Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

61 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 Billed as the ‘Netflix’ of health and healing, Healing Life International LLC is on a mission to share evidence-based health solutions with millions of people around the world. The company provides a platform crammed full of resources and information on how to improve your health. We speak to Healing Life International LLC’s President, Nathan Crane, to find out more. ealing Life International LLC believes that everyone should have access to the world’s best health and healing experts. To that end, the company’s vision is to be the most reliable and empowering resource for natural disease prevention and reversal. For a monthly fee, Healing Life provides members with access to a whole host of online resources accessible from any device. With over 350 premium videos to choose from in the Healing Life library, subscribers will find advice and guidance on a wide range of health topics. These include diabetes, reversing cancer, weight loss, meditation and mental well-being. There’s guidance on holistic diet, lifestyle and what to look for when choosing effective supplements too. Twice each month, world-leading physicians and health experts ‘go live’ on the platform. Holistic professionals answer health questions and provide guidance for the community. Subscribers have the option of watching in real time or on catch-up. The company states its mission as being, “To share empowering, evidence-based and actionable education and solutions with millions of people around the world. To bring trusted, experienced and highly educated natural health doctors and experts to our platform to inspire and empower people. And to create a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are inspired and committed to taking charge of their health and helping others through their own healing journeys.” We ask Nathan to tell us more, “Our primary focus is natural and integrative medicine. This helps people get to the root cause of their medical issues and diseases. Our doctors help patients to heal, rather than become dependent on multiple drugs for the rest of their lives. They’re more fulfilled in their practices as patients are more important than profits. We vet every faculty member to ensure that they share trusted, evidence-based information that can help people reclaim their health.” So far, Healing Life has helped thousands of people to get the information they need to prevent and heal chronic diseases. The company recently introduced its live energy medicine yoga classes (EMYoga). The classes are aimed at those suffering from chronic health conditions. Live classes currently run 3 days per week and recordings are available too. To ensure it stays up to date with the latest scientific developments, Healing Life is always researching and reviewing new scientific studies and interviewing thought leaders. Healing Life meets with patients who have reversed chronic diseases too. The aim is to understand the successful natural approaches to healing and share them with members. Looking to the future, Healing Life aims to double its membership base over the next 12 months. The award of Most Effective Life Transformation & Spiritual Healing Company – Florida is only a fraction of the success that Healing Life will see. Contact: Nathan Crane Company: Healing Life International LLC Web Address: H Jul22509 Most Effective Life Transformation & Spiritual Healing Company – Florida