GHP Q1 2021

GHP / Q1 2021 49 , Nov20421 Once, there was a family who worked together to lose weight. When they’d achieved their goal and improved their health, they wanted to share their techniques with the world. The result was the DA Group. Based in SouthWales, they’ve supported people with finding the right tools to secure success. We take a closer look to find out more. Weight Loss Success Story! Since opening their doors, the team at the DA Group have been determined to help people. When it comes to weight loss, you often hear, “all you have to do is eat healthy and move more it’s not rocket science” -but this is not always the case. There are many different factors involved, including socioeconomic status, health problems and a general lack of support. The DA Group has created a space that brings all of these tools into one place, and the results truly speak for themselves. By sharing their methods, the team have been able to support many people through their own weight loss journeys. It’s emotional work, and that’s why they feel honoured and humbled when clients can share their success with them. As a family business, the team work closely together, ensuring that the friendliness of the team is reflected across the different aspects of the business. Clients are not just numbers, but people with their own individual approaches and needs. The DA Group’s success comes from a three-pronged technique. The first aspect is supplements, to ensure vital vitamins and minerals are being hit every day, and to combat the negative side effects associated with a calorie deficit. Tiredness and hunger are consequences of a change in diet, and must be countered where possible. The second is their exclusive diet plan. Instead of approaching weight loss as a temporary diet change, it must be seen as an alteration to someone’s lifestyle. Thirdly, the team offers 24/7 support. This comes via the official DA Facebook support groups and over the telephone. Here the team provide up to date information, answer client questions and check in on their progress. It’s a unique methodology that sets them apart from their competitors. Of course, it’s not just the team’s approach that brings them success. It’s the way in which they inspire those who want to better themselves. They’ve committed to staying up to date with the latest research and development within health and wellness, listening to the needs of their clientele. There has been a desire to see more recipes, particularly vegetarian dishes and meals. In fact, the DA Group has just published its own recipe book in response to the amazing demand. As the firm continues to expand, the team are looking at ways of moving the business in a more sustainable direction. They are always searching for alternatives for packaging and ingredient sourcing. The move toward vegetarian dishes reflects a larger movement towards veganism within the general population. As consumers become more informed than ever before, they want to see transparency in the companies they buy from. This is something that the team from the DA Group can provide, thanks to their carefully curated approach to health and weight loss. It’s no surprise that weight loss is an industry that is booming, but we celebrate the way in which the DA Group has gone about achieving its astonishing success. Their approach is kind and caring, adapting to the needs of their audience with ease. It’s little wonder that their rise has been so swift in the industry, and why it does not look like it will slow any time soon. Company: The DA Group Contact: Rebecca Scrivener Web: Email: [email protected]