Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021

GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 7 Best Cannabis Industry ID Scanning Solutions Provider - North America to provide ease and confidence that stores are always remaining compliant and lawful. Ron said, “In engineering school, I learned a method called the Simplex Method. This applies a mathematical equation to optimise a solution. I often think about these two comparisons of Minor Decliner and the Simplex Method: “First, I remember a professor calling Simplex “simple, but complex.” I think that is spot on for what age verification is, and what it is becoming. Minor Decliner solutions are meant to be simple and direct to operate, yet complex, technical, and future proofed under the covers. “Second, Simplex is a linear programming method that opts to optimize and provide the best option at every iteration. This is the second way in which Minor Decliner is like Simplex: We are set up to optimize each age verification situation and provide the best option for every need.”. Minor Decliner is known by our customers as a “Swiss Army Knife” for age verification, as we have so many adaptations for different use cases and needs. Minor Decliner does not operate or develop its products in a vacuum. Thanks to its close relationships with multiple industry organizations as well as product manufacturers, the company can ensure that as the requirements shift, its technology is right there to manage the updates. For convenience stores and vape shops, it has partnered with NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores), Conexxus (the technology standards association for c-stores), and JUUL (vape manufacture) to lead the way in age-restricted technology. For the cannabis industry, Minor Decliner is a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association and is in the process of building relationships to partner and become certified in future salesrelated requirements and policies. Ultimately, the underlying technology for age verification is changing with the advent of digital identity tokens and mobile drivers licenses. Many of the existing systems for age verification will cease to be relevant as age verification gets coupled with purchase limit verification. Ron said, “We’re excited to be developing our future-proof guarantee, assuring that your investment in age verification solutions is evergreen and ready for future changes.” Company: Minor Decliner Contact: Ron Tobb Email: [email protected] Website: