GHP Q1 2021

34 GHP / Q1 2021 , Jul20266 Getting older is something that nobody can avoid, but there are steps that many people take to keep themselves looking youthful, vibrant, and fresh-faced. Dr Yusra Al-Mukhtar is a UKbased doctor that specialises in the world of anti-ageing, and is renowned across the world for her expertise and treatment results. We at Global Health and PharmaMagazine recognised Dr Yusra last year with 2020’s Award for Excellence In Anti-Ageing Aesthetic Treatments. Today, we revisit her success and find out a bit more about what makes her workworthy of such global recognition. Fighting Anti-Ageing With Amazing Treatments Anti-ageing is perhaps something that many of us consider, but have little experience in actually making a reality. Dr Yusra is one of the top doctors in the United Kingdom, and is internationally renowned and respected for her experience and expertise in administering treatment result regarding anti-ageing and other aesthetic treatment. With patients travelling from all over the world to see her, Dr Yusra and her team of medical professionals are wholly committed to ensuring that every patient gets the safest, most effective, and clinically advanced dental and medical aesthetic treatments. Dr Yusra herself is a dental surgeon and anti-ageing expert, and has accrued several years’ experience in head and neck surgery to complement her advanced facial aesthetic knowledge and practical experience. After obtaining several prizes and awards for clinical excellence, Dr Yusra supplanted her knowledge and expertise with qualifications with Honours and Distinction from King’s College London and a First Class Honours degree in Medical Science and Management from Imperial College London. Most procedures can, at first, appear daunting to some people. The thought of having to go under the knife, or have work done is not a thought that many entertain with any small amount of pleasure. Dr Yusra and her team understands that the procedures can be daunting, and they strive to make sure that every patient feel totally comfortable and at ease during their consultation and subsequent treatment. Dr Yusra’s team will work with the patient at all times, listening carefully to their requirements and ensuring that bespoke treatments are tailored to suit their every need. Based on the medical or dental diagnosis, these medical professionals work tirelessly to ensure a personalised and tailored service like no other. The team’s ethos is to set the gold standard in the non-surgical healthcare sector by providing the very best treatment results using cutting-edge technology and evidence-based treatments alone. Drawing on every bit of her extensive experience, Dr Yusra prides herself on being able to use these world-famous techniques and technologies to deliver outstanding results for her patients. However, as is often the case with aesthetic medicines and treatments, there is a strong desire from patients for natural-looking results. There is little point in accentuating and enhancing natural beauty to retain youthfulness if it makes the patient look like a totally different person at the end of the treatment. Achieving these natural-looking results is imperative for new patients, and old patients who want to maintain their youth and beauty. Dr Yusra’s clinics in London and Liverpool are staffed with medical experts who, together, provide a multidisciplinary approach to health and aesthetics whilst prioritising safety and naturallooking results. Ultimately, Dr Yusra and her medical team take a holistic approach to ensure every patient is provided with advanced clinical expertise, a wonderful experience, and complete excellence in care. This combination leaves every patient feeling and looking better than ever, capitalising on the wealth of natural rejuvenation knowledge, and medical aesthetic expertise that Dr Yusra herself brings to the work she carries out. Company: Dr Yusra Clinic Contact: Yusra Al-Mukhtar Website: