Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021

Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 Califia Gold Liquid Immunity Complex Voted best immune support products in the Western USA! Minor Decliner Best Cannabis Industry ID Scanning Solutions Provider - North America

2 GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 Editor’s Note , GHP News is delighted to announce the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 GHP News is proud to announce that the Commercial Cannabis Awards is returning once again! This programme aims to promote and award the globe’s leading businesses and individuals, who remain at the forefront of an industry enjoying sustained growth year-on-year! The Commercial Cannabis Awards are open to everybody within the industry and are your opportunity to showcase your new products and services to our audience of high-level professionals. Taking part will also show your employees that their work doesn’t go unnoticed, whilst showing the successes that your business has enjoyed. The industry is enjoying sustainable growth as time passes, and more and more countries are making moves to incorporate cannabis materials more easily available. This is reinforced by medical research showing that the use of cannabis products can be used to treat many ailments, and people are starting to feel the benefits! Sif Brookes, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 3 Contents , Contents 4. Califia Gold Liquid Immunity Complex: Voted best immune support products in the Western USA 6. Minor Decliner: Best Cannabis Industry ID Scanning Solutions Provider - North America 8. Akrete Communications, Inc: Best Cannabis Entrepreneur PR Firm - USA 9. Simple Solvents: Best Cannabis Extraction Liquid Solvents Supplier - North America 10. HØJ: Best Cannabis Accessories 2021 11. AirMed Canada Systems Inc: Best Turnkey Cannabis Management System - British Columbia 12. STEM Cultivation, Inc: Most Efficient Indoor Cannabis Growing Technology Developer 2021 13. Of Like Minds: Most Creative Cannabis Entrepreneur (USA): April Pride 14. Jardín Premium Cannabis Dispensary: Best Cannabis Dispensary – Nevada & Customer Service Excellence Award 2021 15. MjSeo Agency: Best Cannabis SEO Agency - USA 16. Greenheart CBD Ltd: Best CBD Oil Technology Company - Republic of Ireland 17. Dama Distributing: Best Wholesale Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Company - Rocky Mountain States 18. ProCannabisMedia: Best Emerging Cannabis Media Company - USA 19. PhytoPūr Bio Limited: Leading Cannabis Infused Products Manufacturer - UK

4 GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 , Touching the people by asking themwhich products they need (in relation to what Califia Gold offers), Eddie ensures brand consistency by ensuring all ingredients (and the way they are put together) come from the best sources. So high quality, in fact, they’re good enough to capture the attention of world-famous hospitals in the area to use his formula. “There is a distinct, unique thing about that liquid immunity complex that separates it from everything else out there,” says Eddie. “The problem it solves is that it synergistically combines the most effective immune ingredients people already take separately,” he continues. Founded in 2017, Califia Gold is a company that was created to demonstrate the immense healing properties of hemp and its impact on health. The overall mission? To revolutionize society’s view about this plant-based material by informing people with positive facts regarding it; they aim for education at their core approach throughout all aspects, including marketing strategies too. While thinking through everything that represents the essence of the immunity complex, that’s when it hit him. “A lot of people take a lot of things to try to have a positive outcome on their immune systems,” says Eddie. The Liquid Immunity Complex from Califia Gold really does Replenish the Soul. It helps prevent Covid-19 if taken regularly, helps those that catch it recover quickly (1 to 3 days), and helps restore and replenish the immune system of those affected. It is the most powerful and effective immune support product on the market. Eddie is dedicated to Califia Gold providing the highest quality hemp products available. For years, they’ve been at the forefront of the California hemp market, and their products have played a major role in its growth and legitimization. How? Liquid Immunity Complex is packed with essential nutrients that support your immune system to help keep you healthy. Also hosting a vast range of products, including hemp oil, bath bombs, gummies and muscle cream, Califia Gold is positioned for customers to discover one of the best experiences of health and wellness available on the market. The five-star rated product has received comments stating that it is a ‘Genuinely amazing product.’ In addition, Califia Gold’s Liquid Immunity Support Complex boasts an impressive list of ingredients, including vitamin C, zinc, ginger root extract, elderberry, echinacea, white willow bark, myrrh and osha Voted best immune support products in the Western USA! root. This all natural Vegan product is gluten, wheat, yeast, soy and dairy free. Customers rave about the product; with Madelyn L. writing, ‘This liquid immunity product is really effective. The taste is amazing too. I felt the benefits within a few days. Highly recommended!’ The Liquid Immunity Support Complex can be taken in a variety of ways, be it with a tablespoon of honey, with juice, or on its own. However, the product should neither be taken on an empty stomach, nor given to anyone under the age of 12. Built for the people, Eddie also believes Califia Gold’s ethos starts with a foundation of fairness and inclusion. He believes that a healthy Califia Gold Liquid Immunity Complex

GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 5 Voted best immune support products in the Western USA! workplace, combined with passion and knowledge is what customers feel, thereby creating a positive atmosphere for all. “We emphasize equality and diversity in order to thrive as a company,” says Eddie. “Our Liquid Immunity Complex will help you maintain your productivity and well-being while you work hard to make gold.” However, the industry does not come without its challenges – as Califia Gold knows all too well. For one, federal legalization is both a challenge and opportunity for the industry, for example, prior to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabidiol oil (CBD) and the psychoactive THC had no legal differentiation. The Covid-19 pandemic also served as a challenge for the company, however, Califia Gold used this period as an opportunity for growth. Formulating a powerful immune support product, Califia Gold has crafted a product that aids in the protection and strength of the immune system and helps with the recovery from Covid-19. The liquid immune support complex is a unique product which combines over 12 of the most effective immune support ingredients plus 500 mg of CBD to provide a super charge to the immune system. They also have a non-CBD version for customers concerned or uneducated about CBD. Most recently, the company has been working towards the acquisition of a nationwide distribution deal which will see Califia Gold’s products become available in retail stores across the United States. On top of this, Califia Gold is developing a new range of THC-infused products to complement its immune support and CBD-infused wellness line. The past year has also seen the introduction of a turmeric gummy supplement to Califia Gold’s wellness and immune support product line. Contact: Eddie Washington Company: Califia Gold Website:

6 GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 , Minor Decliner is a Maryland-based company which develops technology to integrate within dispensaries and retail stores to manage the age verification process for selling cannabis and CBD products and ensuring that minors do not purchase products they are not eligible to access. The Minor Decliner™ age verification system allows for fast scanning of state-issued IDs and driver’s licenses for reliable data entry and fast, audible and visible results. It seamlessly works to detect expired IDs and underage consumers to increase employees’ efficiency, help check IDs properly, and reduce the “human error” factor. A variety of flexible hardware options (scanners, tablets, POS connections, wireless and offline capabilities, multiple scanners on the same tablet, etc.) are available, ensuring numerous solutions and implementation options for each individual dispensary and store need. So, how did Minor Decliner get into business? Several years ago, the company founder, Ron Tobb’s daughter was an underage investigator for a local police department. Her job was to attempt to purchase cigarettes or alcohol with her authentic under-18 ID. She was shocked to find that 20-30% of the time, people sold to her because they could not do the mathematics to figure out how old she was. After watching this for several months, Ron decided to help solve this problem. Being an engineer, he knew that the best way to prevent an error is to stop it at the source. That’s why he created Minor Decliner. After doing more research, it was discovered that this is a chronic problem within the age-restricted product industry. This motivates Ron and his team all the more to help solve these issues permanently, for all types of products. Minor Decliner’s mission is simple: to eliminate sales and access of age-restricted products to minors to protect businesses. Ron has formed a team of practical innovators who look to bring simple, yet technologically advanced solutions to their customers. They are customercentric, and laser focused on both the future of technology and the company’s future. They wake up every day with the drive to innovate and provide the best tools and service available to help retailers eliminate the sales of age-restricted items to minors. The medical marijuana industry is rapidly changing each year and within each individual state. Obviously, across the US, state Best Cannabis Industry ID Scanning Solutions Provider - North America laws and regulations are still being developed and refined. The Minor Decliner system works to manage changes in age, quantity restrictions, and other limitations on a real-time basis. It can manage various age options and quantity limitations, all while working alongside the client’s POS systems and compliance technology. The system compiles and provides reports for the client’s management to review and to pass on to agencies reviewing their store compliance adherence. Minor Decliner realizes that dispensaries and retail stores have a lot of changes to keep up with in regard to who they can sell to and how much they are allowed to sell. Its system exists

GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 7 Best Cannabis Industry ID Scanning Solutions Provider - North America to provide ease and confidence that stores are always remaining compliant and lawful. Ron said, “In engineering school, I learned a method called the Simplex Method. This applies a mathematical equation to optimise a solution. I often think about these two comparisons of Minor Decliner and the Simplex Method: “First, I remember a professor calling Simplex “simple, but complex.” I think that is spot on for what age verification is, and what it is becoming. Minor Decliner solutions are meant to be simple and direct to operate, yet complex, technical, and future proofed under the covers. “Second, Simplex is a linear programming method that opts to optimize and provide the best option at every iteration. This is the second way in which Minor Decliner is like Simplex: We are set up to optimize each age verification situation and provide the best option for every need.”. Minor Decliner is known by our customers as a “Swiss Army Knife” for age verification, as we have so many adaptations for different use cases and needs. Minor Decliner does not operate or develop its products in a vacuum. Thanks to its close relationships with multiple industry organizations as well as product manufacturers, the company can ensure that as the requirements shift, its technology is right there to manage the updates. For convenience stores and vape shops, it has partnered with NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores), Conexxus (the technology standards association for c-stores), and JUUL (vape manufacture) to lead the way in age-restricted technology. For the cannabis industry, Minor Decliner is a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association and is in the process of building relationships to partner and become certified in future salesrelated requirements and policies. Ultimately, the underlying technology for age verification is changing with the advent of digital identity tokens and mobile drivers licenses. Many of the existing systems for age verification will cease to be relevant as age verification gets coupled with purchase limit verification. Ron said, “We’re excited to be developing our future-proof guarantee, assuring that your investment in age verification solutions is evergreen and ready for future changes.” Company: Minor Decliner Contact: Ron Tobb Email: [email protected] Website:

8 GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 , Organising its services into full-service PR strategy for companies selling cannabiscontaining products – covering everything from outreach to corporate communications – as well as content development and marketing, Akrete Communications is a creative and innovative business operating all over the USA. From coast to coast, its clients benefit from its holistic understanding of what public relations work needs to be done in the medical marijuana industry, fighting for social equality and responsibility as well as an increased understanding of the uses cannabis can have for customers. Serving four different industries with its in-depth, comprehensive, and holistic efforts, Akrete Communications is a PR and outreach firm working in cannabis, real estate, financial services, and professional services. Fundamentally, this company’s efforts focus in on nationally based public representation of its clients within the US, with content development and marketing strategies that go ‘all-in’ to help its customers to grow and develop their enterprises into the best they can be. In helping them put their best foot forward in their market segments, Akrete Communications ensures they can reach their next milestones with the full support of the customer base, something that is critically important to business survival and sustainability. Additionally, being a business owned by women that champions female empowerment in the corporate world, is derives its name from the word ‘accretion’, a term denoting business growth and success; this being something that it promises to bring to its clients, it finds it important that this word and ethos be present in everything it does. Its goal in all of its services, Dec21270 therefore, is to articulate and amplify thoughts, leadership, ideas, and innovations, helping professionals from the established to those on the starting blocks to realize their fullest potential, giving them insights into its successes such as the mission-driven story of its start-up, vertically integrated cannabis company. It has also helped veterans to launch a hemp company with a powerful black woman at the helm, becoming the businessoriented partner and friend to the business that takes care of public image whilst the company’s leading professionals focus on getting their services and products just right. Therefore, it is an indispensable voice in the medical marijuana industry, aiding its swift development through ensuring that companies using the product have a frontal presentation that is ready for mass market consumption. ‘Every company has a story’, it tells us; ‘and medical marijuana companies have thousands’. Thus, it aims to help educate, promote, and develop an industry still in its infancy, hoping to change the current paradigm of marijuana still being illegal at a Federal level, implementing a model of workplace flexibility Best Cannabis Entrepreneur PR Firm - USA internally to allow it to continually train and support its staff at every opportunity. After all, a happy staff is how one achieves happy customers. Thus, Akrete Communications’ clients unfailingly describe it as a pleasure to work with, made up of 20 specialists in marketing, public relations, and content development who work in a friendly and non-traditional manner. Currently working with Green Meadows Farm – a Massachusetts vertically integrated cannabis company – it hopes to continue to serve veterans and help fight economic inequality in its communities, aiding its clients to enter new markets and committing itself to social responsibility, pushing forward into 2022 with renewed vigour and growing momentum. Company: Akrete Communications Contact: Morgan Sweeney Website:

GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 9 Jan22099 Simple Solvents, a company committed to its goal of becoming auniversally recognised standards creator for cannabis andhelp extraction, puts thought and leadershipat the forefront of its business goals.WorkingwithNorthAmerican federal and regulatorybodies suchas ASTM, USP, and the FDA, it is currently launching 1 and 5 gallonunits of pure ethanol andCDA 12A inQ1 of this year, bucking the trendof the current lowest volume offeredbeing closer to 55, dedicated tomaking life easier for its clients and tode-sensationalisingmedicalmarijuana. Focusing on speciality liquid solvent supply, Simple Solvents serves North America’s used botanical extraction, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics sectors, with its main market being found within the hemp and cannabis industries. Fundamentally, it differentiates itself by way of serving this niche. It and its wider industry know how much of a long way medical marijuana still has to go in terms of earning acceptance both legally and socially, but its sees this tide changing in the near future, and until then will continue to lobby for the decriminalisation of it at the federal level. As industry experts, pioneers, and activists, its focus is on customer support, service, and education, innovating and developing solvent blends that are specifically built for the extraction of both hemp and cannabis products such as hemp ethanol. Promising to hit the ground running in its market segment, Simple Solvents’ proprietary blend is something that it is incredibly proud of. Critically, despite the issues and difficulties of the past year, with supply chains being hit hard due to Covid19 – especially in the chemical and speciality shipment industries – it stepped up to the plate to bolster its own communication and sector outreach, providing a large amount of ultra-high purity solvents to cannabis and hemp companies. Focusing solely on this industry has allowed it to corner a niche market and curry good favour with its professionals, securing it a track to further growth made possible by its long-term business relationships with existing peers and competitors. Furthermore, its in-house logistics and facilities help imports and domestic shipping to be carried out with effectiveness and immediacy. Therefore, thriving in spite of the recent ethanol tax rise implications such as 200 proof pure ethanol being taxed at $27 a gallon – 9 times higher than the cost of the product by itself – it has had to consider that cannabis and hemp extractors are not eligible to use the product without paying that tax. It is currently working to create a solvent blend category that addresses this. Its current efforts promise to alleviate the tax implication from the current hiked up price to a total of 0, offering a less toxic solvent blend that focuses purely on hemp and cannabis, bringing additional benefits such as lower boiling point, meaning less energy is needed for extraction. By innovating ways to make the whole process of hemp and cannabis extraction easier for its industry, it has quickly made itself a darling of the wider sector. Additionally, internally, its culture of family and empathy mean that it works with honesty, integrity, and grit at every turn, scaling its efforts up naturalistically across the US and Canada as it continues to bolster its own reputation through good client interactions, working with ASTM to build standards for hemp and cannabis extraction in conjunction with USP and the FDA. In the future, it looks forward to seeing where this takes it, continuing to work on its innovation and intellectual property in order to show US regulatory bodies the place that hemp has in the medicine of the future. Company: Simple Solvents Contact: Brandon Bahr Website: Best Cannabis Extraction Liquid Solvents Supplier - North America

10 GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 Jan22511 When considering the way inwhich the cannabis industry is expanding, it pays to pay for quality. Already companies such as HØJ are reinventing the core essentials of the sector in order to revolutionise the high. The remarkable products have satisfied tens of thousands of customers and earned them success in GHP’s Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021. Best Cannabis Accessories 2021. When customers look at HØJ, they see a firm which exists to transform the way in which people experience cannabis. Like Apple and Dyson, they are pioneers in their field and have achieved success through an approach which eschews traditional values and pushes boldly into new territory. Their desire to showcase accessories in this growing industry like no other is what makes them stand out from the crowd. The secret of HØJ’s success comes from the team’s ability to create much needed accessories that help those who want to experience the high. There are few companies that consider the needs of users as much as HØJ, which is why so many people turn to them for support. Every single product is designed to meet the specific needs of medical users. One of their flagship products, KLIP, opens magnetically and with a twist of only 10 degrees to keep things straightforward which is a blessing for those who have limited dexterity. When the team at HØJ get involved in a project, you know that it comes from a place of experience. The stigma around this topic has reduced dramatically over the years, but this is a firm that has always known the power of the herb. Headquartered in London, but selling products in over 105 countries is a sure sign that the team have achieved incredible success. The team’s ability to punch well above their weight comes from an approach which has created a team which works to live as opposed to living to work. As a result, they care deeply about the product, the company and the way in which both of these can benefit their customers. The value of the community that has built around HØJ is very important to the team, and they have taken steps to ensure that this connection remains strong no matter what. Working within the cannabis industry as a small endeavour has not been an easy task, with the US especially remaining steadfast on keeping the herb illegal. Whilst many states have legalised the substance, this federal failing has a major impact on the processing of payments, the advertising of products and the hiring of staff. For the HØJ team, this is confounding because they do not work with cannabis directly, only offering herbal accessories. That said, the adoption of new cannabis legislation shows a shift in approach which will see the herb become more legitimate in more parts of not only the US, but the world at large. The growth of HØJ is a credit to the team. They do not focus on the trends of the moment or industry reports, but on designing the world’s best ecosystem of herbal tools. The last few years have allowed the team to establish themselves on the international stage, with 2022 offering a host of new opportunities for success. With the needs of the customer continuing to be at the forefront of their approach, they are certain to continue their incredible capacity for growth for many years to come. Company: HØJ Name: Maddy Eriksson Email: [email protected] Web Address:

GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 11 Jan22462 The emerging cannabis industry has gained a lot of attention frompeople who are visionaries in other sectors. In 2014, a teamof technologists began building the AirMed software system which has become a vital part of many companies in this growing sector. In GHP’s Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021, the teamwere recognized for their efforts. We caught up with CEO Justin Hearn to discover how these efforts have secured himand his team such remarkable success. Since opening their doors in 2014, the team at AirMed Canada Systems have been in incredibly high demand. Their management solution, focused specifically on the challenges of working in the cannabis industry, has garnered a great deal of attention thanks in no small part to its comprehensiveness and its quality. A growing list of cultivators, nurseries, processors, and manufacturers use AirMed to manage their day-to-day operations, but what makes it so appealing? AirMed’s CEO, Justin Hearn, believes that building a culture of quality is an important part of his customers’ success. Reflecting that quality in his product has been key to connecting with them. “AirMed was developed to support micro to macro producers and processors and to scale from a thousand square feet to a million square feet and beyond,” he explains. “Regular performance testing and tuning ensures our system can handle the needs of even the largest producers.” With the ability to meet all Canadian compliance regulations including the Canada Cannabis Act, his product is an essential tool for many operators within the industry. The challenge for many businesses in the cannabis sector comes from the wealth of paperwork that goes with the industry. “Health Canada requires a monthly report containing 2300+ unique fields,” Justin tells us. “Canada Revenue Agency and other regulators require additional data. To meet these requirements, cannabis producers must report on literally thousands of fields of information with absolute precision. Data entry errors could potentially cause days of work to uncover and account for.” As far as the team is aware, AirMed is unique in offering the only software solution that tracks every datapoint required for these reports. The time and manpower saved can potentially add up to hundreds of hours every month. Of course, no two businesses are the same, especially in the burgeoning cannabis sector, so flexibility is a crucial part of their approach. “Our goal is to help our customers reach their potential by providing the tools they need,” Justin says. “The AirMed Ecosystem lets you purchase a turn-key solution for your cannabis business.” Hosted in a fully managed, PCI compliant (payment card industry standard) secure Tier 3 data centre in Canada, accessible to clients through the cloud and able to track all employee and client actions to ensure auditreadiness with comprehensive reports and analytics, this is a product that does everything. In such a young sector, we thought it prudent to ask Justin how he and his team stay at the forefront of emerging developments. “As our customers evolve in this new industry, we monitor their needs by staying in constant contact,” Justin explains. “We document and research those needs and evolve our product roadmap accordingly. Where applicable, best practices and features from parallel industries such as pharmaceutical are adapted to advance the software.” This commitment to constant contact has allowed the team to thrive alongside the various businesses they support. This growth has opened the door to many exciting opportunities for the team. “In Q1 of 2022, AirMed will release a Quality Management System (QMS) with support for standard operating procedures (SOPs) as well as investigation and incident tracking,” Justin reveals, before adding that “Q1 will also see the release of a built-in report designer and business intelligence dashboard designer. In Q2 through Q4 of 2022, a series of releases will provide support for production orders and other ERP functionality.” For many, this sort of growth is unprecedented, but it is clear that AirMed is agile enough to move with the times and the needs of their clients. A thriving company, such as AirMed, stays on top by paying attention to what their customers need. It is not an easy task, but the results speak for themselves. The commercial cannabis industry is one which boasts enormous potential for those working directly in it, and those who support them. By keeping an openminded approach to working within it, AirMed has secured incredible success. We cannot wait to see what they do next. Company: AirMed Canada Systems Inc. Name: Karla Willems Email: [email protected] Web Address: https:// Best Turnkey Cannabis Management System - British Columbia AirMed Canada Systems Inc.

12 GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 Accredited as theMost Efficient Indoor Cannabis Growing Technology Developer, STEM Cultivation is dedicated to bringing large-scale horticulture manufacturing to the forefront of the industry by utilizing a patentedmethod of vertical hydroponic farming. Thus, by producing high-quality yields, STEMCultivationwill be able to use less space, water, electricity, and labor than traditional indoor cultivationmethods, all due to innovation, science, technology, engineering, math, and passion. The permeating resonance behind the core foundation of STEM Cultivation are its innovative solutions that can be impactful on modern society. By following evidence and continually validating and reassessing technology, STEM Cultivation ensures that its clients have the most efficient and sustainable cultivation platform possible. Focusing on plant production, STEM Cultivation has been able to identify and build a patented technology that addresses four significant areas of cultivation waste: space, energy, water, and labor. The company’s CEO, Kyle Moffitt, explains the company’s direction by stating, “We design our Eco-Precision Cannabis (EPiC) GrowRoom and EPiC eXpander products borrowing and combining best practices from plant science and industrial manufacturing. Substantially increasing the efficiency and predictability of commercial cultivation that traditional methods of growing physically cannot match. The result offers growers the ability to make plants of certain characteristics over and over, anywhere in the world, and at any scale.” STEM Cultivation’s mission is to make the process and development of indoor plant productions inexpensive, thus allowing supply chains to become Jan22223 more predictable, localized, and resilient for their consumers. Kyle Moffitt and his team of innovative workers can accomplish their aims by pushing conventional science’s boundaries. It leads the industry with unique developmental concepts that are backed up by the impressive combination of technology, science, and originality, fuelling the ingenious idea of hydroponic farming. The model of hydroponic farming is based on growing plants in water, not soil. Thus, by still being able to meet all the necessary conditions to produce a bountiful harvest and three main macronutrients known as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. For STEM Cultivation, it has put forward the use of hydroponic farming to the cannabis market. Kyle expands on this by affirming, “The rapid global expansion of legal markets, combined with generations of pent-up consumer demand, has created the ‘green rush.’ A oncein-a-lifetime business opportunity that promises a shot at success but favours only those willing to play a game whose rules are still being written.” The legalization of cannabis has come a long way in recent years. However, markets have slowly opened to those who welcome this progress due to the increased demand during the pandemic. However, decades previously the cannabis sector was strictly dominated by worldwide governments criminalizing its use. Kyle adds on to this information by saying, “Ironically, the easing of legal restrictions for cannabis in many markets has coincided with the emergence of new government restrictions related to COVID-19. And, in a double-ironic twist, during pandemic lockdowns, these newly legal cannabis businesses were even considered as ‘essential’ to society as petrol stations and supermarkets.” Thus, STEM Cultivation provided its services to keep up with necessary qualities and standards to sustain the surging demand of its customers satisfied through a controlled yet advanced process. Moreover, due to the evolution of modern societies acceptability, cannabis businesses are now anticipated to lead the way to accommodate a new world of isolated consumerism. Overall, this trend values quality over variety and sustainability over waste. This is fundamentally exhibited throughout STEM Cultivation’s work that drives its innate mission. “Pre-pandemic, the rollout of legal cannabis markets was often messy and chaotic, with huge swings in price, availability, and quality as production ramped up. Now, add the restrictions, compliance, and general unpredictability of COVID-19 into the mix, and the headwinds for cannabis businesses could not be stronger. Cannabis companies must be built to thrive in a hypercompetitive market, or they simply won’t survive,” Kyle concludes. Its inherent success built up in relation to the rising modern demand. With its established quality and the continuous evolution of STEM Cultivation, the company has not only become the Most Efficient Indoor Cannabis Growing Technology Developer but one of the most recognized businesses within the marketplace that has distinguished itself as current competitors in the industry. Company Name: STEM Cultivation, Inc. Contact Name: Kyle Moffitt Web Address: Most Efficient Indoor Cannabis Growing Technology Developer 2021 STEM

GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 13 Jan22100 The burgeoning cannabis industryhas awealth of potentialwithin it, but tomaintainequality demands special care and attention. April Pride, Of LikeMinds Founder/CEO, hasmade it her mission to ensure that this rapidly growing sector boasts gender equality likenone other. Shehas invested innumerouswomen-founded cannabis brands, becoming a renowned industry championand earningher success in the Commercial Cannabis Awards.We take a closer look tofindoutmore. Most Creative Cannabis Entrepreneur (USA): April Pride The story of women within any industry is so easily ignored. For April Pride, the stories of women are something to be celebrated. Since 2015, she has used female storytelling to educate women about cannabis, with these anecdotes designed to empower them to use it as a tool for their health and well-being. Since telling these stories, there has been no new research to support these stories. This has meant no news and no new stories to tell. So April made it her passion to tell new stories that put women at the heart of the narrative. When April founded Of Like Minds, it was as a creative and marketing consulting agency. In short order, she and her team were investing in womenfounded cannabis brands in three ways: financial, equity trade for services, or a combination of the two. By investing money and time into these founders from marginalized communities, April hopes that they will able able to use their newfound wealth to change the trajectory of their own lives and their communities. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has raised the profile of cannabis in groups of previously abstaining adults. For those within the industry, the response has been a host of new opportunities within the market. The toll on the mental health and careers of women has been significant, and has opened the door to many considering cannabis as a resource that allows them to manage their anxious lives. The success of April Pride, however, comes not just from her good intentions, but from her incredible track record of success. As a founder or co-founder of eight brands over nearly 20 years, she is a self-proclaimed entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. Instead of imposing her will on others, she encourages them to work as she likes to, autonomously and on their own terms. As such Of Like Minds is comprised of numerous independent contractors and partner agencies working together to help Of Like Minds clients. The team of nearly 100% women run their own businesses in a way that is supportive of their individual personal lives and professional dreams as well as their collective societal goals. With such ambition at every level, the future of Of Like Minds and April Pride seems secure indeed. Their partners are continually growing and expanding into new and exciting areas. In Q1 2022, for example, JOHNNIE is launching the beta version of its app which will be followed by a more robust product in mid-May 2022. The California launch of this app is poised to be one of the state’s most exciting cannabis tech developments to date. The Of Like Minds team is not holding back either, having created and launched their audio-first marketing platform, The High Guide in April 2021. Now embarking on season 3 of the podcast, it has ventured into the psychedelic realm, exploring psychedelic integration therapy. Working in audio has proven to be the perfect choice as it allows the team to meet people in a way that empowers them to make the most out of their psychedelic experiences. The success of April Pride comes down to her determination to tell new stories. By focusing on women, she has been able to secure them tremendous success in this exciting new sector. We cannot wait to see what she does next to benefit female entrepreneurs. Company: Of Like Minds Name: April Pride Email: [email protected] Web Address:

14 GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 Dec21714 The teamat Jardín PremiumCannabis Dispensary have created a place that is more than just a cannabis dispensary. It’s s destination to visit and an experience to savour. We dig a little deeper into the success of this incredible Las Vegas stalwart to discover how they won two awards in GHP’s Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021. Best Cannabis Dispensary – Nevada & Customer Service Excellence Award 2021 Las Vegas – a city renowned for its decadence, a hub of shopping and fine dining, of gambling and entertainment. It is the epitome of an extravagant lifestyle and the destination of choice for those who wish to indulge in life’s little luxuries. One of the city’s most recent additions is Jardín Premium Cannabis Dispensary, a place where the best of the best come to sample an enormous array of cannabis products, chosen above all else for their unbeatable quality. With the commercial cannabis industry on the rise, Las Vegas has seen more than its fair share of specialist shops appearing on its streets. Jardín, however, stands apart from the crowd. In short order, it has been recognized as one of the city’s finest establishments, indeed one of the finest establishments of its sort in the world. This is due, in no small part, to the determination of its team to offer clients more than a shop to visit. They offer a destination to explore. Only the finest cannabis products are sold by the Jardín team, and this commitment to quality is what elevates the dispensary experience. From the moment you walk through the doors, you walk into a location of pure luxury. Key to this idea of luxury, however, is the inclusive and welcoming environment. For medical patients and recreational users alike, there is a warmth to this endeavor that cannot be tempered. It comes from a passion for the industry and a deep knowledge of how it can support their customers. The high level of customer service has been vital to Jardín’s success, with the team creating an environment that is thoroughly authentic at all times. This awareness of what makes Jardín special is what draws people through the shop’s doors not just once, but again and again and again. Locals, tourists and celebrities such as Desi Banks and Soulja Boy have all been able to enjoy their time at Jardín and it’s a credit to the team’s incredible approach. All are treated with the same level of care and attention, so matter what they are from. Jardín is Spanish for garden, and everyone who walks through the doors of this Las Vegas establishment is welcomed into the garden with open arms. The reputation that the team have developed is well-earned indeed, and puts them in good stead. In a burgeoning industry like this, it’s places like Jardín that set the standard. What is clear from their remarkable success in the Commercial Cannabis Awards is that the standard is incredibly high indeed. Company: Jardín Premium Cannabis Dispensary Name: Adam Cohen Email: [email protected] Jardín Premium

GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 15 Dec21663 Newly establishedwithin the industry,MjSeo Agency, a subsidiaryof SeoProfy, has been accredited as theBest Cannabis SEOAgency within theUSA. Once its parent companybegan working as a cannabismarketing consultant towards projectswithin the sector, the company decided to create a separate agency,MjSeo Agency. Its focus is to implement dispensary marketing ideas. Thus,MjSeohas been established as a cannabismarketing andSEO company that offers extensive services through its expertswith immense experiencewithin this nichemarketplace. Best Cannabis SEO Agency - USA Founded in 2020, MjSeo Agency supports its customers in becoming internationally recognized through well-thoughtout SEO strategies implemented by its cannabis marketing experts. Moreover, its highly regarded experts are not only incomparable with their knowledge and experience but they are some of the best in the industry. Thus, the company can use the most relevant SEO cannabis words to help its varying clients increase site traffic and their number of customers to enhance business profitability as well as performance. MjSeo is committed to supporting its client’s cannabis sites to ensure they flourish. Doing so allows any company to request a free SEO audit from the team at MjSeo. Therefore, MjSeo can analyze their websites to see how they compare to the best practices and what hinders their rankings. At this point, MjSeo has effectively created a starting point for optimized strategies and, ultimately, eCommerce success. Working entirely and exclusively with cannabis-related businesses, MjSeo is dedicated to raising its clients’ businesses through online performance and brand awareness, which affects a rising number of sales. With MjSeo, the company creates a natural and organic presence, optimized strategically to establish ideal traffic and brand recognition despite complex manoeuvring around advertising restrictions. Launched as a client-centric agency, MjSeo’s experts truly understand the market and, henceforth, provide comprehensive marijuana SEO expertise, transparent strategies and technologies that are concentrated with being its biggest strength and motivation as a company. MjSeo is proud of the efforts its dispensary SEO team contributes to developing the medical marijuana market. As more companies enter the industry, the more diversified it becomes, and thus, MjSeo is heavily excited to be included in this progress. Moreover, despite initial disbelief, the pandemic has spurred the growth of this market. The optimization of marijuanarelated businesses and their sites are heavily reliant on modernized eCommerce and companies like MjSeo. They can provide such qualities and services to the market. In addition, companies have realized how integral their website is to commercial success regardless of being established in a censored industry. Despite the ban on PPC ads, MjSeo has developed a way to drive organic traffic towards a dispensary. MjSeo is familiar with the challenges and growing pains the market has been susceptible to over the years, such as insufficient regulations and the lack of experience from entrepreneurs. While the public attitude towards the cannabis industry has shifted, the cannabis industry still requires appropriate manoeuvring from professional and innovative individuals such as MjSeo. As a cannabis SEO company, MjSeo can support its clients in overcoming the obstacles of digital promotion, which is difficult and expected in such a specific and delicate market. MjSeo works by establishing a firm recognized for its clients’ projects, brand, or product and attracts additional clients or investors through the promoted content, turning websites into the go-to sources of information on marijuana and CBD. Therefore, to support clients with digital promotion, MjSeo regularly keeps up to date with trends and modern followings as its integral to its work. The company addresses this by saying, “Technologies in digital marketing are constantly evolving, but SEO is, in essence, a methodology. Tools may change, while the underlying principles are largely the same. We help clients follow the right path in their promotional endeavours based on proven techniques and the current legal landscape.” For MjSeo, the future is designed to support companies in building effective marketing strategies and is scheduled to participate in business conferences. Throughout the year, MjSeo is looking forward to reaching out to cannabis enthusiasts to spread its mission and offer its support as SEO experts and has the idea to create its own SEO event. With the drive to never stop learning and always keep inspired, MjSeo is pushing modern SEO marketing and giving it a green twist. Company Name: MjSeo Agency Contact Name: Dmytro Syvak Phone: +1 424 208 0286 Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]

16 GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 Dec21217 The CBD and hemp space is one which is brimming with innovation. It’s not enough to simply sell incredible products. There is the potential to open up an entirely new ecosystem. We take a look at the team fromGreenheart CBD to discover how they have used technology to offer something unique to their customers and how it has earned them such success in GHP’s Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021. Best CBD Oil Technology Company - Republic of Ireland Operating as a seed to shelf CBD company, the team at Greenheart CBD have achieved the remarkable since first opening their doors. The burgeoning market for their products has allowed them to broaden their horizons, with an eye on exploring the potential for data collection within the CBD and hemp space. Using the latest technology, the team have begun to shift the direction of this exciting new market. But where did it all begin? For the Greenheart CBD team, it all comes back to quality. The firm is entirely Irish owned, with growth of the various plant crops and oil production being based in Ireland. Since opening their doors, the team have known about the incredible impact of what they sell. For those in pain, CBD products offer much needed respite. As such, they deserve the best in class at every stage of development. Each plant and production facility is chosen because there is nothing finer anywhere in the world. Their aim is to being a new era of pain relief by natural sources, however they do not rely totally on nature. The technological developments in the CBD sector have transformed the way in which Greenheart CBD works. On a production level, this has seen the team use IP technology to extract the oils they need from plants and drone systems to track the health of their plants through the growth cycle. On a larger scale, however, it has seen the adoption of their own cryptocurrency solution to track the purchase of their products. Greenheart CBD tokens have become one of the firm’s flagship products, with the business providing its own app where customers are able to use these tokens to purchase products for a high discount. Instead of working with established vendors, this is a team that is determined to set their own standards and style for working. The results have been incredible, inviting the whole of their community to enjoy the benefits of the Greenheart CBD ecosystem. The use of technology by the firm is just one of the aspects that sets it apart, but it also establishes their position as a market leader. There are very few companies within the CBD space that are as committed to the true potential of technology as this talented team. Needless to say, the way in which it has allowed the team to grow more loyalty from its customers is the reason why it has proven to be such an astonishing success. With more and more technological feats able to impact the way in which the CBD industry operates, it is certain that the companies that prioritise new ways of thinking are the ones which are going to thrive. Greenheart CBD is the perfect example of how to succeed in the current marketplace, using technology to serve the needs of their valuable customers. We celebrate the team’s success and look forward to the innovative directions they will take in the weeks and months to come. Company: Greenheart CBD Ltd Name: Mark Canavan Email: [email protected]

GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 17 Dec21137 Every industry is currently searching for packaging solutions that keep theneeds of the environment at the forefront. The teamat DamaDistributinghave discovered the power of hempas apractical alternative toplastics.We take a lookat howthis has had an impact on industries around theworld, but especially in the commercial cannabis industry, andwhy it haswon themsuccess in GHP’s Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021. Best Wholesale Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Company - Rocky Mountain States Every industry is thinking green, but the commercial cannabis sector has a significant advantage insofar as their production processes are essentially all new. With no systems established, there is enormous potential to establish ways of working that are environmentally friendly and sustainable in every way. Leading the way forward in that regard are the team from Dama. Founded by Cole Gibbs, Dama has pioneered the development of sustainable hemp plastic and compliant packaging solutions for a variety of industries. Plastic waste is a major problem worldwide, and it continues to grow. Cole’s solution is one built around a sustainable business strategy that embraces green technology. Dama is powered entirely through renewable wind energy, for example, and over the last two years has managed to prevent more than 100 tons of petroleum plastic from damaging the environment. One of the biggest challenges faced by the commercial cannabis sector is a long history of miseducation. Over fifty years of propaganda won’t disappear overnight and this applies doubly to the environmental aims of Dama as well. As such, education is key to their approach. With greenwashing a common thread in various industries, Dama have made it their mission not purely to offer solutions, but to work closely with their customers to find the right way forward for their specific situation. The pandemic has had an enormous impact on the way in which Dama works, with product marketing changing significantly. With so many people orderijng online, the challenges of dealing with increasing plastic waste have come to the fore. As such, Cole and his team have hunkered down and are now able to produce the world’s first sustainable 100% hemp bioplastic, specifically designed to replace toxic petroleum plastics. This comes after launching the first sustainable child resistant hemp plastic containers in 2019 and the first home compostable pre-roll tubes in January 2021. Unlike the competition, these products degrade within 14 months and 180 days respectively. With this impressive eye for expansion, it’s clear that this talented team aren’t going way any time soon. The packaging industry is one that is constantly moving, reacting to the needs of their clients. Instead of following the crowd, the Dama team have forged their own path and achieved remarkable success as a result. Their plans for 2022 continue this bold new line of thinking, with the intention to break ground on the new Hemp BioPlastics production facility. This first facility will produce 100 tons of sustainable Hemp BioPlastic each month, and is the key to the team removing over 6.2 million lbs of carbon from our environment each year. When looking at firms such as Dama, it’s clear that their intentions are inherently positive. Through leveraging the best that technology has to offer, they have been able to find vital solutions to the challenges facing the world today. Their incredible achievements are something to be celebrated, and we cannot wait to see what they bring to the market as the months progress. Company: Dama Distributing Name: Cole Gibbs Email: [email protected] Web Address: