Private Healthcare Awards 2022

14 GHP / Private Healthcare Awards 2022 Feb22528 Dappersmith cultivates deep relationships with its clients to better understand their operations, their culture, goals, and markets – enabling them to deliver brand strategies, communications and experiences that authentically reflect the organization, and resonate with all its audiences. A brand strategy and design consultancy, Dappersmith works with healthcare, financial services and non-profit clients. They partner with organizations and visionary leaders who are working to change their industries. Dappersmith’s unique approach builds the brand from the inside out, unifying the organization, energizing the employees, and attracting new customers. Comprising consultants, copywriters, designers, journalists, and other creative professionals, Dappersmith brings richly different perspectives and problem-solving skills to their highly immersive, collaborative process. They engage with and absorb the input of everyone in the enterprise to distil the elements that will inform the company’s distinctive strategic anchor, the brand story: who we are, what we do, why we are different, why we matter. This core narrative, its promise and point of view form the heart of a competitive brand that is then translated across all channels, applications, and touchpoints. Among their recent client successes is a multi-year collaboration with a CVS Health-backed joint venture, Texas Health Aetna, a disruptor healthcare and insurance brand that Dappersmith helped reposition and relaunch with the promise of simpler, more convenient, lower cost care. Working with the leadership team, Dappersmith dug in and redefined their strategy, messaging, visual and verbal identity and go-to-market approach across the entire business. Additionally, they simplified the member and enrollment experience, redesigned their website, created a virtual health fair to generate interaction and inquiries during the COVID-19 pandemic, and provided a suite of simpler tools and presentations to enhance sales outreach. For 2022 and beyond, one of Dappersmith’s more compelling healthcare assignments is working with a national insurer to re-imagine the Medicaid experience for traditionally underserved populations. They’re also launching a series of fun, personalised outreach campaigns to engage Texas Health Aetna members with chronic conditions. The Dappersmith approach of going deep and creating solutions for brands that genuinely want to change their sectors shows no signs of letting up. Company: Dappersmith Contact: [email protected] Website: Introducing Dappersmith: Best Healthcare Branding & Communications Agency 2022