Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

63 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 Having been established in 2017 to fulfil the need for an excellent developmental clinic in the central area of Sydney, Kool Katts is a group of passionate and dedicated occupational therapists. Nominally, its focus on early intervention for children with neurobiological challenges such as autism, global developmental delay, ADHD, and chromosomal disorders has propelled it into the spotlight for parents in its region, as families come to appreciate the empathic and holistic way it cares for each of its young people according to their specific needs. In supporting children, their families, and their caregivers, Kool KATTS creates a support network of people who are each willing to go above and beyond for the children of Sydney; especially those with some of the most profound needs. Fundamentally, it encourages its service users and their families to always strive to live life to the fullest, and to coach caregivers through challenges instead of letting said challenges become impediments to a happy childhood and family life. In this way, it works hard to make a PAWSOME environment for those it cares for, with professional, knowledgeable paediatric staff who perpetually give their all to look after the children entrusted to their care. Indeed, it ensures this is possible by keeping its finger on the pulse of the wider allied health and disability sector, always seeking to update and better itself by emboldening its evidence-informed practices and keeping its work empathic, sensitive, and child/familyfocused. With its consistent acknowledgement of best practice and on ensuring its methods match these, a caregiver can always trust that it will be offered only the best to their little ones. Kool KATTS keeps its parents and families at the heart of it’s early interventions to allow all parties involved to cope with any difficulties a child may face with an open mind and open heart. With foundations of development, encouragement, trust, and transparency at its core, it works for happy children and happy families. Thus, using parent implemented models of care – including the Play Project for autism intervention – it works with the family and child to allow all parties to be agents of their own care, offering everything from sensory processing to gentle, tailored play. It promises to never take on more children than it can care for, ensuring standards of care are dependable and second to none. However, to meet the growing global rise of demand for Occupational Therapy services, it has developed a sister company, Kool Koaching, to educate and inform parents, teachers and other allied health professionals. Additionally, Kool KATTS have developed, Kool Skool, Moreover, this online platform houses all its internal professional development, as it continually implements training days for its professionals so that they can keep updating and developing their own professional skills. In this way, it ensures that its clinicians are some of the finest in the industry, and that despite covid-19, it has been able to remotely help over 120 families per week and expand further, with over 90% staff retention and monthly professional development. Being one of the best places to work, play, grow, and develop in Sydney, this people-focused place of learning, empathy, and personal development has become a gem in the crown of the region’s care infrastructure, a pedigree it promises to retain for many years to come. Company: Kool Katts Contact: Kimberlee Hughes Website: Best Occupational Therapy Provider 2022 - Greater Western Sydney Jul22292