Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

55 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 Specialising in the health of persons capable of pregnancy – and focusing primarily on reproductive health, obstetrics, gynaecology, and infertility – Dr Leila Soudah Clinic aims to empower, empathise, and heal. Treating the presenting symptoms of several different ailments, conditions, and challenges, this clinic wants to help its patients to gain a higher level of confidence, an emboldened comfort in themselves, and a new lease of life through helping them address concerns about intimate areas. When it comes to healthcare, Dr Leila Soudah is a professional that believes such things should never be offered in the context of business. Therefore, when it comes to serving her patients through her exemplary gynaecology and vaginal health clinic in Dubai, she focuses on empowerment, healing, and hope, enhancing the confidence of all those who walk through its doors. Aiding them in improving their sense of self-worth regarding their intimate areas, the Dr Leila Soudah Clinic can enhance the look and structural integrity of a patient’s intimate areas with a variety of cosmetic procedures, from laser vaginal tightening to g-spot enhancement and infertility treatments. Following 20 years of study and hard work in Germany’s internationally leading fertility field, the founder of this clinic moved to Dubai to start this clinic at the turn of the century in 1999. Although it started as a small clinic, with a humble facility in Deira, it has since expanded hugely to a two-storey villa in Jumeirah – where it still exists to this day – and has retained its focus on providing the most top-of-the-range treatments using the foremost technologies available on the market. Nominally, as a healthcare provider, its priority is always going to be the health and happiness of its patients above all else. Recently, the founder has started further pushing towards the improvement of her industry by contributing to the teaching of its newest professional minds. Starting with the rest of the United Arab Emirates region, its teaching has since moved into India, and more recently, Romania, allowing it to influence and inspire budding professionals with bold new ideas and share its ideas with other established experts. Moreover, back in its clinic in Dubai, it successfully survived the pandemic by setting extra hygiene rules such as additional cleaning and tiles within the clinic proper, bringing in FDA approved disinfection machines and protocols. Its first aim is preventative medicine. It hopes that its efforts will make sure a risk never becomes a threat in terms of the health of its clients, but promises that should this ever become the case, it will do its best to help by treating the root cause of a sickness and offering the best solutions. Its reversible medicine, BHRT, cosmetic care, and more all promise to grant clients a pathway to building their confidence back up again, always willing to go above and beyond for its clients. Consequentially, it also promises that its treatments will always be evolving and adapting alongside its wider industry, implementing learning from sources like the 2-year Hertolge medical school course in advanced hormone therapy that the founder just completed. Company: Dr Leila Soudah Clinic Contact: Dr Leila Soudah Website: Most Innovative Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility Clinic - UAE Mar22130