Private Healthcare Awards 2020

20 GHP / 2020 Private Healthcare Awards , exclusion of others, however, with the practice open and accessible to as many people as possible, particularly the young. Educating them about the benefits of good oral health is a sure way to help future generations. In all, the team at Greenwich Dental Heath have done the remarkable. Not only have they started a new practice, but they have created a foundation on which the practice can flourish. With a combination of business acumen and good clinical thinking, clients can be sure of a superb job done with care to what they really need. Contact: Abhishek Agarwal, Principal Dentist Website: Greenwich Dental Health Leading Providers of Advanced Dental Treatments - London Dental practices have moved on significantly in the last decade, and while many dentists have updated their processes, few are as capable as the talented team fromGreenwich Dental Health. Drawing on the latest developments, the teamprovide the ultimate in care to those living in London. With their recent success, we thought we’d turn our attention to the practice in this special issue of GHP. Situated in the heart of London, just five minutes’ walk away from the Cutty Sark DLR station, Greenwich Dental Health has made a name for itself as the premier provider of dental care across London. Only a year old, the hardworking team has generated an incredible amount of goodwill that reflects the hard work that has gone into this impressive new venture. Like all dentists, Greenwich Dental Health provides all the general dental services that would be expected. Where it excels is in the provision of advanced treatments such as sedation, dental implants, cosmetic treatment and oral surgery. The team works constantly to raise the bar of patient care experience, aiming to fulfil five promises for every patient on every visit. These promises are that they will feel comfortable, that their concerns will be taken seriously, that they will be involved in the decision- making process, supported throughout the treatment journey and better educated to achieve and maintain the best possible oral health. Feb20538 From these promises, the team at Greenwich Dental Health have made tremendous steps to try and find the most effective way to treat clients. Using the latest in modern technology to educate, communicate and treat patients, alongside setting new standards for customer service both during the dentistry process and during aftercare. Patients are able to take advantage of the team’s incredible flexibility, requesting appointments through the telephone, email, Facebook, Instagram or booking online. This impressive approach, covering all avenues, no doubt played a major part in accumulating 450 patients in the first six months of opening. The clinic itself has been beautifully planned, with the building’s unique design taking several different factors into account. Light and sound engineers were consulted throughout the process to ensure that when clients arrived, they were welcomed by a friendly atmosphere and pleasant ambience. The floor space is carefully split into three parallel zones, these being patient lounge, treatment rooms and decontamination zone. Each of the three areas are connected to one another, which is how the team are able to achieve an exceptional workflow. All of this care and attention to detail goes a long way to not only improving the customer’s perception of the dentists, but also enhancing the public’s confidence in the private healthcare sector. The environment, for both dentists and public, is one delivered with passion as opposed to the pressure of targets. This has removed the association of anxiety and stress for many patients, which has seen them return and keep up better standards of oral hygiene. Looking forward, the team intends to keep up their excellent work. With the bar continually rising in a competitive market, they have ambitions to keep themselves right at the top. This is not to the