2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 79 , Most Outstanding Translation & Interpretation Services - Spain Founded in2003,MonteroLanguageServicesoffers avast rangeof specialised language services, fromtranslationand interpretationto localisationandcustomised languageconsulting. Following thefirm’swell-deservedsuccess intheHealthcare&PharmaceuticalAwards2020,wegot intouch withIcíardelCampo tofindoutmore. Situated in the town of Brunete, Montero Language Services has grown at an unparalleled pace, with an average growth of 20% over the past few years, and a total volume exceeding 100 million translated words and 12,500 projects successfully started and completed on a yearly basis. To begin, Icíar provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into some of its areas of expertise. Drawing on her years of experience in the company, she told us about how Montero Language Services is an example of growth by word of mouth with 90% of its new clients organically coming from excellent references provided by previous clients. She has seen that these clients have not only praised the quality of the translations, but also the complete and comprehensive project management used by the entire team. Since 2014, their customer base has increased by 120%, with clients coming from a variety of backgrounds. Typically, Montero has focused on translating patents in highly specialised fields, including biology, chemistry, mechanics, biotechnology and more. Nevertheless, even though the company currently occupies the leading position in Spain as the principal provider of patent translation, several years ago Montero started to branch out Sep20055 into other specialised fields within the scope of translation and included new linguistic services in response to the demands of its clients. Nowadays, the company offers a variety of services: specialised and sworn translation, interpretation, DTP, transcription, digital localisation, and terminology management services, to name a few. She continues to explain that as a stable company that is continuously growing, Montero has the human and technical resources necessary to be able to meet the needs of major organisations or institutions in the healthcare industry. Through their professional team of translators, editors and proofreaders, they have the necessary expertise. On the technological side, they make sure that the most appropriate resources are assigned to each project and that cutting-edge technology is applied to project management systems, computer-assisted translation and automatic quality assurance tools and online editing and validation tools. The company’s structure and methodology has been designed with the objective of guaranteeing the highest level of linguistic quality in specialised translations, and in generally short periods of time. Due to the urgent and sizable nature of patent translation projects, their expert team has specialised in working in these kinds of conditions without affecting the final quality of the translations and the end layout of the documents produced. Montero Language Services Currently, the biggest challenge for Montero Language Services is technology due to its growing impact in some of the firm’s everyday services and procedures. As Icíar explains further, in this regard team members ensure they are up to date with the latest trends and technologies so they can apply them elsewhere. She further insists that an important task for them is to inform their clients about the trends in the sector, and which ones are most appropriate for the type of localisation and translation work at hand. Finally, Icíar discusses some of the firm’s biggest achievements before moving on to outline its plans for 2021 and beyond. “In 2019, one of our main successes and projects that we are most proud of was the management of the simultaneous interpretation service, as well as the management of the technical material needed for Concordia Europe. With approximately 500 participants, a unique partnership between Concordia and AmChamSpain was formed. Through this unique forum, speakers, participants, and partners explored some of the most pressing issues facing Spain and the region at the time. Looking ahead, the Montero team is currently focused on opening a new branch in the US after their amount of US customers has drastically increased during the past years. Additionally, Icíar expects that their client base in LATAM will increase in the coming years, which is why their priority is to establish a specific production team in the area that allows the company to quickly react to their clients’ needs. So, what are Montero’s objectives for the time being? Icíar explains that one is to further expand specific services for e-learning projects usually needed by some of their current client companies. These projects can include the localisation of training websites, xml-based training, multimedia presentations, audio scripts or even the localisation of mobile applications for training. If the result is anything like their track record, the future will be bright for the Montero team. Company: Montero Language Services Contact: Icíar del Campo Website: www.montero-ls.com

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