International Life Sciences Awards 2023

International Life Sciences Awards 2023 ghpInternational Life Sciences Awards 2023

Global Health & Pharma is pleased to announce the International Life Sciences Awards are returning for their eighth edition! Each year these awards celebrate the wide scope of excellence shown across the global Life Sciences industry, and as a well-established programme, this presents the perfect platform to showcase your success and stand out amongst competitors. The International Life Sciences Awards are open to nominations across the Human, Animal and Plant Life sectors, as well as the service providers, CMOs, and CROs who support the industry. Over the past few years, the Life Sciences sector has been called upon to act more rapidly than ever before. By continuing to play such an integral part in everyday life, we feel it is vital to recognise and reward those who work so diligently within this sector. The Life Sciences Industry is in a time of constant change. A highly adaptive industry which embraces developments, the scientific sector expertly exemplifies how to overcome challenges. With the progression to AI-based technologies and improvements within the pharmaceutical R&D processes, the Life Sciences Industry is the perfect specimen to display the importance of transformation. Innovation is key for this sector and failing to innovate can prove to be detrimental. In 2023, experts predict that innovative management procedures will be crucial for continued growth. International Life Sciences Awards 2023 Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Contents 4. Genepro Protein, Inc: Best Low Calorie Protein Supplement 2023: GENEPRO 6. healthcare projects consulting & management Stein: Best Healthcare Quality Management Consultancy 2023 - Central Europe 8. Microstech Switzerland AG: Most Innovative High-End Cosmetics Developer 2023 - Europe 10. Life Sciences Recruitment: Best Life Science Recruitment Company 2023 - UK 12. Azzur Group: Best Early-Phase Biotech Manufacturing Solutions Provider 2023 14. MicroVet Diagnostics: Most Innovative Veterinary ` Diagnostic Products 2023 - USA 16. MediMusic Ltd: Best Digital Music Therapy Company 2023 - UK 17. Marinova Pty Ltd: Health & Wellness Ingredient Innovator of the Year 2023 18. Nuvilab: Most Innovative Food Recognition AI Company 2023 19. MSK Sports Injury Clinic: Sports Injury Clinic of the Year 2023 - North East England & Patient Care Excellence Award 2023 20. ROSA CANINA c.l. Pet Formulas s.r.l: Best Natural Animal Medicine Development Company 2023 21. FNQH: Most Innovative Skin Cancer Treatment Centre 2023 - Queensland 22. CSL Seqirus: GHP Legacy Award in Biotechnology 2023 23. Alland & Robert: Natural Gum Manufacturers of the Year 2023 - France 24. Zinexts Life Science Corporation: Most Innovative Molecular Biology Laboratory Solutions Developer 2023 - Asia 25. Hunton Executive: Best Organizational & Leadership Recruitment Firm 2023 26. ISCA: Best Cosmetics Testing & Chemical Manufacturer Company 2023 27. Anatomise Biostats Ltd: Best Medical Device Start-Up Consultancy 2023 - South East England 28. Pkderm Sas: Most Innovative Dermatology Solutions Firm 2023 - France 29. Kochstrasse – Agentur für Marken GmbH: Neuromarketing Specialists of the Year 2023 - Western Europe 30. CLINEXEL Life Sciences Pvt Ltd: Best Full-Service CRO Clinical Trials Organisation 2023 - South Asia

4 to your child’s bowl of mac and cheese, anything can be the catalyst for your daily protein supplement. The product dissolves in both hot and cold liquids; gone are the days of thick, hard to swallow proteins. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone with difficulty eating, such as people recovering from surgery. As a customer-focused company, Genepro constantly seeks feedback from its users. CEO and Co-Founder Brian Parks meets with a dozen customers through Zoom on the first Wednesday of every month to find out what they think about the products. He asks what they love and don’t love, what other types of products they would like to see from the company, and if they have any suggestions on how it can improve. Through this, Genepro is always making changes to enhance its products and offerings. It sees its customers as extended family and works to take their opinions into account. For example, it has brought back the powder bags, which seemed to be a favourite amongst Genepro users. The company is excited to have returned to its roots of affordable and obtainable packaging. With such a commitment to excellence and innovation, it’s no surprise that Genepro has received a plethora of positive reviews since its establishment. These can be viewed on its website, where it has garnered an outstanding 4.3-star rating over the years. Over 1,000 people have left feedback for the company, with many people praising the benefits, dissolvability, and tastelessness of its products. For example, one review states, “I started using Genepro several years ago, on the recommendation of my daughter, whose doctor recommended it to her! Using Genepro is an easy way to get more protein in my diet. I add it to all sorts of things, and it is completely tasteless and blends easily. I love it!!” Genepro is proud to be a female, veteran, and Christian owned company. Its workforce is a tight-knit family and frequently enjoy company get-togethers, so it looks to hire people who align with its values. They must be passionate, driven, and motivated individuals who love to help others. Genepro takes care of its employees and advocates for the importance of a work-life balance. With a manufacturing, packaging, and warehouse facility in Chillicothe, Ohio, Genepro takes advantage of this central location to ship its products anywhere in the US within two business days. The company also has an inhouse import and export specialist who has helped it grow internationally. Currently, Genepro has customers in the US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and the UK. In the future, it aims to grow further by seeking partnerships in new countries. In 2023, Genepro continues its mission to innovate and improve. The company leverages new science and technology to improve its existing techniques and practices. It also continues to monitor the Established in 2014, Genepro Protein, Inc. is a customer-focused and sciencedriven company offering premium protein products that are unflavoured and free of any sugars, fillers, and unusable calories. The company leverages the latest scientific advancements to create the best protein solutions on the market for bariatric patients, athletes, seniors, and families. Coming from all walks of life, Genepro’s customers benefit from the highest quality of protein available. Genepro aims to be the protein solution of choice for people with a variety of health conditions, dietary restrictions, and wellness goals. The company is not afraid to change, adapt, and innovate in order to continuously offer users the best possible ingredients and science. For example, Genepro now offers a third-generation product, which has the same formula as the original second-generation (without Immunolin) but is plasma treated to provide a new powder that is flavourless, not gritty, and very easy to mix. Suitable for anyone over the age of two, Genepro is the perfect protein solution for anyone and everyone. Its customers range from Olympic competitors and professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, NHL, and the UFC to the average person who wants to meet their daily protein needs. Formulated to be easily digestible, Genepro contains no filler ingredients, no lactose, and no gluten. For this reason, it is a great option for those with sensitivities and dietary requirements. Genepro is the only protein solution to have obtained FODMAP certification, meaning that people with any type of gastric distress issues can use the powder without uncomfortable symptoms like bloat and stomach pain. With over 50 clinical trials and published research papers under its belt, Genepro is the most scientifically backed protein solution in the world. The product is 99.9% bioavailable in the body, with its nearest competitor only offering 30% bioavailability. The company micronizes the protein to less than a third of its original size, allowing it to fit 30 grams of protein into a scoop that only weighs 11 grams. This small but effective serving can be mixed into anything and everything you already enjoy consuming. From your morning coffee Best Low Calorie Protein Supplement 2023: GENEPRO

GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2023 industry for new processes which it can implement into its business model. Through this, it maintains its position as a leader in science backed nutritional products. Genepro is also anticipating the launch of a new product at the end of this month. Using two different processing technologies, it has created the world’s only water soluble CLA, which will be a highly bioavailable product. As a result of its dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Genepro Protein, Inc. has been awarded Best Low Calorie Protein Supplement in the Life Sciences Awards 2023. We congratulate the company on this outstanding accomplishment and look forward to seeing how its plans unfold in the coming months. Contact: Brian Parks Company: Genepro Protein, Inc. Web Address:

6 With thousands of people dealing with severe diseases and disorders that significantly affect their quality of life, they rely on healthcare products or await the discovery of some to help tackle the suffering and difficulties that their conditions bring for them. Professionals in the medical field play a crucial role behind the scenes in putting forward life-changing treatments for those in our society that struggle daily. healthcare projects is strategically located in the greater Basel area, Switzerland, as it has an innovative environment in medical and pharmaceutical technology, alongside an excellent cooperation between universities and the industry. Often it has found that its clients come from abroad and start their global business in Switzerland because of the positive dynamic within the research and production of high technology. As a specialist in analysing medical device manufacturers and finding organisational and regulatory gaps in their processes, healthcare projects provides clients with the necessary solutions to bridge the gaps within their organisations. Similarly, it is able to do the same with its clients’ technical files of their products and 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London Breaking Down the Barrier Between Eastern and Western Aesthetic Treatments May23237 registration. By filling in the blanks and incorporating solutions, it solidifies their projects and helps them to succeed in their mission. Through offering consultancy services and training, healthcare projects supports start-ups and long-term established companies with the quality management and regulatory services for their medical devices to ensure that they operate at a high standard and comply with the adequate regulations. When consulting early-stage start-ups, it helps clients through the research and development process, which allows for accuracy at the early stages. “We want our clients to come to us with their projects as early as possible so that we can check the impact of regulation on the project and the budget very early on, and the costs for this can already be considered in the first financing rounds. This increases success. The earlier the impact is known, the greater the possibility of still influencing the costs for this.” Whether it is a simple consulting meeting to discuss some challenges you may be facing to the complete takeover of the entire process, healthcare projects is here to provide you with what you need when you need it. Often organisations find the medical device approval process confusing and time-consuming, which is why healthcare projects’ expertise is a great advantage. Its team simplifies the process making it straightforward and a lot faster, saving clients time and resources. In terms of quality management, it involves more than simply an ISO standard, a manual or a conformity assessment. It consists of the right process and product analysis, together with defining the goals and strategic direction of the client’s company. It has the advantage of having contact with employees in many departments allowing for a flow of communication within the company, which Founded in 1998, healthcare projects consulting & management Stein (healthcare projects) offers consulting services and training to manufacturers in healthcare and medical engineering. Covering quality management and regulatory services in CH, EU, EEA, UK, US, Canada, Australia, and other countries around the world, it supports clients in following the correct processes to their specific location. Best Healthcare Quality Management Consultancy 2023 - Central Europe “We want our clients to come to us with their projects as early as possible so that we can check the impact of regulation on the project and the budget very early on, and the costs for this can already be considered in the first financing rounds. This increases success. The earlier the impact is known, the greater the possibility of still influencing the costs for this.”

GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2023 results in healthcare services having the optimal information on the company’s situation and needs. This enables it to make an informed decision in introducing the solutions needed to improve its client’s organisation and, therefore, the product’s delivery. When it comes to medical devices, it is important to consider all the stages from production to disposal. Managing risks that cover its entire life cycle is key, and healthcare projects assist clients in optimising their risk management – which involves risk definition, risk evaluation, and the definition of risk reduction through the correct measures. In the EU, EEA, and Switzerland, medical devices must undergo a conformity assessment in accordance with EU MDR 2017/74. Here it needs to demonstrate that the product meets the Essential Safety and Performance Requirements according to EU MDR 2017/745 Annex I. It requires an extensive amount of technical documentation that needs to meet the EU MDR 2017/745 Annex II and II, and healthcare projects support clients with the preparation of these documents alongside the conformity assessment. Driven by the value of truthful client-centred counselling, healthcare projects’ main focus is helping companies deliver products that can benefit the patients that need them. When working with a client, this is mentioned at the beginning of the first consultation and throughout the time of the partnership, healthcare projects asks for feedback on their services to see if there are any areas that could be better. Improving its services means that its clients are being provided with the best solutions, which ultimately helps the patients that will utilise the project’s outcome. healthcare projects’ team is made up of individuals who support its values, and together they are committed to assisting clients with the goal of helping transform the lives of thousands of people. We are delighted to share that it has now been awarded Best Healthcare Quality Management Consultancy 2023 - Central Europe. healthcare projects is the perfect partner for medical device registration and compliance, saving you money, time, and stress. healthcare projects let us know that its team is currently supporting very innovative start-ups that will cure serious diseases or disorders, adding extraordinary value to their patients while improving their quality of life. We look forward to seeing what it has been working on alongside its clients, and the positive impact the products will have. Head to healthcare projects consulting & management Stein’s website to learn more about its services. Contact Details Contact: Prof. Dr. Frank Stein Company: healthcare projects consulting & management Stein Web Address:

8 driving factor within Microstech’s inner workings, and it’s clear to see through the manufacturing of the products that clients want to see. It conducts thorough market research, all whilst engaging in customer feedback, which ultimately results in the development of cosmetics that’re unanimously sought after. By prioritising customer satisfaction, Microstech manages to upkeep its catalogue of highquality cosmetics. In addition to reflecting on the desires of its customers, Microstech also works closely with a multitude of stakeholders within the cosmetics industry. It places immense value on the connections and partnerships that it’s established since its inception, and is constantly granting itself with the opportunity to pave a plethora of pathways through the industry. With access to specialised knowledge and new technologies through its array of collaborators, Microstech has equipped itself with the means to navigate the sphere in a more effective and efficient way. The final quality that Microstech presented us with was its dedication to continuous education and training. The cosmetic sphere can be a complicated one indeed, and requires much insight to fully understand and cater to. Thankfully, Microstech provides comprehensive training programs and ongoing education for its employees. Whether these training methods take the form of workshops, webinars, or courses, Microstech guarantees development within its workforce. As a result, employees are frequently updated on new regulations within the industry, and are never left behind. What makes Microstech truly special, however, is its attitude towards challenges. It’s no secret that a multitude of industries have been suffering due to rising costs and the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Though this may have hindered a long list of companies, Microstech details how it views challenges as opportunities for growth, improvement, and innovation. It observes difficult situations through a positive lens, and is constantly seeking out new and intuitive ways to adapt to, as well as overcome, said challenges. This all culminates in a passionate company that’s fully devoted to encouraging quality, unity, and innovation. Its unique insights into the cosmetics industry make it a stand-out company unlike any other. It stays ahead of the competition through hard work and clear dedication – an attribute that’s beyond impressive to witness in practise. If adjustments need to be made to products or services, Microstech will be the first to ensure that these changes are implemented to the highest level of quality. Switzerland is renowned across the globe for its commitment to both quality and precision alike. Being based in Switzerland, Microstech is able to utilise the benefits of its location in order to garner a fantastic reputation. However, that isn’t to say that it simply rides the coattails of Switzerland’s qualities – it puts in the hard work to stand out among a plethora of Swiss cosmetics companies. It’s unlike any other on the market, and it’s all thanks to its undying determination to provide the best of the best through its company. Celebrating its 10th anniversary of developing brilliance, Microstech Switzerland AG (Microstech) is a company that’s taken the cosmetics industry by storm. By manufacturing high-quality cosmetics and offering first-class products, it’s been able to garner success in almost every avenue. We take a look into how Microstech utilises exceptional production quality in order to make a name for itself within the cosmetic industry. As a company that wholly dedicates itself to innovation, research and development, Microstech has mastered what it means to create high-quality products that meet the needs of every potential customer. It defines itself through its excellence, and puts every measure in place to ensure said excellence is consistently being achieved. Whether it’s investing in the latest technologies, or sourcing only top of the line ingredients, Microstech devotes its practises to meeting the highest standards that the cosmetics industry has to offer. From face care, body care and foot & hand care, to sun care and hair care, Microstech is proud to pamper its customers in new and unique ways. Not only is it proudly producing quality cosmetics that are bound to impress even the most experienced of customers, but it’s wholeheartedly committed to ensuring that its products are superior within the industry. The qualities that it brings to the cosmetics field are undeniable – they’re what has played such a critical role in Microstech’s overwhelming success. As expected, one such quality is its unwavering focus on excellence. It’s dedicated to quality above all else, and strives to forge cosmetics that are nothing short of exemplary. If the quality isn’t up to the company’s incredibly high standards, then it simply isn’t good enough. It’s this ethos that has granted Microstech the opportunity to excel time and time again. Its excellence helps it thrive, which, in turn, allows it to continuously supply excellence to an eager client base. However, this consistent result of quality isn’t possible without the intense research and innovation process that goes into each and every one of Microstech’s cosmetics. It recognises the need for newness within the industry, and devotes itself to investing in plentiful amounts of research, not just on products themselves, but on the industry as a whole. It keeps a watchful eye on the emergence of new technologies, trends, and scientific advancements – allowing it to develop innovative products at a consistent rate. Of course, within this research process comes the investigation into the demands of clients across the globe. Customer focus is a key Most Innovative High-End Cosmetics Developer 2023 - Europe

GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2023 We’d like to extend our congratulations to Microstech on its new award title. Its immense love for the cosmetics industry has allowed it to flourish in ways that’re simply magnificent, and we’re sure that there’s more brilliance to be uncovered in the near future. Swiss quality is a given, and Microstech is at the forefront of taking this to the next level entirely. Contact: Patrick Schwarzentruber Company: Microstech Switzerland AG Web Address:

10 In 2021, LSR was established to fulfil the pressing need for a company offering the insights, knowledge, and credibility of a search firm as well as tailored, flexible services. LSR is also a sister company of Morgan Prestwich, Europe’s leading boutique life sciences executive search and advisory firm. Today, LSR is a leading provider of recruitment solutions to the life sciences industry, placing talent within the commercial, medical, clinical, research and development, AI digital health, and operations departments of various organisations, from start-ups to large multinational companies. Whether you are a business that needs to fill numerous positions or an individual looking for an exciting career opportunity, LSR can help you achieve your goals. Businesses operating in the competitive life sciences industry require a combination of creativity, technical expertise, and business savviness to achieve success. LSR understands that it can be challenging for them to recruit the necessary top talent to drive their company forwards, so it is committed to helping them find the right candidates to join their team. To this end, LSR offers a variety of services to support clients’ hiring needs, from contingent hires to executive search to contract staffing. Through this, the company aims to deliver a comprehensive solution that meets the requirements of its clients and helps them achieve their business goals. Utilising a client-centric, quality-led approach, LSR has become a recruitment partner of choice for organisations across the globe. Its experienced team of consultants are equipped with an in-depth understanding of the life sciences industry and the unique hiring needs of companies in the field. They have the necessary skills to tackle difficult searches, identify potential issues and risks, and provide innovative solutions to any problems they encounter. LSR’s team leverage a proven methodology for identifying, attracting, and retaining top talent in the life sciences industry. To find the best candidates for clients, staff use a targeted approach that combines the company’s extensive network of industry contacts with leading recruitment tools. Therefore, they have 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London Breaking Down the Barrier Between Eastern and Western Aesthetic Treatments Jun23355 access to a wide range of potential employees and are skilled in identifying the best-suited individual for a position based on the listed job requirements. The company also screens candidates through interviews and pre-employment tests. Thanks to its effective methods, LSR has amassed an impressive track record of delivering outstanding results. Its team are known to save clients time, money, and resources time after time, providing insights into their respective fields and sharing invaluable knowledge to deliver the best outcomes. In order to provide the best standard of service, LSR encourages its team to work towards its six core values, which are collaboration, honesty, integrity, respect, pride, and accountability. These provide an integral starting point for conduct within the company and clearly define its expectations of all staff. Importantly, LSR’s core values are also used to develop performance in the aspects of recruitment work that are traditionally less measurable. They are assessed in the performance review process, in combination with sales figures, to provide an overall score. By taking its core values seriously, the company maintains a quality standard throughout the entire workforce, all the way to its senior team members. At LSR, the internal culture is one of trust and respect, two qualities that are extremely important to the company. It operates based on the belief that, without trust and respect, an individual can’t be considered professional or reliable. The team at LSR have a great bond and work together effectively; every member of staff wants to see their colleagues succeed. Mark Budd, the company’s Co-Founder and Managing Director, comments, “I love our culture - it is my favourite thing about the business. We do things differently than most other agencies providing staff with benefits and perks that really matter and make a difference.” Headquartered in Surrey, Life Sciences Recruitment (LSR) is a global recruitment firm that aims to change lives by enabling the most capable people to work on the best innovations and technologies in the life sciences industry. The company specialises in partnering with start-ups and fast-growing biotechnology, medical, and pharmaceutical organisations, helping them find the right talent for their business. Best Life Science Recruitment Company 2023 - UK

GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2023 Furthermore, LSR has recently hired a Global Head of Learning and Development Director, Sarah Wheeler, who organises training sessions with the team. Through this, the company supports the important learning and development of its workforce, allowing staff to reach their full potential. This is integral in the success of both the business and its team. In recent years, recruitment innovation has undoubtedly changed due to technological development, shifting demographics, and evolving candidate expectations. For example, the field has seen an increase in the use of online job boards and platforms, applicant tracking systems, social media and professional networking, and video interviews. To keep up with the changing industry, LSR has invested in state-of-the-art tools for marketing and automation, candidate sourcing, and psychometric analysis, enhancing the solutions it can offer clients. As a result of its market-leading recruitment solutions, Life Sciences Recruitment has been awarded Best Life Science Recruitment Company, UK, in the International Life Sciences Awards 2023. In the coming years, the company plans to grow within the UK, US, EU, and eventually APAC. Its target is to have an operational US office by the first quarter of 2024 and offices across mainland Europe by 2025. LSR also continues to work to build a company that thrives on success, promotes staff from within, and has a team of long-serving and motivated employees. The company is committed to avoiding staff burnout and takes steps to take care of their wellbeing. Managing Director Mark Budd has ambitious plans to drive LSR to become globally recognised as the best head-hunters in the life sciences industry, making a significant contribution towards people’s lives and wellbeing. We congratulate Mark and his team on their success in the International Life Sciences Awards and look forward to seeing how their plans unfold in the years to come. Contact Details Contact: Mark Budd Company: Life Sciences Recruitment Web Address:

12 the quality of the product. Cleanrooms are controlled environments that filter pollutants like dust, airborne microbes, and aerosol particles to provide the cleanest area possible. Traditionally, as life science innovators begin their journey, they have two choices regarding early clinical trial manufacturing: build or broker. Azzur’s Cleanrooms on Demand™ facilities offer current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) compliant cleanroom spaces, warehousing, and material management, allowing manufacturers to carry out their daily activities without the need to build their own facility or rely on Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs). When companies obtain a license for an Azzur Group cleanroom, they receive all the added benefits of building their own facility without timeline setbacks or cGMP compliance technicalities. Unlike with CMOs, Azzur’s hybrid model allows them to maintain full control over their space and all intellectual property developed in the facility. The cleanrooms also come fully equipped and customizable to meet the needs of very specific industries. They require no maintenance, are fully secure, and can be used freely without schedule restrictions. Throughout the whole product development life cycle, from research and pre-clinical processes to commercial launch, manufacturers consistently face obstacles in achieving, maturing, and maintaining GxP compliance. After devoting decades to research and development, it is no surprise that manufacturers are often eager to deliver their products to patients safely and quickly. However, even the most experienced manufacturers are affected by GxP compliance issues, which can impact production capacity, generate costly downtimes, and even impact their ability to supply products to patients. With an extensive network of engineers and consultants nationwide, Azzur Group offers GxP advisory and consulting solutions, including comprehensive quality assurance and regulatory compliance services, to manufacturers in every phase of the product life cycle. When it comes to compliance, quality, and safety, it is important for any GxP organization to maintain a validated state. Azzur Group specializes in commissioning and qualification, process validation, and cleaning validation, ensuring these organizations have the people, processes, and procedures necessary to meet the standards of leading regulatory bodies. Azzur’s cGMP consultants are highly familiar with these standards, including the guidance provided by the FDA, EMA, and other bodies. No matter where clients are in the product life cycle, Azzur Group will set them up with success, enabling them to sustain effectiveness, efficiency, and high quality. The process of moving from drug discovery to delivery is complex and requires extensive laboratory testing. Founded in 2012, Azzur Labs is a contract laboratory serving the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology industries. Azzur believes companies From Discovery to Delivery™, Azzur Group, LLC provides the life science community with innovative quality and compliance solutions.With GxP consulting and advisory offices, on-demand cleanroom facilities, microbiology laboratories, and training centers nationwide, Azzur is dedicated to helping organizations start, scale, and sustain their enterprises. Over the years, the company has become a trusted partner to leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and healthcare companies and their supply chains. Since its foundation in 2010, Azzur Group has strived to lead the healthcare and life science industries with its phase-appropriate quality and compliance services. As early-phase manufacturers embark on their journey of researching, developing, and piloting their products, a lack of manufacturing infrastructure and compliance expertise can be a major obstacle. Furthermore, their decisions are critical as companies transition from early-phase manufacturing to full-scale operations. With its suite of services, Azzur Group guides manufacturers through the whole process, allowing them to execute risk-averse strategies to accelerate product development. Beyond this, Azzur’s solutions can help them maintain these strategies and continue to comply with necessary regulations. In developing and manufacturing products like pharmaceuticals, biologics, and medical devices, a cleanroom is essential to ensure Best Early-Phase Biotech Manufacturing Solutions Provider 2023

GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2023 within these industries all have the potential to make groundbreaking discoveries, so it strives to aid them in their pursuit to achieve their goals. To do this, the laboratory assists with its analytical testing and ensures regulatory compliance. Azzur Labs offers a range of services, including environmental monitoring, textile testing, and microbiology and chemistry testing, consistently providing valid and accurate results. When scaling up from research and development to a manufacturing process, life science companies must invest in building a foundation for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). For this, training all personnel is essential. However, shutting down a facility to provide training reduces productivity and turnover, which can be costly for a business. Azzur’s Training Center (ATC) covers a range of Good Practice (GxP) concepts, specializing in aseptic manufacturing, a method of manufacturing that allows production in the absence of bacteria without terminal sterilization processes. Azzur works with top pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device manufacturers to deliver hands-on learning based on the client’s specific procedures. Azzur’s trainers become certified on these protocols and techniques, which employees are then trained on at ATC. This means that the client does not need to sacrifice manufacturing space to provide training, allowing productivity to be maintained by eliminating the need for facility shutdown. For life science companies, success comes with the pressure to achieve more. When existing technology struggles to keep up with continuous advancements, upgrading may be necessary. Azzur’s GxP-qualified consultants are equipped to address common questions and provide IT advisory services that meet the evolving regulatory demands regarding data, computer systems, and quality management – which is important to consider when making technology-related decisions in cybersecurity. Azzur is equipped with vast experience and expertise in IT, security, and cloud services, as well as extensive knowledge of FDA guidelines, to provide clients with comprehensive infrastructure solutions tailored to their needs. As a result of the innovative solutions, it provides companies within the life science industry, Azzur Group has won Leading Innovators in Early-Phase Biotech Manufacturing 2023 in the Biotechnology Awards. Azzur Group continues to guide organizations through the entire product life cycle, facilitating the provision of useful products to patients who need them. Contact name: Katie Kiley Brown Contact email: [email protected] Company: Azzur Group, LLC Web Address:

14 Based in Las Vegas, MicroVet Diagnostics is a provider of unique clinical laboratory equipment designed for use within veterinary practices to assist with point of care delivery. It works closely with animal health care professionals to ensure the provision of diagnostic and research solutions covering all aspects of animal health. Its primary mission is to support independent veterinarians, but it works across all existing sectors of animal health to include providing support for companion animals, research animals, avian, and exotic pets and creatures. MicroVet performs its own research and development within its strategic partner relationships. To do this effectively it focuses on 6 primary objectives. Firstly, it determines to concentrate on expanding the point of care testing across all disciplines to enable more comprehensive solutions to be achieved. The next aspect it focuses on is ease of use. It has a total understanding that its end users are rarely formally trained laboratorians, and that is why it concentrates on making all of its equipment easy to understand and use. Thirdly, MicroVet has an objective focused on cost effectiveness, as it knows this is a vitally important aspect of business for all its partner companies down the line. It wants to make sure its products are affordable, and enter the market at the right level. The fourth objective for MicroVet is to always ensure the highest degree of reliability is achieved, by taking into account the function and quality of results. The fifth objective is to consider the scope of information it is party to, making sure that it is able to provide better tools for the essential purpose of medical decision making. Finally, the sixth objective MicroVet considers, regards technological advancement, and is an assurance that the company is focused on using the latest and best practices available. The MicroVet platform spans all the most routine laboratory testing disciplines needed. This includes chemistry, haematology, immunoassays, urinalysis, microbiology, speciality rapid assays and customised test development. As a company, it realises there are many such opportunities to access these system types available and currently on the market, but many competitors fail to advance the functionality to improve the product quality. MicroVet strives to stay at the cutting edge when it comes to innovating and bringing the latest improvements to traditional platforms, and it also concentrates on achieving implementation in real time. It prides itself not on being the sole provider of lab equipment, but on the far more important aspect 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London Breaking Down the Barrier Between Eastern and Western Aesthetic Treatments May23328 of building effective and productive long-term relationships with its client organisations. One of the ways it accomplishes its aim is to help and support its end users is through its specific and learned understanding of the industry. It tries to always maintain an awareness that as formally trained laboratory scientists its is easy to blind people with science. Keeping this in mind, MicroVet works hard to make its products easy for end users to grasp, whatever their level of understanding might be. Whether this be vets, veterinary assistants, or even pet owners. This is why MicroVet developed an industry first-of-its-kind training centre in its Las Vegas home location. When a customer purchases any of its lab equipment online, the first order of the day is to invite them in to the training centre and ensure they are provided with the essential working knowledge they need to understand how to operate the systems. Not only that, however, but it also ensures to provide customers with helpful background information and theories regarding the systems and tests they perform. Thanks to the encouraging early success rate of this excellent programme, MicroVet has been prompted to further expand it. MicroVet has a dedicated and well-trained professional team, all of whom share the same philosophical approach to devoted animal healthcare. This is irrespective of the department or team they work in, which means the software and administrative personnel are just as engaged in the concept of advanced diagnostics as the education, sales, and R & D teams are. At MicroVet, it is recognised and understood that diagnostics, and the technology that drives such functions, is an ever-evolving process. It realises advancements in veterinary technology and animal health are just as fluid as those in human medicine. Living, as we do, in a post Covid-19 world, animal health is more important now than ever, with the rise of zoonotic disease concerns putting MicroVet Diagnostics provides unique point of care clinical laboratory equipment to veterinary practices. It specialises in cost-effective and innovative diagnostic products that offer solutions suitable for practices of all sizes. Its team of industry professionals ensure its tools all help to make significant differences in this important field. Most Innovative Veterinary Diagnostic Products 2023 - USA “Our mission is to provide the highest quality of veterinarian products on the market. MicroVet’s extensive testing and research allow us to offer point of care products and solutions for veterinary offices of all sizes. Our team of industry professionals will work to show you how MicroVet Diagnostics can make a difference in your practice.”

GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2023 us all on high alert. MicroVet knows that expanding animal health is of the utmost importance, as it also helps, in turn, to advance human health. Controlling the spread of disease, especially in those with the potential capacity to cross species, or indeed those that already have, make the arguments for advanced testing in animal health an absolute necessity. From family pets to farm animals to research animals to wildlife, MicroVet is working on solutions for all. Furthermore, in addition to staying up to date with the latest advancements in traditional systems, MicroVet thinks it is important to invest in the development of breakthrough technologies. It has been involved in the development of new technology it believes will transform how point of care diagnostics are perceived and, more importantly, utilized. In January 2024, it plans to launch a new platform that will transform point of care diagnostics in the animal healthcare industry, and ultimately within human medicine. This revolutionary system is going to employ advanced technology, part-developed by NASA, as well as by other strategic collaborators. The new platform employs a very small footprint, but it manages to offer combined services in chemistry, haematology, immunology, urinalysis, urine microscopy, coagulation, blood gases, and parasitology, all in one seamless system. The new platform will introduce the use of disposable cartridges, and thus eliminate the need for troublesome fluidics, valves, and pumps. It will also vastly reduce the maintenance and repair work that laboratory equipment can be notorious for. MicroVet is very excited about this new system, and is looking forward to sharing more news when the time is right. As the recently announced winner of Most Innovative Veterinary Diagnostic Products 2023 – USA, in the International Life Sciences Awards, MicroVet is truly on the rise, and we can’t wait to hear more about its fabulous new system in the coming future. Exciting stuff! Company: MicroVet Diagnostics Web Address: Contact Name: Chris Childers

16 GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2023 It’s a proven fact that music has healing properties. Whether it’s used to lessen anxiety, or help reawaken memories that have been lost to a variety of illnesses, music is the one medium that seems to transcend what we think we know about our brains. It has an undeniably special effect on our psyche, and MediMusic is determined to explore this concept to its fullest potential. Jun23341 Best Digital Music Therapy Company 2023 - UK Through utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop audio fingerprints that have a proven positive impact on the brain, MediMusic is reinventing the way we think about managing our health. It’s able to recognise the way in which our brains react to different types of music, and then compiles all of this information in order to utilise this marvellous medium for the benefit of those suffering from clinical pain, dementia, and anxiety. The playlists that it concocts are auto created and wholly personalised based on the information derived from each individual patient. Through utilising predictive analyses to reduce the heart rate and stress hormones within patients, MediMusic is able to encourage positive endocrine secretions, improved breathing, and excelled cognitive growth. As a result, patients receive gentle healthcare in the form of the music that best impacts their wellbeing. However, unlike current clinical music therapy practises, MediMusic transcends the norm completely. It creates a scalable service that’s able to stream 25 minutes of personalised playlists via a convenient app, with each song carefully selected to positively influence both physiological and neurological functions of the human body. Not only does it recognise what works best for patients, but it’s able to adapt and adjust in the same way people do. Therefore, each playlist is readily equipped with the means to make a difference for the better. In MediMusic’s own words: “… unlike other music streaming providers, we are a B2B focused service whose ethos is to always be efficacy driven and evidence based…”, and it proceeds to place immense emphasis on the notion of efficacy. Efficacy plays a crucial role in spearheading the firm’s progression towards greatness – something that’s irrefutably clear to see through the way in which MediMusic operates. It’s focused on the results, and takes every necessary measure to guarantee that its services work for its respective recipients. Though most would believe that the positive neurological and physiological impact that music has on the human body is a myth, this is, in fact, not the case at all. MediMusic explains that “… a study of 4,261 academic title and abstracts by The Lancet concluded that “Music should be offered as a way to help patients reduce pain and anxiety during the post operative period…”. MediMusic is at the forefront of proving that music not only benefits a wide variety of patients, but is able to completely reshape the way we approach our healthcare practises. Music has a power that’s still, to this day, untapped. Its potential is limitless, and there are so many rewards that researching the effects of music can reap. Thankfully, MediMusic is a company that’s at the helm of pioneering these discoveries. It’s constantly investigating more ways to utilise music as a form of healing, and has its sights set on ambitious ventures in the near future. Though it specialises in patients with dementia, pre/post op pain, and anxiety, MediMusic is taking the next big step forward, and hopes to target its services towards addressing chronic back pain and other such conditions. There truly isn’t another B2B company quite like MediMusic. Its passion for introducing patients to a new way to overcome their ailments is unrelenting, and it’s what’s allowed it to excel at its current rate. However, MediMusic believes that it’s only scratched the surface of what music can do. It has a multitude of exciting plans for the future, and we can’t wait to see them play out. This commitment, partnered with an astounding regard for sustainability within the medical sphere, makes MediMusic a company worth keeping an eye on. We’re very proud to present MediMusic with the title of Best Digital Music Therapy Company 2023 – UK. Its work with music as a means to assist recovery across a wide range of patients is nothing short of exemplary, and we’re sure that, in the near future, its contributions towards the medical sector will be even more invaluable than they already are. Contact: Gary Jones Company: MediMusic Ltd Web Address:

17 GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2023 arinova is dedicated to the development and production of high purity seaweed extracts for the betterment of human health. The company specialises in the research, development and manufacture of fucoidan compounds – highly bioactive polysaccharides derived from select species of brown seaweed. Sustainably sourced and clinically validated, Maritech® organic fucoidans are high purity seaweed extracts sought after by some of the world’s most trusted healthcare brands. They are included as premium ingredients in market-leading nutritional supplements, medical devices, functional foods and beverages, skincare and dermatological formulations, and animal health products. Company CEO, Mr Paul Garrott, explains, “There is rapidly growing interest in marine bioproducts and for good very reason. Superior ingredients in this category tick all the boxes – they are natural, sustainably sourced, supported by an extensive dossier of scientific evidence and have global regulatory acceptance. Maritech® organic fucoidans represent all this and more. They are ideal for new product innovators seeking novel ingredients with a clear point of differentiation.” “The benefits of fucoidans are well understood in countries such as Japan and Korea,” continued Garrott. “But it has only been in recent years that awareness has been building in the US and Europe. This aligns not only with the granting of regulatory approvals, but also the growing investment in fucoidan research. There are now more than 2500 scientific papers attesting to the bioactive properties fucoidans … and Marinova is continuing to lead the way.” “Maritech® fucoidan extracts are included in dietary supplements that target a diverse range of human health conditions. Immune support, gut and digestive health, and healthy ageing are key focus areas,” said Garrott. “Marinova is continually investing in rigorous scientific research including comprehensive in vitro investigations, animal studies and human clinical trials. The company is a partner in Australia’s Marine Bioproducts CRC – a dynamic consortium 70 partners involved in a $270 million dollar R&D program. Australia is very serious about the future for high quality marine bioproducts.” As the global leader in fucoidan science, Marinova is also the supplier of choice to world-renowned research institutions. “Our highly characterised fucoidan fractions are well-suited to medical device applications and pharmaceutical research,” explained Garrott. “Marinova also possesses the unique ability to isolate distinct fucoidan compounds with enhanced efficacy and superior compatibility with other biomaterials and therapeutic agents. Marinova is at the forefront of developing discrete fucoidans for medical research. The company’s team of scientists understand the unique physicochemical properties of fucoidan extracts and how these may be tailored to influence uptake and achieve targeted therapeutic effects.” Maritech® fucoidan is the world’s only high purity, certified organic fucoidan with global regulatory acceptance. “This is by virtue of our proprietary Maritech® extraction process,” explained Garrott. “Fucoidans have traditionally been precipitated from crude extracts using solvents. This may lead to contaminants being present in the final extract. Fucoidans manufactured in this way can suffer from many shortfalls. Their quality can be inconsistent, their chemical integrity may be compromised and – most importantly – their bioactivity may be affected.” The Maritech® extraction technology, developed and used exclusively by Marinova, overcomes these problems. Unique ‘green chemistry’ processes avoid organic solvents and produces fucoidan extracts that remain unadulterated in chemical structure and free from solvent residues. The mild, aqueous process also ensures the resulting extracts comply with the most rigorous quality standards and regulatory requirements. Garrott offers useful advice to those unfamiliar with fucoidan. “Extensive research tells us there are two critical factors that determine fucoidan efficacy. Firstly, the seaweed species from which the fucoidan has been derived and secondly, the method of extraction. It is crucial you question any potential fucoidan manufacturer about those two elements.” Marinova’s core fucoidan ingredients are extracted from two species of seaweed, Undaria pinnatifida (wakame) and Fucus vesiculosus (bladderwrack). “Fucoidans from these two species have been the most widely researched,” said Garrott. “They are also rapidly renewable marine resources that we are able to hand harvest – sustainably and ethically. In fact, the entire process from harvest through to the capture and reuse of waste places us on the cusp of being a genuine zero-waste operation. Importantly, our Maritech® extracts are the only certified organic, high purity fucoidan ingredients with global regulatory acceptance.” The future of Maritech® organic fucoidans is bright. “We are currently scaling up both our research investment and our production capacity here in Australia,” finished Garrott. “There are not many natural, bioactive ingredients that are supported by this volume of scientific evidence and demand for high purity fucoidan is rising significantly. We have some exciting research collaborations underway across the globe that have the potential to reshape human health and that’s rewarding indeed.” Company: Marinova Pty Ltd Email: [email protected] Website: M Feb23194 Health & Wellness Ingredient Innovator of the Year 2023 Australian biotechnology leader Marinova Pty Ltd is making waves in global healthcare. Its unique portfolio of bioactive seaweed extracts is the result of two decades of innovative R&D. Maritech® organic fucoidan represents the future of natural and sustainably sourced ingredients with proven efficacy.