Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

56 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 London-based British skincare brand, Opatra, continues to lead the way in advanced skincare technology. Established in 2010, the company continues to innovate in the realms of non-invasive beauty devices so that we can all look and feel, our best.We take a look at Opatra’s growth over the past 12 months. Understanding the positive impact that healthy, radiant skin has on our well-being is the force that drives Opatra. Wanting to redefine antiquated beauty standards, the company set out to find a solution. Providing consistent and achievable outcomes for all skin types was key. Opatra set out to formulate products and design devices to help skin look firmer, brighter and more beautiful. Today skin care professionals and consumers all love the company’s products. As we become ever more aware of the need to protect and nourish our skin, Opatra’s ‘Potently Perfect Products’ help us combat the signs of ageing and the effects of the environment on our complexions. The SE Bio Hydrating Facial Mask is a new bio-cellulose sheet mask. A perfect fit to the contours of your face, the mask’s skinplumping ingredients brighten the skin whilst replenishing moisture levels. Active ingredients, sodium hyaluronate, watermelon extract and lavender water, help to reinforce the skin’s elasticity and barrier function. New from the Skinfab range is the Collagen Facial Serum. Packed with marine collagen and natural extracts, the serum helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and increases skin firmness. Marine collagen encourages the production of elastin and collagen synthesis. If you suffer from blocked pores, Opatra’s Aloe Vera Peeling Gel could be the very thing for you. The gel is a non-abrasive, gentle exfoliator. It encourages pores to unclog, leaving skin feeling smoother and looking radiant. The latest in Opatra’s range of skin-improving devices is the DERMISONIC II. The device combines LED light therapy and heat therapy into one easy-to-use handheld device. Regular use stimulates new skin cell growth, boosts circulation and helps counteract the signs of ageing. Opatra’s Synergy Marble has been proven to improve skin texture and reduce fine lines in clinical trials. The device scooped Gold at the recent Global Makeup Awards for best packaging and design. As the company’s popularity continues to grow so does its Recognised Leaders in Advanced Skincare Technology 2022 Jul22488 international reach. Since 2021 Opatra has expanded its network to a further 12 European countries. Demand for Opatra’s products is growing worldwide too. Opatra products are now stocked in Singapore, Libya, Australia and India to name a few. At the time of writing, Opatra’s global network stretches to a staggering 30 countries (and counting). As well as expanding its reach commercially, Opatra continues its partnership with United World Schools. Believing that empowerment starts with education, Opatra donates proceeds from its online orders to provide education for children in Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal. To find out more about Opatra’s range of products, please visit the company website. Contact: Francesca Company: Opatra Ltd Web Address: