Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021

16 GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 Dec21217 The CBD and hemp space is one which is brimming with innovation. It’s not enough to simply sell incredible products. There is the potential to open up an entirely new ecosystem. We take a look at the team fromGreenheart CBD to discover how they have used technology to offer something unique to their customers and how it has earned them such success in GHP’s Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021. Best CBD Oil Technology Company - Republic of Ireland Operating as a seed to shelf CBD company, the team at Greenheart CBD have achieved the remarkable since first opening their doors. The burgeoning market for their products has allowed them to broaden their horizons, with an eye on exploring the potential for data collection within the CBD and hemp space. Using the latest technology, the team have begun to shift the direction of this exciting new market. But where did it all begin? For the Greenheart CBD team, it all comes back to quality. The firm is entirely Irish owned, with growth of the various plant crops and oil production being based in Ireland. Since opening their doors, the team have known about the incredible impact of what they sell. For those in pain, CBD products offer much needed respite. As such, they deserve the best in class at every stage of development. Each plant and production facility is chosen because there is nothing finer anywhere in the world. Their aim is to being a new era of pain relief by natural sources, however they do not rely totally on nature. The technological developments in the CBD sector have transformed the way in which Greenheart CBD works. On a production level, this has seen the team use IP technology to extract the oils they need from plants and drone systems to track the health of their plants through the growth cycle. On a larger scale, however, it has seen the adoption of their own cryptocurrency solution to track the purchase of their products. Greenheart CBD tokens have become one of the firm’s flagship products, with the business providing its own app where customers are able to use these tokens to purchase products for a high discount. Instead of working with established vendors, this is a team that is determined to set their own standards and style for working. The results have been incredible, inviting the whole of their community to enjoy the benefits of the Greenheart CBD ecosystem. The use of technology by the firm is just one of the aspects that sets it apart, but it also establishes their position as a market leader. There are very few companies within the CBD space that are as committed to the true potential of technology as this talented team. Needless to say, the way in which it has allowed the team to grow more loyalty from its customers is the reason why it has proven to be such an astonishing success. With more and more technological feats able to impact the way in which the CBD industry operates, it is certain that the companies that prioritise new ways of thinking are the ones which are going to thrive. Greenheart CBD is the perfect example of how to succeed in the current marketplace, using technology to serve the needs of their valuable customers. We celebrate the team’s success and look forward to the innovative directions they will take in the weeks and months to come. Company: Greenheart CBD Ltd Name: Mark Canavan Email: [email protected]