Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

62 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 Intrinseque Health has been awarded the Best Global Clinical Development Support Organisation for the second time in a row. Supporting clinical trials across the globe, Intrinseque Health provides a range of services to ensure effective supply chain management. With over 300 years of combined experience supporting global clinical trials across a wide array of therapeutic areas, the expert team excels in service delivery. We take a look at the Singapore-based company in more detail. Best Global Clinical Development Support Organisation 2022 aking sure that medical devices, equipment, and supplies are on-site and ready to use on time. That is one of the many crucial elements of a successful clinical trial. Each country has its own logistical and regulatory challenges to navigate for this to happen. Founded and managed by drug development industry professionals, Intrinseque Health knows how to create and maintain a robust supply chain strategy. Working with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device companies and contract research organisations, the company understands the many challenges facing its clients only too well. To meet these challenges head-on, Intrinseque Health provides best-in-class solutions that span the entire life cycle of a clinical trial. We ask the company about its vision. A spokesperson explains, “While the importation of clinical trial supplies may appear easy, regulatory hurdles are often under-estimated. Each country operates under their own unique import and export regulations. These unique regulations can impact the movement of supplies between regions and countries. Our team of regulatory officials, are not only experts in dealing with such regulations and guidelines but also keep abreast of developments in the space. Through constant innovation, we offer solutions that help our partners bring their products to market faster.” Intrinseque Health’s mission is “to offer customers efficient and effective logistics expertise. To deliver essential supplies on time, and to ensure the success of their clinical trials.” To achieve this, the company’s operational methodology is to provide a project management-style service. Intrinseque Health develops a pressure-tested and cost-effective supply chain strategy for each project. Its spokesperson tells us, “We believe in engaging at an early stage with our clients for both clinical and non-clinical supply needs. Ideally, before initiation of the clinical trial. The development of a robust supply chain strategy is essential. Management of ancillary supplies at sites for the entire lifecycle of a clinical trial is a must for us. This is often undermined. When that happens, it can impact study timelines.” As well as its end-to-end service, Intrinseque Health also offers standalone services. One such is warehousing and inventory management. With over 30 strategic locations at its disposal worldwide, Intrinseque Health offers end-to-end storage solutions. These include services such as temperature control, patient kit preparation and biological sample storage. Intrinseque Health’s relationships with distribution and logistics companies facilitate the movement of shipments around the globe. The company’s regulatory experts are always on hand to guide clients through the process. This minimises time and effort and consignments are tracked at every stage. At the end of any clinical trial, reclamation is an essential part of the closing activity. On completion, the company reclaims materials for destruction, donation, refurbishment, or storage. Contact: [email protected] Company: Intrinseque Health Web Address: M Jul22411