Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2021

12 GHP / Oral Health &Dentistry Awards 2021 , Dec21338 A dental care and oral hygiene centre that takes a great amount of pride in both its customer service and dental work, Fritidstandläkarna AB, the Tandcenter, is helping its local community to stay confident in their smile. From intensive or complex orthodontia or dental work to routine check-ups and cleaning, it will always workwith a client to figure out what they need and to respond with the most effective solutions, checking inwith them regularly to ensure their comfort with their dental treatment. Best Specialist Dental Practice - Eastern Sweden Fritidstandläkarna AB – or the Tandcenter – is the dental specialist found in Umeå, Sweden. Being general specialists for oral hygiene, it boasts the foremost experts in its region, exemplary procedural offerings, and the topmost modern equipment all under one roof, allowing patients to rest assured that their care is in the best hands at every turn. Fundamentally, it takes pride on making itself a contemporary, warm, and welcoming environment in which its patients can make themselves comfortable whilst waiting for their appointment, using its independent status to put itself head and shoulders above other clinics in the area and making its services as flexible as possible. Additionally, it can handle everything from simple to advanced dental care, focusing first and foremost on the quality of these solutions. No matter what the service required, be it a standard clean, a 3D Xray, a digital tooth scanning, or digital smile design, it will always operate with the utmost efficiency and efficacy, booking in patients for regular check-ups without the delays that are so common in the industry at large. Further to this, it is directly linked to the social insurance office. This means that dental care allowance and high-cost protection applies with this dental care facility, and Tandcenter prides itself on being just as affordable and with the same financial protections in place as public dental care. Some of the services that can be partaken of at Tandcenter include surveys, repairs, cleaning, aesthetic dentistry, dental implants, and orthodontics; no matter what’s going on with a patient’s dental care, it will work hard to help them get their smile back and regain their confidence. This, consequentially, has earned it a vast roster of clients who use it as their one-stop-shop for dentistry and oral care, and that more often than not, its clients go on to recommend its work to friends, family, and peers. It looks forward to this continuing long into the future as it maintains its strict diligent and exemplary customer care into 2022, garnering more notoriety within its industry and market segment both as it grows in a naturalistic way that is supported by its customers. Company: Fritidstandläkarna AB / Tandcenter Contact: Cardo Toma Website: tandcenter.se