Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 a patient at pressures exceeding one atmospheric absolute, enhancing the amount that can be taken in by the body and dissolved in the tissues at any one time. The air in the chambers is pressurized to above normal atmospheric levels, increasing oxygen level in the body up to 10-15 times above the norm. Of course, the result of this is a massive draw for people who find themselves regularly putting themselves through intensive physical strain and activity, such as Olympic athletes, UFC fighters, NFL and MLB players, actors, business professionals, hikers, and more. Nominally, over its time in operation, it has even seen use by people who simply want to improve their own wellness. After all, improving the oxygen capacity of one’s body allows for more stamina in exercise, greater ease of moving further for longer, and an ability to withstand atmospheric pressures far easier: for instance, one might think about such a thing if they are going to be attempting to climb Mount Everest or other such peaks. Even in peaks that don’t reach ‘the death zone’ – a region of atmospheric pressure above which the body is slowly dying – the higher one gets above sea level, the more they stand to see the benefit of such hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Indeed, this also goes for deep sea diving and underwater exploration, where participants can risk issues such as oxygen narcosis in certain depths. As well as aiding the athletic pursuits of its clients, Scottsdale Hyperbaric Center’s work also helps to aid them in overall brain health and recovery from injury and illness, with its oxygenation therapies specifically focusing on those requiring post stroke, post brain injury, post-concussion, surgery recovery, surgery prep, PTSD recovery, long COVID recovery, and telomere lengthening symptom mitigation therapies. Thus, it provides these in a spa-like facility, allowing its customers to come to it for comfort and rest, ensuring they can access the treatments they need in style. Its team have worked hard to provide a friendly, supportive environment for everyone who walks through its doors. Critically, it achieves this by working alongside its patients as well as for them, getting to know each of them and their specific struggles and needs so that Scottsdale Hyperbaric Center might offer a tailored solution that best fits them. As one of the leading hyperbaric solutions centres, it has made itself so by gaining a reputation for maintaining a clean, well-ordered, safe facility that follows all relevant rules, regulations, and procedures, with its staff holding themselves and each other to the highest standards of accountability. It is easy to see how it has garnered such an exemplary reputation for reliability, excellence, and customer focus, therefore. Its team is also one made up of the most impeccably trained professionals, able to answer all manner of questions that a client might want to pose to the highest levels of satisfaction, always willing and receptive to provide any knowledge they might need. In this manner, its undersea diver training has become one of the most lauded training courses of its kind. Providing the best in hyberbaric oxygen training, patient and facility safety protocol information, and undersea medical training, the team at Scottsdale Hyperbaric Center operate with the most exemplary levels of dedication and focus, fully familiar with chamber operation in both multiplace and monoplace chambers. Moreover, the educational resources they use to inform themselves have been approved and reviewed by the Undersea Medical Society and the American Medical Association. Additionally, its resources are accredited by the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine, the American Board of Wound Healing, and the International Board of Undersea Medicine, giving it the third-party oversight that clients can trust before even making first contact. Its training also includes demand ventilator systems, physics, physiology, and more, allowing it to become of the most trusted professionals in hyperbaric therapies for wellness, athletics, and healing. Moreover, with strict operational protocols, including in-chamber monitoring and improved patient safety, its team members work hard to provide competent, courteous, reliable, and effective training and therapies, its selling points being the education and commitment to outstanding customer service that forms a throughline in all it does. A client will always leave excited to come back, with Scottsdale Hyperbaric Center having made itself their hyperbaric services one-stop-shop. Moreover, with it being able to help clients with handling the symptoms of Long COVID and COVID-19, its renown has only grown, gaining more glowing reviews and referrals from clients and hoping to grow even further in the future as a result. Company: Scottsdale Hyperbaric Center Contact: Lori Bryant Website: