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Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2022 www.ghp-news.com ghpOral Health & Dentistry Awards 2022 Most Innovative Dental Practice Management Software - Canada Borne from humble beginnings, Consult-PRO has transformed into a global thought leader, with education, art, innovation, and community at the foundation of its extraordinary success. The company strives to be continually ahead of the curve in innovative software development, with a mission of providing best-in-class software for the dental industry. In light of this cutting-edge software being recognised within the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2022, we learn more.

‘Brace’ yourselves – Global Health & Pharma is excited to announce the Oral Health & Dentistry Awards, returning for its sixth installment! Focusing on those at the forefront of the dental industry, whether providing an excellent service or producing goods used widespread amongst medical professionals, these awards aim to promote the leading businesses and individuals of an industry enjoying sustained growth year-on-year! The industry is enjoying numerous innovations occurring now, with numerous fields either returning, or emerging for the very first time! Offering dental work as a service rather than a one-off product increases customer retention, a rising issue that dental practices are experiencing, with studies showing that 83% of consumers are likely to stay with a dental practice with an in-house dental membership plan. Other innovations trying to drive forwards the dental industry include artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and the need to push for digital marketing. Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2022 Sofi Bajor, Senior Editor Website: www.ghp-news.com AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Contents 4. DHC Software Inc: Most Innovative Dental Practice Management Software - Canada 8. Queen’s Gate Orthodontics: Dr Avan Mohammed wins Leading Orthodontist UK at the Oral Health & Dentistry Global Awards 2022 9. Antlara Dental Clinic: Best General & Cosmetic Dental Clinic - Antalya 10. Prexion Corporation: Best Advanced Medical Entrepreneurs - Japan 11. Coastwide Smiles Dentalcare: Best General Dental Practice - Sunshine Coast 12. Dental Devices by Jason: Most Innovative Dental Device Development & Production - South Australia 13. Foxbury Dental In Husbands Bosworth: Best Dental Practice 2022 - Leicestershire & Patient Care Excellence Award 2022 14. Mommy Dentists in Business: Best Dental Community Network - USA 15. Malvern Hills Dental Care: Best Private Family Dental Practice - Worcestershire

4 Jul22234 Most Innovative Dental Practice Management Software - Canada Borne from humble beginnings, Consult-PRO has transformed into a global thought leader, with education, art, innovation, and community at the foundation of its extraordinary success. The company strives to be continually ahead of the curve in innovative software development, with a mission of providing best-in-class software for the dental industry. In light of this cutting-edge software being recognised within the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2022, we learn more.

GHP Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2022 It was in 1999 that Consult-PRO changed the dental industry with the introduction of videos for dental procedures and coined the statement “increasing case acceptance” way before YouTube. This came with the company’s founder, Dr Boris Pulec, a dentist in Toronto, Canada who had observed that his patients were in need of more visual depictions of their treatment options, including the benefits and risks, as well as what would likely happen to their oral health if they didn’t choose to go ahead with treatment. This ground-breaking software is a patient education product which provides over 500 videos and 900 presentations for dental offices to explain dental treatment as well as consequences of non-treatment and dental concepts. This technology motivates patients to accept treatment, as well as enhances their appreciation for receiving the high-quality care that is available to them. So, how exactly did this software become a reality? With a background in painting and sculpting, Dr Pulec was inspired to utilise cutting-edge animation technology to bridge his passion for art and design and his clinical knowledge to craft a patientfriendly learning tool that empowers and educates them, as well as improves the consultation experience. Dr Pulec was ahead of his time with his vision and with the help of a private technical and development team, Consult-PRO was created and initially available on CD-ROM. Dr Pulec’s company, Consult-PRO started off headquartered in the back of his dental office and soon expanded into its own three-storey building. Now, it is a full scale cloud and web service with a user base of thousands of clinics, dental schools, and hygiene colleges in over 128 countries and 20 languages. It also boasts global partnerships with the likes of Oral-B, Crest, Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene, University of Toronto, and University of Salford. With over 22 years’ experience in dental software development, Consult-PRO’s focus is on using the latest everchanging digital technology features as well as integrating them into the dental industry. Consult-PRO isn’t the only software that the company has available, either, with it offering several other solutions to make the lives of its clients and their patients easier. Time Tracker is a software specifically for tracking dental staff working hours, as well as allowing easy payroll management. Consult-Pro TV (SpTV) is a software connected to the waiting room TV which demonstrates the Consult-PRO content as well as custom content by individual customer dental offices. CLOUDENT is a full dental practice management software for any dental office using cloud technology. It has many features including image management hard tissue charting voice activated periodontal charting, a paperless record of care, scheduling, patient engagement, as well as features like FORM-PRO which isn’t available on any other dental management software. CLOUDENT DSO combines the power of Consult-PRO and CLOUDENT with additional features that are specific to dental office groups. It enables easier management of hundreds of offices with the same platform, and was particularly useful during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr Pulec comments, “COVID-19 taught us that we can consult with patients remotely and we have incorporated this into the software. Patients can now log in to the office software and the dentist or treatment coordinator can consult with them online.” He continues, “Currently, there are management companies that are buying offices and thus making large dental office groups. We are aware of this worldwide trend and are adding features to our software to meet the needs of these organisations.” CLOUDENT EDU is CLOUDENT with additional features for a dental educational environment such as dental colleges and dental hygiene colleges. It can handle hundreds of users with the same platform. EDULINK is a dental student management software that works with CLOUDENT EDU. Together, the software can manage an entire dental college environment from clinical to didactic to student financial requirements. Although Consult-PRO observed 2022 as a year where dental offices mostly went back to the same type of care they were providing before the pandemic, it knows that customers and patients still expect efficiency and convenience. Dr Pulec says, “We grew in making the software interact with the patients more through their smartphones to increase office efficiency and convenience the patients.” There is no denying how Dr Pulec is the driving force behind the company’s innovations – and he is excited to keep developing cutting-edge solutions. He has the experience and a rare combination of qualifications and experience that allow him to keep improving the software for the better. He believes it is also “We distinguish ourselves by always being ahead with digital innovation specifically for the dental industry,” states Dr Pulec.

6 important to be “always engaging with the dental user to keep improving the product”. So, what are the thoughts of professionals who use ConsultPRO software products? The verdict is that they can’t rate them highly enough, viewing them as an essential part of their service offering. Surgical, cosmetic and prosthetic dentist, Dr Alex Karol comments, “I have been impressed with the digital animation library available by Consult-PRO to educate my patients. Today, we now have ability to email movies as well as offer a weblink to further enhance patient understanding and acceptance of our treatment plans. Well done, Consult-PRO!” Periodontist/prosthodontist, Dr David Garber states, “ConsultPRO is the best patient education software available today.” Having been a dentist himself for over 38 years, Dr Pulec has also been the dean of the largest dental hygiene college in North America for 20 years. He has held the diplomate status in the International Congress of Oral Implantology since 1996 and performs surgical dental services in the Greater Toronto Area including all aspects of dental implant treatment including bone grafting, implant placement, and prosthetic rehabilitation. He has surgically placed and restored more than 20,000 implants and close to 1,000 sinus grafts. Dr Pulec ultimately sees the globalisation of dentistry as a wonderful thing, welcoming the opportunity to assist dentists and patients around the world by sharing his dental knowledge. By providing the most up-to-date dental techniques and 3D animated technology in each country’s specific language, Consult-PRO is contributing to the development of a common global dental knowledge and pushing the boundaries of dental software. Now, Dr Pulec and the Consult-PRO team are keenly looking towards the future with exciting plans to increase patient engagement, including an interactive patient portal. Dr Pulec says, “We are currently testing the product and should be releasing it in Q2 of this year. This will change the industry again.” Indeed, Consult-PRO continues to stand true to its mission of “Every quarter, our software is better than the quarter before”. Company: DHC Software / Consult-PRO Contact: Dr Boris Pulec Email: [email protected] Website: www.consult-pro.com Programme director at Toronto College of Hygiene and Auxiliaries, Lila McIndoe says, “It has made the delivery of our curriculum more effective and has informed communication between administrators, faculty, students, and our clients.”

GHP Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2022

8 GHP Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2022 able to overcome such challenges with SmileMate technology which is an online tool that uses photographs taken by the patient’s own smart phone camera and then submitting these photos online via a link. Artificial intelligence (AI) is then used to create a pre-treatment report. This is a very easy and convenient way to engage with our patients prior to their visit to the practice. • Remote Orthodontic monitoring: We appreciate our patient’s busy schedule and valuable time. Our treatment packages come equipped with the latest and most modern technology in remote monitoring using an app called Dental Monitoring. Using this smart App and a kit, patients send weekly photos of their progress, we are then able to assess and advise patients as necessary. This technology has enabled us to engage with our Invisalign and fixed braces patients along their entire treatment journey. Our extensive, beautiful practice and friendly, experienced staff make us a premier destination for orthodontic treatment in central London. Our clinic has been providing quality care in in London for over a decade. As such, we have developed many long-term relationships with our patients, staff, and local referring dental colleagues. A message from Dr Avan Mohammed “I have enjoyed treating so many great patients throughout the years and I feel fortunate to have fostered enduring relationships with so many wonderful families and dental colleagues. Orthodontics has been a truly amazing and rewarding profession so far and I look forward to the years to come” Contact: Dr Avan Mohammed Company: Queen’s Gate Orthodontics Address: 75a Queens Gate South Kensington, London, SW7 5JT Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.queensgateorthodontics.co.uk Telephone: 020 7373 0176 Our values, vision, and purpose We are a friendly, private specialist orthodontic practice based at the heart of South Kensington, London. We provide contemporary orthodontic care using the most advanced, efficient, and proven techniques in teeth straightening. We pride ourselves with excellent and exceptional orthodontic care for all patients from the minute a patient walks through the door, till they finish their treatment, it truly is a red-carpet experience all the way. Queen’s Gate Orthodontics is proud to receive the Global 100 Awards in 2023 for “Best Orthodontic Practice, London”. Recognised for the high quality of our patient care and our enthusiasm for embracing cutting edge technological advances in dentistry, we have also been awarded the “Most Transformed Practice UK” in the Invisalign Awards, 2022 and both “Best Practice, London” and “Best Practice, UK” in The Dentistry Awards 2020, the equivalent of the dental Oscars! We are very appreciative of our awards; we see winning the awards as a definite recognition of our exceptional hard work and our team’s dedication to provide excellent quality patient service. Our aim is stay current with the latest technology and techniques by providing our patients with multiple options to have their teeth straightened that include advanced metal braces, ceramic clear braces, and removable functional braces for young patients and teenagers, hidden (lingual) braces and Invisalign clear Aligners. We truly believe that orthodontic care is a very personal experience, and we strive to ensure that we deliver our service using the most advanced and innovative technology available. We are a fully digital orthodontic practice providing: • Digital impression: fast, accurate and comfortable experience. This means no unpleasant messy experience associated with impression materials. Our scanner also ensures an accurate fit of aligners and removable retainers. • Digital photography and X-rays: Digital radiographs reduce the amount of radiation to the patient making them safer to use in comparison with traditional radiographic machine. • Virtual smile consultations: Covid lockdowns presented us with challenges when it came to face to face consultations. We have been Dr Avan Mohammed wins Leading Orthodontist UK at the Oral Health & Dentistry Global Awards 2022 Nov22728

9 GHP Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2022 Based in Antalya, southwest Turkey, Antlara Dental has been providing both local and international patients with quality dental treatment since 2008. The practice, led by Dr Dilek Aksu Güler, helps patients regain their confidence, their functional bite, and their smile. We speak to Dr Güler and take a look at Antlara Dental in more detail. epending on where you live, dental treatment can be costly in your home country. It’s for that reason that many patients consider travelling abroad in search of cheaper options. With dentists in Turkey well known for their expertise in areas such as dental implants, many global citizens see the destination as a logical choice. Combining your visit to the dentist with a beach holiday may seem a little out of the norm. But if you need a smile reset, there’s nothing wrong with soaking up a little sunshine along the way. Antlara Dental specialises in the high-end provision of restorative and life-enhancing dental treatments. For over 18 years the practice has worked with patients looking to regain confidence by improving their functional bite and cosmetic smile. Dr Güler tells us, “We’ve engrained our core values into the company’s DNA. We’re focused on providing ethical, accurate treatments for those who need them. Our mission is, quite simply, to make you smile. Our primary focus is on full replacement treatments using the All-on-6 Dental Implants method. We’re a trusted provider of functional solutions for patients with dental issues such as missing or damaged teeth. We enjoy restoring smiles and seeing how it improves our patients lives.” The company has a strong focus on ethical dentistry, only providing treatments that are suitable and necessary. Antlara Dental’s packages range from everyday dentistry to full ‘smile makeovers’, all in a safe and professional clinical environment. Dr Güler says, “It’s our transparency that sets us apart from our competitors. We provide our patients with honest answers and worst-case scenarios. We don’t overpromise or under-deliver. We find our stringent consultation process to be an effective technique to ensure we offer the best service possible. It’s a stepby-step process that includes oral examinations, x-ray imaging and the opinions of our senior dentists. Once we’ve gathered all the information, we design a tailor-made plan for each patient.” With an increased focus on the cosmetic outcome of dental procedures, the team is always searching for the best products and latest technology to offer its clients the smiles they dream of. As Antlara Dental welcomes many international patients to its clinic, the COVID-19 pandemic inevitably impacted the practice. Patients were unable to travel for treatment and business was slow. Since borders reopened, Dr Güler is happy to report that Antlara Dental has rebounded strongly. She explains, “We expect dental tourism to continue growing as confidence returns. Antalya is a world-renowned holiday destination. There are frequent flights and incredible hotels. It’s easy for holidaymakers to travel here at affordable prices. The guaranteed sunshine, incredible cuisine and tourist attractions make for the perfect dental getaway.” With demand for its services increasing, Antlara Dental is building a network of trusted providers to partner with. There are also plans to build a new Antlara Dental clinic in the near future. Contact: Dilek Aksu Güler Company: Antlara Dental Clinic Web Address: www.antlaradental.com Jan23069 Best General & Cosmetic Dental Clinic - Antalya D

10 GHP Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2022 Established in 2007, dental and medical imaging company, PreXion Corporation, has one aim - to ‘make it visible’. For almost two decades PreXion has strived to achieve excellenceinitsfield.Byempoweringclinicians worldwidewith the latest technology, PreXion facilitates clinical excellence. We speak with company President & CEO, Yasutoyo (Jeff) Imada, to find out more. From the beginning, Japanese company, PreXion Corporation, set out to revolutionize dental and medical imaging - a mission that the company still stands by today. PreXion, originally known as Xtrillion, was a spin-off from the medical image diagnosis software development company, TeraRecon, Inc. When PreXion introduced its first product, the PreXion3D Elite, to the Japanese market in 2007, it offered the world’s fastest reconstitution of data. The PreXion3D Elite became renowned in the industry for its ease of use and high image quality. Inspired by its success PreXion continued to innovate in its field extending its reach into the US market with the PreXion3D Excelsior. In 2018, PreXion began to expand into other global markets with the help of business partners around the world. Thanks to this initiative, PreXion now serves thousands of customers across 7 seven countries and in all 50 states of the USA. Jeff tells us, “We pursue excellence in our field by creating technology, software and educational resources. Our aim is to help clinicians worldwide to perform at the pinnacle of their collective ability.” Today, PreXion manufacturers and supplies three products worldwide: The PreXion3D Excelsior, designed for precision dentistry, provides 3D analysis and 2D panoramic imaging. Attaching a separate, dedicated arm, cephalometric imaging for orthodontic treatment becomes possible. Launched in 2017, PreXion gathers feedback from clinical sites and doctors in the field to update and refine the product. The Excelsior is a stand-out product for use in specialisms such as implantology, periodontal and endodontic therapy as well as the treatment of ENT and sleep apnea disorders. Developed for specialists in the fields of oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery and ENT treatments, the PreXion3D Explorer launched in Europe and the USA in 2019.Equipped with a large field of view (FOV) the Explorer is capable of imaging without the need for stitching. And as such, provides extensive spatial image analysis. FOV options based on feedback from clinicians enable the capturing of images of up to 15 x 16 cm in a single rotation. The PreXion3D Explorer Pro, features a ‘low-dose’ mode that enables minimal radiation exposure without needing to compromise on high image quality. The Explorer Pro’s unique shape - developed in-house at PreXion - allows for an integrated cephalometric function. This saves space without compromising on quality. Jeff tells us, “The PreXion 3D Explorer series and Excelsior are amongst our proudest achievements. These products showcase our commitment to innovation and ground-breaking research. They are a testament to our product development and streamlined manufacturing processes.” Through its tireless and diligent research and development, PreXion guards its place on the cutting edge of cone beam computed tomography system (CBCT) technology. The company has seen its market share increase by 600% between 2016 to 2020. To what does the company owe its continued success? Jeff explains, “We’re committed to contributing to the health of people all over the world. By making the invisible visible, we support and facilitate excellent dental care to create wonderful smiles. It’s important for us to offer an unrivalled level of customer support, to seek out continuous education opportunities and to partner with industry leaders and educational institutions around the world.” PreXion collaborates with end users of its products, dentists and clinicians, on product development. Jeff says, “We’re enhancing our in-house product training to support clinical practices and enable dentists to apply accurate dental diagnostics images. We provide continuous training to users who have purchased our products. We also contribute to the lifelong education of dentists through our key opinion leader seminars.” We ask Jeff to tell us about the challenges the company has faced in recent times. He explains, “Availability of products, price rises, and international logistics disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, have all had an impact on PreXion. But the entire company pulls together and, with the help of our business partners, we resolve the issues one by one and move forward with our business.” Despite recent setbacks and current economic conditions, PreXion predicts that the demand for its valuable products is set to increase as the level of dental care improves around the world. Standing by its principles of supplying quality products and providing excellent customer service, PreXion continues to attract new clients. As part of its strategy, PreXion is pursuing medical device certification in several major countries. The company will continue to develop its products to ensure they are capable of meeting the needs of all users. Expect to see further global expansion from PreXion in 2023. To find out more about the capabilities and specifications of PreXion products, please visit the company website. Contact: Yasutoyo(Jeff) Imada Company: PreXion Corporation Web Address: https://prexion.co.jp/ Dec22489 Best Advanced Medical Entrepreneurs - Japan

11 GHP Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2022 As a privately owned dental practice on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia, CoastWide Smiles believes in providing high quality dental care within the community at very affordable prices, so that its clients can continue to maintain their oral health without breaking the bank. The practice’s main focus is to provide the best service to its patients, which is achieved by a dedicated team of dental professionals who genuinely care about the local community. “As a non-dentist, lady practice owner, I feel I am in tune with the economy and the ever-increasing cost of living,” begins Director, Jill Pritchard. “Dentistry is largely viewed as a grudge purchase and, let’s face it, the majority of us do not like to go to the dentist at the best of times and it is well renowned for being expensive. For this reason, I decided to provide more affordable dental treatments at my practice.” Originally from the UK, Jill commenced her career in dental management in the UK more than 20 years ago, before moving to the beautiful Sunshine Coast in 2002. Having gained experience in many walks of life, including office administration, accounting, personal assistant, serving as a police officer and even retail, Jill finally went into dental management. “Having settled on the Sunshine Coast, I started working as a dental practice manager and thoroughly enjoyed it,” she enthuses. “I strongly believe in building great patient and dental team relationships and making sure that we can continue to provide quality treatments that will last.” Offering a full range of services, engaging local specialist services where necessary for the best patient experience and outcome, CoastWide Smiles main objective is always to put the patient first. The very skilled team of dentists and oral health therapists are highly experienced in RCTs, wisdom teeth extractions, crowns, porcelain veneers, full smile makeovers, general dentistry and hygiene treatments. Jill believes that the practices’ main point of difference is that it can provide high-quality dentistry at a fraction of the cost of other practices in the area. and keep all the associated laboratory work on the Sunshine Coast, therefore supporting other local businesses. “By quality, for example, our porcelain veneers and dental crowns/ implant crowns are made right here on the coast at independent laboratories,” she elaborates. “We do not send interstate or abroad or do “in house” crowns like most of our competitors. Thereby, we have a great relationship with the labs and can guarantee our work for a much longer period of time, whilst supporting other local businesses.” Jill and the team’s clients come from far and wide and, over the years, she has built up a strong reputation on the coast for being affordable and providing great quality dentistry. With more and more practices selling out to corporates, it was easy for CoastWide Smiles to determine the areas where it could differentiate from competitors and be ahead of the game in terms of affordability. “Because of the current economy, we have found there are more ‘shoppers’ than normal. Practices tend to think of ‘shoppers’ as a “lost leader”, whereas we embrace these patients, because we are fully aware that loyalty comes from exceptional service and providing quality dentistry.” Now, on a mission to make dental care more affordable overall for the community, Jill is always striving to improve in all areas of dentistry and has a very proactive approach to the market. For this reason, CoastWide Smiles recently gained recognition in the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2022, being named Best General Dental Practice on the Sunshine Coast – a title so richly deserved. And the company shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With Jill determined to implement new dental pricing in the near future to further drive down costs, it seems that things can only get better for this dynamic and proactive award-winning team. “We are thrilled to be named Best General Dental Practice Sunshine Coast Winner 2022!” Contact: [email protected] Company: CoastWide Smiles Dentalcare Web Address: www.coastwidesmiles.com Best General Dental Practice - Sunshine Coast Dec22457 With all your general dental needs in one place, CoastWide Smiles specialises in bringing affordable, quality dentistry to the Sunshine Coast. Practice Manager, Jill Pritchard tells us more about the practice and its strong customer-centric ethos as it is named as a winner in the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2022.

12 GHP Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2022 Dental Devices by Jason (Dental Devices), based in Australia, works with a range of clients from general practitioners to TMJ specialists, with its main focus areas being splint fabrication, dentures, custom mouthguards, and orthodontics. We find out more from Jason Patrick following the firm being named in the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2022. Taking great pride in offering the most up-to-date dental techniques is second to none at Dental Devices by Jason. The relaxed, friendly atmosphere, and knowledgeable and experienced dental technicians ensures that visitors feel welcome, comfortable, and secure. With core values being centred around quality over profit, the customer always comes first at Dental Devices, says owner Jason Patrick as he tells us more about his company ethos. “If you look after your clients and patients and help them, they in return will look after you,” he states. “Our overall mission is to focus on the patient, as they are after all who we are designing our appliances for.” Eager to ensure top quality and consistency time and time again, Jason has found this a lot easier to achieve with digital technology rather than traditional methodology. He tells us that crossing over into the digital aspect was a leap of faith that he took just over five years ago, but he hasn’t looked back since, with the business now flourishing. “We had strict criteria to follow,” he elaborates. “The main thing being that the appliances had to look like they were handmade, and the software had to be as flexible as our tools. When I succeeded in finding all that, I just had to wait for the materials to catch up to our skill level and quality!” When onboarding a new client, Jason ensures that he is upfront, honest, and transparent about the treatment they will receive. This involves sitting down and discussing in detail the clients’ expectations, issues they may have had, and where they need support. Once Jason has all this information, he can begin to work out exactly what is needed to build a successful relationship and give the best service. It is also important, in order to stay ahead of the curve in such a progressive industry, for Dental Devices to remain abreast of the latest technology and to ensure skills are kept up-to-date. “Dentistry is constantly evolving,” he tells us. “We have to constantly keep looking at our best working practice, our skill levels, and our ability to keep meeting the ever-changing landscape. We have to Dec22279 assess our materials, their strengths and weaknesses, and any potential limitations they may have. We have to watch emerging technologies closely and understand if, and where, they fit in with what we do.” Being based in South Australia may sound like a dream location for many, however the reality is far from ideal. Being situated in such a rural area, Jason sees a lot of supply chain issues where the reliability of getting materials is questionable. As pretty much everything to do with dentistry in Australia is imported, he has seen wait times of up to two years to get a specific resin approved for use in the country. This also has the knock-on effect of driving up the prices of such materials. However it’s not all doom and gloom. In fact, Jason is currently exploring a new technology as we speak – this being the use of chrome in his work. “I’m looking to build a chrome department, so the last four months have been a flurry of buying equipment and such,” he says, adding wryly that he is also looking for chrome technicians to populate his new department! Having recently gained recognition in the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2022 for Most Innovative Dental Device Development & Production - South Australia, Jason is confident that the future is looking bright . “As hard as dentistry can be, it’s a passion,” he enthuses. “We’re committed to our ideals and wishes. It’s pride and a sense of achievement knowing what we do is making a difference to a person for the next 2-10 years. We are facilitating change and how can you not have passion for this industry when you could be making changes like this daily?” Contact: Jason Patrick Company: Dental Devices by Jason Web Address: www.dental-devices.net Most Innovative Dental Device Development & Production - South Australia

13 GHP Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2022 Foxbury Dental in Husbands Bosworth (Foxbury Dental) is a brand-new, purpose-built, dental practice located in the South of Leicestershire. It offers a comprehensive range of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental treatments for patients of all ages. Here we talk to Business Director, Harry Leak, as it wins its title in the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2022. s a newly established, fully private dental practice geared towards helping patients of all ages with their general dentistry requirements, Foxbury Dental in Husbands Bosworth envisions making the trip to the dentist as pleasant and relaxing as it can possibly be – by creating an industry-leading experience in a place that feels and more like a home. Situated within the confines of a stunning Georgian property, the practice demonstrates high standards of professionalism combined with elegance. Although fully equipped with all the mod cons you might expect from a contemporary dentist, Foxbury Dental has successfully managed to retain the charm and character of the old building. Established to enable Principal Dentist, Dr Carmen Jimenez to provide dentistry to her local community in a caring and responsible way, Foxbury Dental is family-owned and committed to ensuring that all patients receive the very best treatment and value in their journey for better oral health. Foxbury Dental’s Business Director, Harry Leak, tells us, “We strive to abolish the fear of coming to see a dentist, yet deliver an experience that is second to none, whilst putting plenty of smiles on the faces of adults, children, and families alike during the process! Our values stem purely from doing what is right for the patient, treating every patient with care and respect, and ensuring they get a world-class experience.” As a new state-of-the-art dental practice operating in a village location, Foxbury Dental has no direct competition within an eight-mile radius. The practice provides general dentistry such as fillings, tooth removal, root canal, crowns, and veneers, whilst also encouraging its patients and communities to practice good oral hygiene, plus being on hand for any emergencies that may arise. A set of hygiene services to clean patients’ teeth are available, as is a range of whitening treatments. Setting it apart from its competitors, Foxbury Dental is also keen to become a green and community-based business, offering eco products for sale, and local community or charity incentives on profits at the end of each financial year. Not only does Foxbury Dental give back to its community through donations, but it treats its patients with the care and respect that they deserve every time. Recently, for its dedication to customer care, Foxbury Dental was recognised in the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2022 and achieved not one, but two prestigious titles, these being Best Dental Practice 2022 – Leicestershire, and the coveted Patient Care Excellence Award 2022. Now, Harry and the team have big plans for the future. Growth is very much on the cards with two ‘chairs’ in operation for six days a week, plus opening on a Saturday and a late night in the week in order to be more accommodating for people who work long hours. There are also plans to create more digital content for the website, including videos and social media posts, in order to get the brand name out there and make people aware of this cuttingedge facility. “A big focus of ours this year is to fully automate recalls and to get more of our patients onto our in-house care plans for routine dental care,” Harry states. “We already have more than 400 signed up to our plans but want to double or treble this in 2023. “With a business manager now in situ, I can now properly focus on driving the practice forwards with innovation, with multiple apps and systems to be introduced to streamline and improve what we do even further throughout our practice.” Contact: Harry Leak Company: Foxbury Dental In Husbands Bosworth Web Address: www.foxburydental.com A Dec22250 Best Dental Practice 2022 - Leicestershire & Patient Care Excellence Award 2022

14 GHP Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2022 Flying the flag for female dentists throughout the USA, Mommy Dentists in Business (MDIB) started as a simple Facebook group offering support from one dentist who was also a mother, to others! Having grown beyond recognition over the last few years, the group now has several chapters across the country, and provides so much more than support. We find out more as it celebrates a win in the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2022. Mommy Dentists in Business is, as the name suggests, a group of moms that are also dentists! With most of the ladies being business owners and strong leaders responsible for their teams, both in their work and home life, they value time with their families and understand that it takes a village to be successful. “We are here to support one another and share not only our ideas and resources, but our successes and struggles as well,” explains Alicia Jedlowski, a Corporate Sponsorship Manager for the group. “The vision of Mommy Dentists in Business is to create and nurture a membership platform that can provide services such as educational platforms through the podcast, webinar series, and live events by involving experts in the industry alongside dental and non-dental vendors to bring value to doctors’ lives.” Mommy Dentists in Business was started in June of 2017 by Dr Grace Yum, whilst on a business trip with her husband. Dr Yum noticed how lawyers connected and networked with one another and felt that dentistry was missing that component of comradery. The Facebook group she subsequently created was a way to connect dentists from all over the world, especially dentists like herself who are moms that are also business owners. Today, nearly six years later, MDIB provides networking, support, continuing education, social events, discounts, and any other service to help enhance the members’ lives and create an equal work/life balance. And the love and respect that is shared amongst some 9,600 women is both inspiring and encouraging. “Our group provides a safe space for like-minded women to connect and support one another,” Alicia enthuses. “For an organisation based on social media, it is one of the loveliest little corners of the internet.” MDIB is growing constantly and is currently hosting more live events in its learning centre space in Chicago, Illinois. This is something that allows the group to bring more members together to learn and network in a more intimate setting. It is also active with regard to helping others in various communities and has begun hosting ‘give back’ days, plus the proceeds of a shopping event were donated to Operation Smile, an organisation treating lip and pallet deformities in underserved parts of the world. “We are excited to continue growing this charitable avenue of MDIB. Our events are like none other in our industry and provide education, fun, surprises, and incredible energy that leads to an active, energised meeting.” One ‘Mommy Dentist’, Dr Crista Walker, couldn’t agree more with the group and its ethos, believing it has helped her enormously in her journey as a career mom. “For so many years as a solo practitioner I had to try to figure things out on my own and finding this amazing tribe of women really changed the way I practice, as having people to compare products with or bounce ideas off makes such a difference,” she says. “I know how much work it takes to run the group so I found a lot of value in becoming a paid member and helping to support the group and all the wonderful things it brings to my everyday life.” Recently recognised in the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2022, Mommy Dentists in Business was named Best Dental Community Network – USA, and for Dr. Grace Yum and the rest of the group, this is just the start of a bright future. “This group provides a platform to highlight and create awareness surrounding the amazing things these women are accomplishing,” Alicia states. “Long may it continue!” Contact: Dr. Grace Yum Company: Mommy Dentists in Business Web Address: www.mommydibs.com Nov22807 Best Dental Community Network - USA

15 GHP Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2022 Best Private Family Dental Practice - Worcestershire Nov22730 A family-friendly private dentist based in Worcestershire, Malrvern Hills Dental Care (Malvern Hills) offers emergency, general, and cosmetic treatments to both private and NHS patients. We speak to the practice’s Principal Dentist in the wake of it being recognised in the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2022. Malvern Hills Dental Care is a mixed NHS and private dental practice based near the stunning Malvern Hills in Worcestershire. Originally, the practice was purely an NHS practice, however the past few years have seen it evolve into providing private dentistry, too. Currently a seven-surgery practice, the clinic is due to undergo further expansion in order to meet client demand more effectively. “Our core values are to provide the best quality dentistry available to our patients,” explains Dr Gurpreet Nandra, the Owner and Principal Dentist at Malvern Hills. “We have highly qualified and experienced dentists who are able to provide safe, aesthetic, and long-term private dentistry. Our NHS clinicians are also expected to achieve high quality treatment with the ability to learn from the skills developed by the private dentists.” This open-door policy ensures that all patients are receiving the best possible care and the surgery provides for a wide range of treatments, including orthodontics, dental implants, advanced restorative dentistry, endodontics, oral surgery, and facial aesthetics, plus it is one of the largest providers of the popular Invisalign procedure within the area. It also ensures that the NHS waiting list can be reduced as a majority of patients will not require secondary care referrals. With an overall mission to provide the right care at the highest possible standard for all patients, Malvern Hills aims to be an elite practice in Worcestershire where patients and referring dentists can be confident that they will receive the right treatment for them and their patients. As well as providing dental services, Malvern Hills has a team of highly qualified dental hygienists and therapists who educate the patients on the importance of good oral health. “We reach out to schools and colleges to provide them with oral health education days,” Gurpreet elaborates. “Our clinicians are carefully selected to meet our expectations so they are able to provide the best possible treatment. Whilst it’s hard to say what differentiates us from others, we all share a great passion for providing high quality treatment and we strive to ensure the patient experience is as good as can be.” Being very keen on patient feedback helps Malvern Hills stay on track when it comes to exceptional service and Gurpreet and the team are eager to learn from any suggestions that come their way. He adds, “In the advent of social media, I feel that patients are more aware of treatment modalities and, therefore, the number of patients wanting the more complex dentistry has increased. We as a practice welcome this as this is why we have developed a highly skilled clinical team.” Obviously, the healthcare sector as a whole has been majorly affected over the past couple of years and, in the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was extremely challenging for the practice, as it was for many. However, Malvern Hills was luckier than most due to the fact that it was able to invest heavily in air filtration systems and level 3 PPE. “Our patients felt comfortable at the practice and we were able to continue working, be it at a restricted volume,” Gurpreet states, and he continues to explain that opportunities also arose from the pandemic due to the community getting to hear about Malvern Hills and how it was able to see patients. “We are now receiving more patient enquiries and dental referrals than previously.” It is also important to the dental team that they give something back to the community who helped keep it going during the tough times. Over the last couple of years, Malvern Hills has raised money by holding Christmas Jumper Days, and even featured on BBC Children in Need in 2021 for its charitable endeavours. Recently, Malvern Hills Dental Care gained recognition for its dedication to patients in the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2022 andwas namedBest PrivateFamilyDental Practice –Worcestershire. Now, as the future beckons, it seems that the dental practice will only go from strength to strength. “Our practice is also going to be used as a training hub for dentists that wish to improve their skills,” Gurpreet enthuses. “It has been a very difficult time since the pandemic and we would like to thank our team and our fantastic patients who have helped us get through the tough times. We will continue to provide care at the highest possible standard and strive to improve the practice.” Contact: Gurpreet Nandra Company: Malvern Hills Dental Care Web Address: www.malvernhillsdentalcare.co.uk

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