Q2 2020

GHP / Q2 2020 17 , of its innovative method for reducing back pain. The firm’s R&D department, which currently works under the Swiss Spine Solutions brand, has many experienced engineers and project managers developing the RoboSpine even further. Aligned with the company philosophy, they develop inspirational solutions that are ahead of time, through a holistic approach and strict quality control. Medical technology has always followed general trends within scientific and technological progress. Some of the most recent developments that will be carried forward include accurate and precision technologies, robotics, remote medicine, and augmented reality. In diagnostics and pharmaceutics, there may also be breakthrough solutions in neural networks, artificial intelligence, and big data. McBrothers AG are already at the forefront of robotics with this latest innovation, the RoboSpine, but the attention to maximizing implementation of these current and future achievements is one that will define the success of the firm moving forward. As the next decade beckons, the success of McBrothers AG in helping develop innovative new ways of handling spinal readjustment without invasive surgery has already set them on a strong foundation. With the aim of beginning sales in the United States and the Middle East by 2020, Latin America by 2021, and becoming the world’s leading supplier of non-invasive and non-medicinal spinal pain solutions by 2025, the success is surely set to keep on coming for McBrothers AG. Company: McBrothers AG Contact: Vera Oksenich Website: www.swissspinesolution.com Remarkable Robotics For Spine Treatment Spinal treatment is an incredibly delicate process, given its core importance to the skeletal structure of the human body as a whole. Medical device innovators today are finding new and excellent ways of supporting the spine, and at the forefront of those innovations is McBrothers AG, awardedMost Advanced Spine Decompression Systems Provider – Europe in GHP Magazine. To learnmore, we profiled the Group of Companies after its win. Based in Switzerland, McBrothers AG is a truly international company that designs, manufactures, supplies and services medical equipment. With representative offices in the USA and Russia, the firm’s specialization in the medical services sector providing the leading solutions for non-surgical spine treatment is second to none. In addition to public and private clinics, spas, and resorts, McBrothers AG’s clientele includes well-known international medical device brands as well as many individuals who access the firm’s solutions through a distribution network. The company offers a range of unique spinal solutions remarkable for the highest possible level of security, as confirmed and certified by CE, ISO, and EAC certificates. McBrothers AG mission is to relentlessly pursue the improvement of the healthcare system, and the overall health and wellbeing of people everywhere. Addressing the most complex and diverse healthcare challenges, the Group provides a complete end-to-end solution for clinics of all sizes, implementing innovative approaches, products, and services that contribute to the health of the entire society. There is constant striving to achieve goals through upheld ethical standards, a commitment to quality of life, and a desire for health longevity, all of which is done by the team of professionals who are ready to implement any idea and task for a customer. One such innovative solution is the RoboSpine. Protected by a number of patents, the McBrothers RoboSpine is a safe and simple-to-use orthopaedic spinal decompression system designed to remove excessive pressure from vertebral structures that may be causing back pain and sciatica. The unit provides accurately controlled tensions and tractive forces designed to relax and confuse paraspinal muscles, and remove excessive stress and strain from intervertebral discs. An innovative system, the RoboSpine can be used to help relieve pain associated with spinal stenosis, kyphosis, scoliosis, slipped discs, herniated nucleus pulposus, facet joint syndrome, and myofascial pain syndrome, to name a few. Crucially, it relieves pain non-surgically by mechanical movement. For clients, this is a cost-effective alternative to expensive surgical interventions that can have multiple complications and negative consequences. McBrothers AG is responsible for comprehensive product support, training, quality control, and round-the-clock consultation with physicians and specialists, guaranteeing the safety Feb20525

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