Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 83 , With carpal tunnel being an issue impactingmore andmore people across the world, Carpal Aidwishes tomake itself the solution. Being non-invasive, non-surgical, and able to seamlessly fit around a client’s everyday life, Carpal Aid offers patch treatments that alleviate the pressure on the median nerve and allow patients to forego painful invasive procedures, giving thema newway to get back to enjoying their day-to-day lives. Carpal Aid LLC is a company working hard to improve the lives of those living with carpal tunnel. Fundamentally, its products and services are being developed on the daily to target the specific challenges that they suffer, offering the specific treatments they need in order to begin the road to recovery, and funded by what has amounted to millions of dollars in clinical research and development in order to do so. With this in mind, Carpal Aid shows instead of tells how committed it is to helping its patients, working tirelessly to ensure that every product that its staff create, develop, and manufacture is exemplary and gives almost instant relief to the user. Being heavily involved in its own research the development, Carpal Aid finds it pivotal to keep up with the work of its peers in the medical industry. Therefore, it can say with confidence that it is the only product on the market thus far that directly works to relieve stress on the median nerve, alleviating symptoms and allowing clients to continue with their normal lives. The other products that it sees being developed by its peers – mostly braces and supports suchlike – tend to immobilise the hand and further make it difficult for the user to conduct day to day activities. Carpal Aid, by comparison, is a drug free, side-effect free solution. Having run two separate clinical tests on the product prior to its release, the Carpal Aid relief patches have been specifically designed to work within minutes and be worn overnight for a better sleep, making themselves a discrete and non-invasive addition to a person’s routine. The patch sits on the skin, lifting up the soft tissue and releasing pressure on the median nerve below, resulting in an FDA registered and FHA/HSA approved solution that has been lauded as exemplary by clients all over the world. Furthermore, it would say that the biggest challenge it faces at present is customer awareness. This, however, is changing; with over 2 million Carpal Aid patches distributed so far and many more already flying off the shelves, it finds that once a customer uses its product, they immediately fall in love with it, and it forecasts that this will greatly help in stimulating further growth in the future. Its successes have also been with the patent office, as Carpal Aid was able to patent the technology used in its patches and achieve it significant accreditations that increase customer trust, putting in place the oversight that will be able to grant its customers peace of mind. The patches can be applied anywhere in the body, and due to this, Carpal Aid is currently in development with patches for the feet, neck, lower back, and more, hoping to be able to serve those in its customer base who suffer from migraines and plantar Best Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Relief Product Brand - USA fasciitis issues. Moreover, the founder of Carpal Aid, Joseph Nazari, is determined to make this happen as he himself has struggled with carpal tunnel syndrome. He knows the pain and discomfort that a patient goes through when struggling with the disorder, and so – especially after dealing with a surgery on one hand so painful that he decided to forego the other – he began looking into non-invasive options. Thus, Carpal Aid was born, and Joseph hopes it will allow him to help many others suffering from carpal tunnel long into the future. Company: Carpal Aid, LLC Contact: Ilan Nouvahian Website: Aug21578