Mental Health Awards 2023

14 GHP Mental Health Awards 2023 With crowded waiting rooms and long waitlists, traditional mental health services can be impractical for people of a certain status and lifestyle. Concierge Psychology offers VIP concierge counselling and coaching to the most elite members of society, providing them with personalised, flexible, and convenient care. With no waiting room and no insurance records, patients can trust that their privacy will not be violated. Clients are invited to attend appointments at one of the company’s boutique offices or arrange a telehealth appointment to receive support in the comfort of their home. Best Boutique Psychotherapy & Life Coaching Practice 2023 - USA oncierge therapy and counselling are mental health services which are intentionally offered on a small scale, allowing therapists to offer individualised care. Concierge therapists use the same science-based, proven methods of treatment as traditional therapists, but they are administered in a much more flexible, unstructured, and customised way, tailored to the needs of the client. These services are for people who are willing to choose not to rely on insurance in exchange for the luxury of on-call support. Through this, concierge therapists are able to utilise an integrative approach to psychotherapy, which is not always possible when restricted by the confines of traditional therapy. Founded in 2012, Concierge Psychology is dedicated to providing excellent mental health services in a relaxing environment, allowing clients to focus on their personal goals, needs, and happiness. The company’s services include cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic therapy, traumafocused treatment, exposure therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, life coaching, as well as executive and business coaching. Concierge Psychology’s experienced psychologists are well-equipped to help with relationship issues, major life changes, general stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma, victimisation, anxiety, social phobia, excessive worry, motivation, emotional dysregulation, bipolar disorder, depression, and severe and persistent mental illness. Patients are welcome to book an in-person appointment at the company’s boutique offices or receive support in the comfort of their own home by utilising the convenient telehealth services. People are often healing from challenging times in their lives when they seek therapy, and it is not always easy for them to reach out for the help they need. This is why Concierge Psychology aims to make clients feel as comfortable as possible throughout the healing process, providing them with a superb therapy experience. CEO and Founder of Concierge Psychology, Dr. Rebecca Johnson Osei is a board-certified clinical psychologist who has helped clients from all walks of life cope with complex psychological and emotional issues. She has worked in a number of diverse treatment settings, including adolescent treatment centres, community mental health facilities, substance-abuse treatment, crisis services, in-patient care, and more. In these settings, she gained extensive experience providing individual therapy, group therapy, assessment, treatment planning, crisis intervention, family therapy, and couples counselling. In 2012, Dr. Johnson Osei realised the need for discreet mental health services aimed at those whose lifestyle may prevent them from accessing traditional mental health services. As a result, she founded Concierge Psychology with the goal of helping people become the best version of themselves, striving to help them achieve their personal therapy goals in a setting where they can trust that their privacy will be respected. Today, Dr. Johnson Osei works alongside highly qualified psychologists Dr. Priya Pandit, Dr. Warren Jackson, Dr. Tara Pasha, and Dr. Tania Diaz, who all provide support and interventions tailored to the unique needs of each client. Concierge Psychology is perfect for anyone looking for insightful, empathetic, and flexible support that suits the lives of busy professionals and high-profile personnel. As a result of its outstanding services, the company has won Best Boutique Psychotherapy and Life Coaching Practice, USA, in the Mental Health Awards 2023. The company continues to help clients work through difficult mental and emotional issues in a welcoming environment, changing lives by making support accessible for people who cannot comfortably seek traditional therapy. Contact: Rebecca Osei Company: Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry Web Address: C Mar23218