Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

6 Providing a safe, reliable environment for its patients and clients, Scottsdale Hyperbaric Center gives clients access to the best in Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy. With this being offered by professional, well-educated, and well-trained individuals who always put the customer first, it can even offer BEMER Therapy – Bio Electromagnetic Energy Regulator – to ensure that everyone has access to the therapies they need. With three mono-placed SeChrist Cand an OxiCab Chamber slated for introduction in the latter months of this year, it has been consistently showing its dedication to constant growth, development, and betterment by striving to implement the best new innovations into itself. Until then, its clients can right now benefit from its already existing range of solutions, all of which are still as up-to-date and as impeccably regulated as possible. This includes its HBOT services, which increase the inhalation of oxygen dosage for Jul22234 Best Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Practice 2022 - Southwest USA With clients flocking to its facility from within its home nation of America and from further afield, Scottsdale Hyperbaric Center has won itself the above award, and the award for ‘GHP Patient Care Excellence’ in 2022. Garnering attention from athletes, people suffering from long form or chronic illness, those interested in learning more about oxygenation therapies, and more, it has built itself a worldwide reputation for excellence both in terms of practical solutions and the training it implements.