Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

8 treatment and aftercare. Fundamentally, one of the first things it will do is to run a diagnostic that will allow itself to get a comprehensive and holistic idea of what may be going on with a client’s hearing, considering the information the client themselves has told its staff in order to inform the tests they run and the information they need to collect. This is an important element of its workings, as through this it does an excellent job of ‘show don’t tell’ in demonstrating its belief that the patient is the expert when it comes to how their condition is affecting them. Then, once they have a clear idea of what is going on and how it impacts the patient, with a diagnosis having been reached, SJB Hearing Company can begin to recommend treatment. Of course, as with all treatments, it is important that a client understand exactly what is being offered to them and why, and this is where its dedication to keeping the client in the loop comes in as it promises to keep them informed about all relevant details regarding their condition, the likely implications, and how they can mitigate symptoms. Using the most up to date technologies and treatment options, its work comes with a guarantee that it will only ever use the best possible equipment. Keeping itself abreast of the most impressive and front-running auditory science developments, its patients can rest assured that the treatments it recommends will be tailored to suit the requirements that they themselves set forward, and will be at the forefront of modern science. Therefore, the SJB Hearing Company has kept itself a going concern amongst its industry, striving to remain this way by making itself an active part of the sector and amongst its peer group of practices, learning from them and allowing them to learn from it in turn. This attitude of sharing knowledge in order to deliver the best service is something it has strived hard to incorporate, and it is incredibly proud of the role each of its staff play in this. With As specialists in hearing aid provision and endoscopic micro suction, SJB Hearing Company gives a patient back control over their own lives by allowing them to get back the auditory abilities they have lost.Whether this is by fitting a tailored, highly specific, and incredibly well-designed device that will do an expert job of replacing lost or damaged hearing, or by removing detritus building up within the ear itself in order to clear those channels, it is the bespoke hearing protection specialist for everyone from shooting enthusiasts to musicians and motor sports competitors. SJB Hearing Company as a company was founded by Sarah-Jane Brown in 2019. As a dedicated hearing aid audiologist herself, she created a clinic where the patients are always at the centre of concerns. Nominally, it is a complete hearing device provision service and endoscopic micro suction specialist, taking care of all aspects of auditory healthcare and working hard to provide its patients and their families with an unrivalled level of customer service. Its specialism in its field makes it a highly trustworthy, dedicated, and diligent healthcare provider, one where the staff boast specific training in all things auditory in order to best help its clients. Above all, it knows the distress that auditory troubles can cause. Its staff hope to grant its patients peace of mind with their capable and knowledgeable methods, using the best and most up to date procedures, equipment, and technology in the process. Thus, SJB Hearing Company promises that it will always be at the very forefront of its industry when it comes to the latest innovations; this allows its patients to directly benefit from the ingenuity found within the practice, and to benefit from the new frontiers being explored across the wider industry proper. Critically, it knows that admitting to a hearing problem and seeking help for it is one of the most daunting things a person can do, and therefore it has funnelled so much hard work into its customer service. Ensuring each staff member has the training, education, and toolkits to best help its clients, it hires people who are both empathetic and understanding, looking for those with an innate sense of sensitivity and the ability to uphold the utmost discretion. In this way, it has been able to develop a practice that centres around the creation of a helpful, safe, comfortable, and non-obtrusive treatment of its patients, allowing them to feel supported and validated when speaking about the issues they face. SJB Hearing Company uses this methodology to ensure excellence in its procedures from the very first consultation all the way through to Ear Wax Removal Specialists of the Year - UK