Private Healthcare Awards 2020

8 GHP / 2020 Private Healthcare Awards , Chrysalis Finance Limited Best Patient Payment Solutions Company 2020 - Europe Founded in 2008, Chrysalis Finance have grown to become one of the leading healthcare finance companies in Europe. Following their success in the Private Healthcare Awards 2020, we got in touchwith the Head of Marketing and Communications Daniel Maude to find out more. Based in Cheshire, Chrysalis Finance have funded over £100 million in loans for dental and medical care since forming. With flexible payment plans available to suit any budget it’s easy to see how the firm have established themselves as an industry leader in medical finance. To begin with Daniel gives us a brief overview of the firm and the typical client base they serve. “Overall, we are the UK’s largest patient payment solutions company, with a wealth of experience in the healthcare finance sector, working with all Major UK Hospital Groups, Private Clinics, Dental Groups and Dental Practices in the UK.” The private healthcare market is an ever evolving one, so how do Chrysalis Finance differentiate themselves from their competitors? As Daniel goes on to explain the firm make sure they are giving patients immediate access to medical and dental care. “At Chrysalis Finance, we ensure that our patients receive the best possible treatment, keeping in mind everything should be simple, faster and more manageable. With a unique promise to guarantee the highest standard of provision, and a commitment to ensuring treatment is undertaken by a regulated clinician from one of our clinics, it’s easy to see why we’re considered No.1 for patients and providers.” Feb20552 With dynamic growth seen in the private healthcare industry today patients have been affected in more ways than one as Daniel further explains. “We have seen massive growth, with more people than ever before self-paying for a treatment. The reason self-pay is growing in most private operators is because of the flexible payment plans.” Working behind the scenes, is the dedicated, hard-working and reliable team which forms the backbone of Chrysalis Finance. When discussing the workplace culture, Daniel highlights how they ensure that sure everyone performs to the best of their ability as it is of the upmost importance for the business. “Our promise to our Patients is the same as our team, we will look after you and make sure it’s easy and simple. We work hard to build a workplace that allows people to perform at their best and deliver exceptional service to our customers.” Finally, looking ahead to the future Daniel comments on how he hopes Chrysalis Finance will benefit from their success in the Private Healthcare Awards 2020 and the future plans of the firm. “The award means so much to us as it identifies our business being at the cutting edge of rapidly evolving healthcare. Going forward, we will be looking at new ways to support the healthcare market with our integrated and dynamic payment solutions that work for both the patient and provider.” Contact Name: Daniel Maude Telephone Number: 0333 32 32 230 Address: PO Box 404, Alderley Edge, Cheshire SK9 0EA Web Address: