Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021

8 GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 , Organising its services into full-service PR strategy for companies selling cannabiscontaining products – covering everything from outreach to corporate communications – as well as content development and marketing, Akrete Communications is a creative and innovative business operating all over the USA. From coast to coast, its clients benefit from its holistic understanding of what public relations work needs to be done in the medical marijuana industry, fighting for social equality and responsibility as well as an increased understanding of the uses cannabis can have for customers. Serving four different industries with its in-depth, comprehensive, and holistic efforts, Akrete Communications is a PR and outreach firm working in cannabis, real estate, financial services, and professional services. Fundamentally, this company’s efforts focus in on nationally based public representation of its clients within the US, with content development and marketing strategies that go ‘all-in’ to help its customers to grow and develop their enterprises into the best they can be. In helping them put their best foot forward in their market segments, Akrete Communications ensures they can reach their next milestones with the full support of the customer base, something that is critically important to business survival and sustainability. Additionally, being a business owned by women that champions female empowerment in the corporate world, is derives its name from the word ‘accretion’, a term denoting business growth and success; this being something that it promises to bring to its clients, it finds it important that this word and ethos be present in everything it does. Its goal in all of its services, Dec21270 therefore, is to articulate and amplify thoughts, leadership, ideas, and innovations, helping professionals from the established to those on the starting blocks to realize their fullest potential, giving them insights into its successes such as the mission-driven story of its start-up, vertically integrated cannabis company. It has also helped veterans to launch a hemp company with a powerful black woman at the helm, becoming the businessoriented partner and friend to the business that takes care of public image whilst the company’s leading professionals focus on getting their services and products just right. Therefore, it is an indispensable voice in the medical marijuana industry, aiding its swift development through ensuring that companies using the product have a frontal presentation that is ready for mass market consumption. ‘Every company has a story’, it tells us; ‘and medical marijuana companies have thousands’. Thus, it aims to help educate, promote, and develop an industry still in its infancy, hoping to change the current paradigm of marijuana still being illegal at a Federal level, implementing a model of workplace flexibility Best Cannabis Entrepreneur PR Firm - USA internally to allow it to continually train and support its staff at every opportunity. After all, a happy staff is how one achieves happy customers. Thus, Akrete Communications’ clients unfailingly describe it as a pleasure to work with, made up of 20 specialists in marketing, public relations, and content development who work in a friendly and non-traditional manner. Currently working with Green Meadows Farm – a Massachusetts vertically integrated cannabis company – it hopes to continue to serve veterans and help fight economic inequality in its communities, aiding its clients to enter new markets and committing itself to social responsibility, pushing forward into 2022 with renewed vigour and growing momentum. Company: Akrete Communications Contact: Morgan Sweeney Website: