Private Healthcare Awards 2022

GHP / Private Healthcare Awards 2022 11 , Diabetes is amedical conditionwhich can potentially affect the entire body, but many don’t knowwhere to turnwhen they need treatment. Over the years, the teamat London Diabetes Centre have been proud to offer first-class clinical care across the various conditions and problems commonly associated with the condition. Their achievements have been justly recognised in GHP’s Private Healthcare Awards, so we took a closer look to discover precisely what this means for their patients. Hard work, professionalism and dedication lie at the heart of success for the team at the London Diabetes Centre. For more than thirty years, this clinic has offered the specialist support that many have needed across London and beyond. With a team that can offer world-class expertise in every aspect of diabetes care, they are the first port of call for those who need help managing this challenging and thoroughly individual condition. With diabetes being a condition that affects the whole body, it’s little wonder that the London Diabetes Centre team is one which is thoroughly multidisciplinary. Specialists in the fields of ophthalmology, cardiology and endocrinology, as well as in obesity and weight management for both adults and children have come together to offer a hub of expertise in how to manage patients’ approaches. Whilst still a London based organisation with a base in Marylebone High Street, the success of the team’s attitude has allowed them to broaden their horizons and open up a centre in the heart of Birmingham too in Edgbaston. With individual treatment at the heart of what private healthcare is about, it’s little wonder that Jan22622 many people depend on the London Diabetes Centre team to successfully manage their approach to this condition. Living with any long-term condition is complex, especially one which can be acutely affected by changes to the way we live our lives. As such, the London Diabetes Centre team partner with their clients, helping them to take control of their diabetes and ensuring that it does not control them. A holistic perspective is vital to the way in which they operate. The pandemic forced the team to adopt new ways of working, with unique remote support plans being developed to ensure that despite the changing measures, people could still manage their conditions. This remote support is constantly evolving as people return to regular life. With so many people now being diagnosed with diabetes, the team have recently launched their remote Peace of Mind plan. This allows patients, including those using NHS services, to access additional support from this expert team at the press of a button. Many have never used a private healthcare solution before, and the team have taken the time to ensure that it is a solution which is thoroughly affordable and therefore accessible to as many people as possible. Looking ahead, it’s clear that apps and remote support are certain to be big parts of the way in which London Diabetes Centre operates. It offers them an incredible scope that they simply did not have before. With such high quality already built into the fabric of what the team offers, finding ways of expanding that approach is key to continued success. The establishment of the Birmingham clinic shows this commitment, as well as an awareness that remote support is a useful tool, but not the only option. This clinic ensures that the team can offer out-patient services for diabetes and cardiology for another broad cross section of people in one of the largest areas of the UK. The London Diabetes Centre BestDiabetesAdvisory Support System-UK is a hub of growth, one which has already built a reputation that is truly without parallel. The team’s expansion, therefore, is one which maintains these high standards and allows them to reach out to people who need their support but might never have been able to access it. With more and more people diagnosed with diabetes than ever before, it’s clear their services are more important than ever. We cannot wait to see how the team continue to broaden the scope of their operation in the months and years to come. Company: London Diabetes Centre Name: David Briggs Email: [email protected]