International Life Sciences Awards 2021

8 GHP / International Life Sciences Awards 2021 , Jun21736 PiNa-Tec is a research-driven manufacturer of bio-nanotechnology products, developing and producing reagents which make life easier for lab workers and researchers in the field of life sciences. Best Bio-Nanotechnology Product Manufacturer 2021 Laboratory assays are often exhaustive and are not only labour-intensive and time-consuming, but also error-prone, requiring many different reagents. PiNa- Tec’s mission is to develop and produce reagents which make assays easier, more sustainable and reliable, reducing time, cost, effort and failure risk. Its first product line is PIA-PINK (Particle Immune Assay and the colour of the gold-nanoparticle-based reagents is pink), which unifies ten process steps of the standard western blot immune staining into a single one. The reduced assay time using PIA-PINK allows faster protein production protocols and provides advanced quality control throughout the entire processes. With PIA- PINK, PiNa-Tec’s customers can streamline the long way of recombinant protein production. In March 2020, with the beginning of the pandemic, PiNa-Tec shifted its R&D activity into coronavirus detection. It proposed a detection system based on tiny gold-nanoparticles, activated either with SARS- CoV2 specific antibodies or a recombinant version of the native cell receptor ACE2. PiNa-Tec was able to encourage the Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron (DESY), with its fantastic research tools and inspiring environment, to help it realise this idea. Together, they analysed various specificity molecules, different gold- nanoparticles and conjugation strategies, aiming to find the best combinations. Using ACE2 intent to develop a mutation independent molecular probe, it omits aggressive solubilisation reagents and may even distinguish active viruses from debris or inactivated ones. Based on these findings, PiNa-Tec develops ready-to- use reagents for detection of SARS-CoV2 spike-proteins. Currently, its prototype is being used by the researchers at the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research with the aim to analyse the viral content in cell culture supernatants and judge on infectivity of different virus samples. PiNa-Tec is looking forward to getting in touch with other institutions and researchers interested in cooperative research activities or co-development of similarly innovative products. The PiNa-Tec team of experienced and social individuals consists of three life scientists, all with different additional skills, such as business development, project management, and regulatory and one person in administration. Being a start-up company, every team member takes responsibility for his/her field, but altruistically supports his/her colleagues. Everybody appreciates their scope for development, with PiNa-Tec strongly focusing on suitable soft skills, knowing that everything else can be trained. In the periphery, PiNa-Tec is supported by scientists, accountants and patent attorneys. However, it is missing an experienced marketing and sales genius, and would strongly appreciate the engagement and mentoring of a retired sales manager. Being based in the EU provides PiNa-Tec with easy access to the huge life science market, and being located in Germany gives it access to business supporting governmental strategies. Its DESY-Hamburg campus provides access to scientific, technical, administrative and logistic support. The DESY campus has fantastic future perspectives and it is growing phenomenally. The University of Hamburg is also moving into the same area, and in 2040, the so- called Science City Bahrenfeld will become a reality. The remainder of 2021 for PiNa- Tec is essential to implement its first product series, PIA-PINK onto the global life science market. Additionally, it is aiming to finalise the development of its SARS-CoV2 spike-protein detection reagent. In the future, it is aiming to address pressing health and safety challenges with its bio-nanotechnology. It imagines universally applicable, sustainable fluorescent quantum dot molecular probes in personalised medicine. Company: PiNa-Tec Contact: Katja Werner Email: [email protected] Website: credits: DESY / Science Communication Lab