Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021

14 GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 Dec21714 The teamat Jardín PremiumCannabis Dispensary have created a place that is more than just a cannabis dispensary. It’s s destination to visit and an experience to savour. We dig a little deeper into the success of this incredible Las Vegas stalwart to discover how they won two awards in GHP’s Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021. Best Cannabis Dispensary – Nevada & Customer Service Excellence Award 2021 Las Vegas – a city renowned for its decadence, a hub of shopping and fine dining, of gambling and entertainment. It is the epitome of an extravagant lifestyle and the destination of choice for those who wish to indulge in life’s little luxuries. One of the city’s most recent additions is Jardín Premium Cannabis Dispensary, a place where the best of the best come to sample an enormous array of cannabis products, chosen above all else for their unbeatable quality. With the commercial cannabis industry on the rise, Las Vegas has seen more than its fair share of specialist shops appearing on its streets. Jardín, however, stands apart from the crowd. In short order, it has been recognized as one of the city’s finest establishments, indeed one of the finest establishments of its sort in the world. This is due, in no small part, to the determination of its team to offer clients more than a shop to visit. They offer a destination to explore. Only the finest cannabis products are sold by the Jardín team, and this commitment to quality is what elevates the dispensary experience. From the moment you walk through the doors, you walk into a location of pure luxury. Key to this idea of luxury, however, is the inclusive and welcoming environment. For medical patients and recreational users alike, there is a warmth to this endeavor that cannot be tempered. It comes from a passion for the industry and a deep knowledge of how it can support their customers. The high level of customer service has been vital to Jardín’s success, with the team creating an environment that is thoroughly authentic at all times. This awareness of what makes Jardín special is what draws people through the shop’s doors not just once, but again and again and again. Locals, tourists and celebrities such as Desi Banks and Soulja Boy have all been able to enjoy their time at Jardín and it’s a credit to the team’s incredible approach. All are treated with the same level of care and attention, so matter what they are from. Jardín is Spanish for garden, and everyone who walks through the doors of this Las Vegas establishment is welcomed into the garden with open arms. The reputation that the team have developed is well-earned indeed, and puts them in good stead. In a burgeoning industry like this, it’s places like Jardín that set the standard. What is clear from their remarkable success in the Commercial Cannabis Awards is that the standard is incredibly high indeed. Company: Jardín Premium Cannabis Dispensary Name: Adam Cohen Email: [email protected] Jardín Premium