Technology Awards 2022

9 GHP Technology Awards 2022 As technology becomes more sophisticated, so too must the security that lies behind it. The team at Quantum Base have come up with a unique way of working which sees smartphone authentication achieved in real-time, in an approach which is specifically targeted towards the pharmaceutical markets.We take a closer look to see what the Q-ID® solution is, and how it has earned the team such success in the Technology Awards. echnology has a habit of looking outward, always looking for the larger impact of innovation. For the team at Quantum Base, however, inspiration was found through looking a little smaller. Imagine anti-counterfeit tags that could be used by regular smartphones, that could be integrated into existing manufacturing processes, that could guarantee absolute consumer trust. It almost sounds too good to be true, but that’s precisely what the Quantum Base team have been able to deliver. Their incredible new development, available at a low cost but with innumerable benefits, has been designed to provide medical product information directly to the customer in real-time. For the healthcare sector, particularly the pharmaceutical industry, the Forbes report that “Quantum Base’s atomic-scale devices are impervious to cloning – faking of supply chains would become a thing of the past” is incredibly exciting. But how have they managed such a remarkable feat? The secret is through the use of Q-ID® QR codes. This lies at the heart of Quantum Base’s quantum secure anti-counterfeit solution. It is the world’s first of this sort. The benefits of this incredible new technology speak for themselves. The Quantum Base team eagerly explain why: “Q-ID® QR Codes which are impossible to copy, clone or fake and are validated with a standard smartphone to provide unbreakable global pharmaceutical brand protection.” Achieving this high standard of security was no easy task, and has involved taking a different approach when compared to the competition. “Our patented solution lies in the atomic world, where the laws of quantum mechanics exist,” we are told. “We harness the inherent randomness of quantum materials, and embed this to produce security tags that are simple to make, yet impossible to copy.” “At the core of each individual tag is a unique quantum ID derived from the atomic structure of the quantum materials we embed, which is then simply read by customers using a standard smartphone. Due to this inherent quantum randomness, Q-ID®s are impossible to copy, clone or fake, provide unbreakable product security, and create billions of unique identities, cheaply, for each and every pharmaceutical box or foil, globally.” The combination of quantum security with the ease of smartphone authentication will have a revolutionary impact on how many see the industry. “We make pharmaceutical brand protection in real time a reality for billions of end consumers and supply chain members,” explain the team. “Q-ID® pharmaceutical tag protection is developed to use the smallest real-estate possible on box or foil. Our flexible manufacturing processes allow for seamless delivery of our solution to empower you and your customers to stamp out the dangers of counterfeit drugs, while enabling absolute trust in both physical and online channels.” Technology holds enormous power, and the Quantum Base team have made it their mission to leverage what has gone before to achieve new levels of trust in a sector which demands the highest standards. “With smartphone authentication, Q-ID® creates a trusted digital platform to connect you and your consumers in realtime for brand and pharmaceutical product information, marketing, and consumer data, globally,” we are told. “Quantum Base are enabling pharmaceutical firms to protect lives, brand reputation and global revenues by our commitment to scientific discovery and its successful commercialisation for positive global impact.” The Global Head R&D of a Top 10 Hologram Manufacturer is reported to have said “Quantum Base have cracked the holy grail of anti-counterfeit”. The fact they have is why they are being recognised for their incredible achievement in this year’s Technology Awards. Company: Quantum Base Name: Phill Speed, CEO Email: [email protected] Web Address: T Nov22139 Best Pharma Sector Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions Innovator 2022