Mental Health Awards 2023

13 GHP Mental Health Awards 2023 DandelionTherapy Services was founded by BeckyWilliams with the purpose of supporting people when they need it most. Clients can choose for their sessions to be face to face, while on a walk, and/or remotely through phone, Zoom, or Facetime. We take a look at the company’s services since its recent recognition in the Mental Health Awards 2023. Most Supportive Couples Counselling Service 2023 - South Wales andelion Therapy offers short and long-term private therapy, as well as couples counselling. Clients usually reach out for its services, due to depression, stress and anxiety, relationship problems, and sexual issues. No matter what you may be struggling with the team at Dandelion Therapy is here to help you get through it. Thanks to its flexible approach, it is able to accommodate to its clients needs, making its services available to all. The team at Dandelion Therapy provide clients with a nonjudgmental, supportive atmosphere. What is discussed in the session stays confidential, so it is a safe space to open up and speak on things you fear others may judge you on. Dandelion Therapy focuses on improving its clients’ quality of life, giving them the tools needed to thrive instead of just surviving. Specifically to its couples counselling, Dandelion Therapy has recently received an award for the Most Supportive Couples Counselling Service 2023 - South Wales. Its services help couples to improve communication and manage or reconcile disagreements, conflict, or cycles of distress. In some cases, in these sessions, it is unearthed that one or both people may be struggling with their mental health. Dandelion Therapy is able to help its clients work through it, enabling them to thrive individually and within their relationship. Contact: Becky Williams Company: Dandelion Therapy Services Web Address: D Mar23407