on client needs. For young people, it offers a small number of placements that totally attend to individual needs, with a minimum of biweekly visits that can be increased to daily visits if needed. Critically, it runs both its visits and its programme of care with a standardised and goal-oriented way of always working at the fore, from its pick list of identifying clear goals to its rewards and incentives. Each of these elements help service users to be always working towards something tangible and actionable in nature, with clear milestones and defined goalposts helping service users and support staff alike to track progress in a very visual manner. Its written information on Seven Ways’ services, entitlements, and details also allows clients to see exactly where and how to access help and make a complaint, giving them full autonomy over their own support. Regarding its work with social workers and personal advisors, it always provides a close personal liaison, as well as a monthly written report on interventions, progress, and notes, ensuring a holistic picture of a service user that considers all factors at play in a case. Its creation and implementation of pathway plans, in this way, is second to none. With flexible working hours, adjustments in line with LAC Reviews, planned meetings and Court Orders, and more, it has been working hard to grow and improve, pushing through the tumult of Covid-19 in order to continue offering the best support by way of its experienced and qualified staff. Fundamentally, each of them make Seven Ways’ work so exemplary, and between the efforts of managing Director Jon Mackie and his outstanding staff, Seven Ways has been able to grant access to secure, safe, hygienic, and well-maintained accommodation with an in-built support network and commitment to quality. Company: Seven Ways (support) Ltd Contact: Jon Mackie Website: S Jul22333