Manufacturing and Packaging Awards 2019

4 GHP / 2019 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packaging Awards , Designboard, Belgium Designboard, Belgium: Best Brand Marketing Agency - Belgium With more than 50 years of zealous experience and dedicated expertise - Belgium’s most iconic design agency; Designboard - has famously nurtured many of the world’s love-brands into the superstars that we know today, creating consumer engagement andmarket increment alikewith their award-winning packaging design solutions and innovative communication strategies. We caught up with the agency’s Global Client & Strategy Leader; Marianne Madsen, to find out more, and explore the secrets behind the phenomenal success Designboard enjoys today. Designboard first flung open its agency doors in Brussels 1968 and quickly became known for their diverse creativity and challenging attitude towards the norm. Engaged by one of the industry’s global giants and next-door neighbour; Procter & Gamble, they crafted the first ever Ariel detergent packaging design, as well as the branding strategies for many of P&G’s new innovations within Fabric Care, House- hold Goods and Personal Hygiene. Another neighbouring titan was the Coca-Cola Company, for whom Designboard created some of the earliest ready-to drink chilled juice designs, along with several structural proposals for the initial bottles in vending machines. It was one more partnership that would last for five decades, empowering Designboard to influence the creative strategies across scores of Coca-Cola’s water, coffee, juice and soft drink brands. During the eighties and nineties Designboard grew to embrace an impressive portfolio of brands within the FMCG industry, working on everything from confectionary, dairy, alcohol, snacks and bakery products, to skin care, oral care, cosmetics and perfume. They also worked for a range of pharmaceutical, DIY organisations and retailers, bringing the private labels evolution into the spotlight across B2B-2C. “Whilst our legacy is deeply rooted in packag- ing design, we knew that brand story-telling was key in getting consumers to buy into our clients’ products and our design concepts”, explains Marianne Madsen; Global Client & Strategy Leader. “The notion of the consumer value journey was in its infancy back then but we already understood the importance of visually linking together all of the campaign materials, enabling consumers to connect “For us, the power of engagement is not dependent on ever-changing technology. It comes from a human- centric approach to establishing meaningful and real connections, which is why many of our big ideas start with a simple consumer insight.” Marianne Madsen; Global Client & Strategy Leader