GHP Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2018

GHP / 2018 Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 19 g This Is It Dental Contact Details: Company: This Is It Dental Contact: Rena Uberoi Website: the practice also offers a selection of cosmetic dentistry treatments ranging from tooth whitening procedures and the replacement of discoloured fillings to a comprehensive smile makeover using porcelain veneers. Cosmetic consultations will ensure that the patient’s concerns are addressed by the practice’s dedicated and experienced professionals before any treatment is decided upon. Offering a fully rounded treatment plan, the practice also offers a selection of snoring treatments to give its patients peace of mind and a great night’s sleep. Tooth whitening, veneers and fillings are all also on offer so that patients can enjoy a one- stop-shop solution when they register with this renowned and respected private practice. Committed to offering the highest possible standards of service, the team at This Is It Dental are passionate and work to the highest of professional standards and endeavour to support their patients through one of their most life changing experiences. Throughout the patient’s journey, the team show empathy and compassion as patients often present with complex and challenging situations. Together, they are able to help them to be their best. Lastly and most importantly the firm never forget to be humble and are always grateful for the trust that is placed with them and value that trust immensely. Ultimately, at This Is It Dental, close patient involvement is the essence of the practice’s ethos as it aims to offer a comprehensive range of services that will meet its patient’s needs. The team will continue to invite new clients to experience their high-quality standard of care over the years to come. With skill and dedication, This Is It Dental will collaborate with them to ensure that their smile is healthy, comfortable, and attractive. Seeking to raise awareness of the importance of complete dentistry with even more patients and dentists alike, Rena and her team have a bright future ahead.