GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023

Global Excellence Awards 2023 Accurately Predicting Your Risk of Developing Oral Cancer Early Detection Tool Saves Lives Proteocyte AI is a Canadian medtech company that uses proteomics to individually assess cancer risk in vulnerable patients. The STRATICYTE test, which assigns a five-year oral cancer risk score to patients with oral pre-cancer (OPMD), has just become commercially available after years of development and research. It has been made possible by the Proteocyte team, a very experienced, diversified, balanced, and extremely driven group that includes oral surgeons, head and neck surgeons, otolaryngologists, medical pathologists, oral pathologists, and health research scientists. STRATICYTE™ • An extensively validated, tissue-based diagnostic test • using AI-driven software • Revolutionizing management of oral potentially malignant disease patients • Assigns a personalized five-year risk score to patients NOW available to order in the US & Canada

Global Health and Pharma Magazine are proud to announce this year’s recipients in the 2023 Global Excellence Awards! Global Excellence Awards 2023 Launched in 2020, the Global Excellence Awards provide us at Global Health & Pharma Magazine with an opportunity to celebrate and highlight the innovative companies, teams and individuals who are excelling across the vast landscape encompassing healthcare, life science and pharmaceutical sectors. In the face of unprecedented challenges, the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors have proven their resilience and commitment to advancing human well-being. The past two years have witnessed the industry navigating uncharted waters, responding dynamically to the evolving needs of society. From groundbreaking medical discoveries to accelerated pharmaceutical developments, the dedication of these professionals has been nothing short of extraordinary. Our recipients are hand selected by our very own in-house research team over several months. We search diligently to find those setting the highest standards, making pioneering breakthroughs and creating the most cutting-edge medical solutions; from Health & Pharma Tech innovators to care service providers and everything in between, we seek to showcase outstanding medical, health and pharmaceutical business leaders and companies from across the globe. We are delighted to highlight the beacons of inspiration, and those representing the diverse facets of an industry that continues to redefine the boundaries of what is possible. Congratulations again to all of our winners! Jo Holloway- Senior Account Executive Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Contents 6. Accurately Predicting Your Risk of Developing Oral Cancer Early Detection Tool Saves Lives 8. Scientific Discovery at Your Fingertips 10. Cleaner Air For A Safer ExperienceDec22180 11. Science That Cares About Patients 12. Most Trusted Alcohol Reduction App- USA 14. The Aesthetic Clinic That You Can Trust 16. Experts Enhancing Your Natural Beauty. 17. Naturally Transformative Bone Healing. 18. Wellbeing for the Whole Workforce 19. Hair Transplant Solutions Continues Impressive Growth 20. Healthcare Creative with Impact 21. Totally Derma®: Changing Lives Through Nutrition 22. Best Ear Care Professionals, Technology, and Clinical Evidence 23. The Future of Mental Health Assessment: AI-Powered Screeningver 24. Start an exciting new career in Semi-Permanent Makeup. 25. Transforming Laboratories Globally 26. Patient-tailored Treatments for Varicose Veins and Thread veins 27. Leading Life Sciences Business, Technology, and Compliance Solutions 28. At-Home DNA Testing: Know Yourself Better in Four Steps 30. Game-Changing Antibody Solutions 31. Cosmetics regulatory and testing solutions. 32. With Subtlety Comes Beauty 33. Imperial Supports the Clinical Trial Industry with a Focus on Patients. 34. Single-cell CRISPR Screens Enabling Drug Discovery 36. Devon’s Best Specialist Skin Rejuvenation Clinic 37. A Customer-Centric Approach in the Pharmaceutical Industry 38. ICROM: Your Partner for Chemical-Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 39. Head to the Essex Sanctuary for a Confidence Boosting Skin Treatment 40. Healing – More than Just an Illusion 42. MMS Holdings: The Difference is in the Data 43. MD Consents: Transforming Informed Consent 44. ‘Our Family Caring for Yours’ 45. Herspiegel: The Experts to Propel Your Commercial Success 46. Affordable Rapid Testing for a Healthier Future 47. The Smart Choice for Clinic Management 48. Protecting Patients and Professionals 49. Pioneering Excellence in Cleanroom Solutions 50. Award-Winning Aesthetics 51. Innovative Solutions With Elite Energy-Based Devices 52. Engineering the Future 54. Sujatha Tadiparthi: Multi-Award-Winning Female Plastic Surgeon

Contents 55. Award-winning Experts in Healthcare Communication 56. An Innovative Leader in Polyclonal Antibody Development 57. A New Era of Dentistry 58. Nurturing Communication Difference in Children 59. Supplying the Means to Improve Life 60. A Healthy Dose of Effective Communication! 61. NewMed Ltd: Your One-Stop-Shop for PEMF Therapy 62. Expert Treatment of Varicose Veins 64. Advanced Skin Treatments for the Face and Body 65. Creating Healthy Healthcare Inventories 66. A Customer-Centric Approach in the Pharmaceutical Industry 67. Enhancing Natural Beauty 68. Driving for State-of-the-Art Innovation in Life-Science 69. Leading Innovation in the Dental Industry 70. Elegantly Fusing Medicine and Beauty 71. Putting the ‘You’ in RejuvaYou 72. For a More Natural Beauty 73. Accelerators of Needed Change in Mental Health 74. Best Specialist Oral Surgery Clinic 2023 - UK 76. Medical Solutions for Events 77. Transforming Medicine Through Advanced AI


6 Proteocyte AI is a Canadian medtech company that uses proteomics to individually assess cancer risk in vulnerable patients. The STRATICYTE test, which assigns a five-year oral cancer risk score to patients with oral pre-cancer (OPMD), has just become commercially available after years of development and research. It has been made possible by the Proteocyte team, a very experienced, diversified, balanced, and extremely driven group that includes oral surgeons, head and neck surgeons, otolaryngologists, medical pathologists, oral pathologists, and health research scientists. Oral cancer develops in hundreds of thousands of new patients globally each year. Unfortunately, the five-year survival rate of 50-60% has stood relatively unchanged over the past 50 years. The high mortality of this disease is due to late presentation for definitive and potentially curative treatment. Only 25% of oral cancer patients present with early disease. Cancer developing from the mucosal lining of the mouth and called Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OSCC) accounts for most oral cancer cases. Virtually all OSCCs develop from a pre-existing lesion called OPMD (Oral Potentially Malignant Disorder). There are a number of conditions comprising the WHO OPMD classification system, some with malignant transformation rates as high as 36%. Identifying high-risk patients and managing them appropriately should lead to diagnosis of OSCC at the earliest stages of micro-invasion, thus lowering the mortality and morbidity of this disease. Some cases of OSCC may in fact be prevented with aggressive management of high risk OPMD patients. Clinical oral examination, even with the assistance of various dyes and lights, cannot reliably identify OSCC or OPMD high risk patients. Clinicians must biopsy suspicious lesions and have routine histopathology performed on the submitted tissue. The “gold standard” for assessing risk of OPMD lesions that may undergo malignant transformation has been dysplasia grading. Dysplasia grading is a subjective microscopic opinion from the pathologist regarding how abnormal the biopsy tissue is. Dysplasia grading has poor reproducibility and poor cancer predictive ability, but it has governed OPMD patient management for decades. For many years, there has been a world-wide search for a reliable biomarker that can be objectively quantified and analyzed in OMPD patients and be used to predict cancer risk. Most potential tests are still a long way away from actual clinical use. Proteocyte AI now offers the STRATICYTE test for use in the management of OPMD patients, which has the backing of numerous key opinion leaders who have been waiting for years to have an accurate biomarker to assist with the care of these patients. If a suspicious oral lesion is identified and biopsied by the surgeon, and a diagnosis of OPMD is rendered, unstained microscopic slides from the lab handling the original biopsy tissue are requested for STRATICYTE testing. STRATICYTE testing can be seamlessly incorporated into your practice as no additional biopsy is required. The slides are immunohistochemically stained for a cellular protein called S100A7 which is involved in cell replication and invasion in many cancers. The digitalized microscopic images are computer scanned and analyzed for S100A7 and cellular morphology and the results are compared with a large database of patients followed for many years that have or have not gone on to develop OSCC. An individualized five-year oral risk is assigned to the patient as either low or elevated, directing appropriate surveillance. High risk patients will be monitored and treated more aggressively. Clinicians and patients can now feel confident that their care is being guided by an advanced and truly objective test. Accurately Predicting Your Risk of Developing Oral Cancer Early Detection Tool Saves Lives Proteocyte AI

GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023 Ultimately, it comes as no surprise that Proteocyte AI has recently been recognized in the Global Excellence Awards 2023 with Best Innovative Prediction Platform, 2023 - Canada. As the company continues to develop new products to address oral cancer as well as other human cancers, Proteocyte AI hopes to continue making a positive impact on the lives of patients at risk of oral cancer, as well as increasing its reach to clinicians and patients globally, reducing the mortality, morbidity, and the financial burden of oral cancer. The STRATICYTE test is now commercially available to order in Canada and the US. ORDER THE TEST. PROTEOCYTE DOES THE REST. ORDER THE STRATICYTETM TEST ONLINE! Visit or call: 1-833-5-PROTEO (1-833-577-6836) Or email: proteocyte@ Proteocyte hopes to see STRATICYTE available globally in the near future. The sensitivity and specificity performance of the STRATICYTE test is comparable to other cancer prediction tools such as Mammaprint and Endopredict. “Early detection is the key to saving lives and improving outcomes related to oral cancer. Straticyte™ is an innovative new test that can help us to better stratify patients and personalize their treatment.” -Dr. Deepak Kademani, DMD, MD, FACS Fellowship Director, Head and Neck Oncologic and Reconstructive Surgery, Minnesota Oral and Facial Surgery Contact: Mark Hammar, Chief Executive Officer Email: [email protected] Company: Proteocyte AI Web Address: Dr. Anthony Morlandt Chief Medical Officer-USA, Head and Neck Surgeon / Oral Oncology, University of Alabama at Birmingham Dr. Barrie Renick Chief Medical Officer-Canada, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Toronto, Canada

20 Scientific innovation through research is critical for helping us navigate the ever-changing world around us. Emerald Cloud Lab (ECL) is a centralized research laboratory facilitating remote experimentation from anywhere in the world. As research moves from the workbench to the internet, ECL is at the forefront of this transition, aiming to create a future generation of scientists who are not restricted by finances or location. Thanks to its contributions to life sciences, which will undoubtedly result in the acceleration of scientific discovery, ECL has won Most Comprehensive Life Science Research Lab, Western Europe, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. Emerald Cloud Lab defined the term “cloud laboratory” by becoming the first remotely operated research facility where scientists can run all their daily experimentation from anywhere in the world, using nothing more than their computer and an internet connection. This includes method design, material logistics, sample preparation, instrument operation, data acquisition, troubleshooting, waste disposal, and other tasks involved in experimentation. While many emerging businesses claim to be fully-fledged cloud laboratories, very few have the vast capabilities of ECL. With more than 200 categories of instruments, the laboratory enables scientists to remotely run all of their daily experiments. Using the secure, user-friendly software interface, scientists can design their experiments without restriction. Samples can be as small or large as the user needs, ranging from microunits to liters and kilograms. When the experiment is sent to ECL, every detail of the process is recorded thoroughly, and results are delivered promptly. Enabling scientists to run multiple experiments at all hours without having to manage their own laboratory means they can spend more time analyzing their data and designing novel experiments. With a particular focus on biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, ECL supports a wide range of different research disciplines, including analytical chemistry, structural biology, biochemistry, chemical biology, bioorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, and biophysical chemistry. Soon, it will be able to add cell biology and chemical synthesis to this list. From the very beginning, scientists have been and continue to be the focus of ECL, its vision being to give scientists access to tools that enable better and faster research. This is what has allowed ECL to gain and maintain its leadership position. ECL was founded by two scientists, Brian Frezza and DJ Kleinbaum. While running their first start-up, Emerald Therapeutics, their research plan was more expensive than its budget allowed, so they turned to automation for the solution. Working with a team of scientific developers trained in coding, they were able to automate the majority of laboratory work, saving both time and money. Over time, the tools allowed scientists to step away and run the laboratory entirely remotely. Brian and DJ understand what it’s like to be restricted by time and budget, so ECL’s goal is to prevent scientists from being held back by lack of access to tools and space, ultimately aiming to increase the diversity of scientists and allow more life-changing discoveries to be made. As a result, ECL was established based on three core values, which it continues to prioritize every day. These are democratization, reproducible experimentation, and operational efficiency. The company aims to democratize scientific discovery by providing scientists worldwide with access to state-of-the-art facilities for a monthly subscription fee comparable to the cost of one piece of 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London Breaking Down the Barrier Between Eastern and Western Aesthetic Treatments Dec22085 Scientific Discovery at Your Fingertips 8

GHP Q1 2023 equipment. This makes experimentation accessible to those who do not have the funds to maintain a laboratory themselves. To ensure that the results of experiments conducted in ECL are reproducible, each step is recorded and validated, and samples are photographed, measured, and stored. Experiment parameters are communicated directly from ECL’s unified software interface, Command Center, to the laboratory’s instruments. Protocols must run the same way every time in order to ensure repeatability. In terms of operational efficiency, ECL separates experimental design and analysis from logistics, resulting in a 300% to 500% increase in efficiency for industry groups that now use ECL. Thanks to the benefits of cloud laboratories, the way in which scientific research is conducted is changing. Carnegie Mellon University became inspired to develop its own cloud laboratory when it used ECL to continue its research throughout the most restrictive periods of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, ECL has partnered with the university to build the first cloud laboratory in an academic setting using ECL software. The laboratory will allow researchers to conduct experiments online, and once completed, it will provide a platform for experimentation using artificial intelligence. Throughout the project, ECL will provide input on the design and construction of the facility, the installation of equipment, and the management and operation of the laboratory. ECL sets itself apart from competitors by being the preeminent company of its kind, with thought leadership that continues to define what it means to be part of the industry. Its work with Carnegie Mellon University will shape the direction of how life sciences are conducted in academia and business, bringing forth a generation of scientists who are not restricted by physical location or the size of their operations. In this, we are likely to see innovations that may not have happened without cloud laboratories. As cloud laboratories develop, the life science industry has become increasingly aware of the importance of advancements in biosecurity as new techniques and methods are carried out in research and development. Cloud laboratories offer increased biosecurity to protect access to research and the data produced, as all information about every experiment and task performed is securely stored digitally, where it can be audited. As ECL continues to increase the scale and breadth of its offering, its goal is to utilize technology to accelerate the rate of scientific advancements while ensuring that the level of security is maximized. Demonstrating its high level of security, ECL controls who has access to the command center application for experiments in the cloud lab, which is tracked by unique user IDs for all customers on the system. ECL offers a higher level of security than a traditional laboratory by tracking and storing all details, including chemicals, consumables, actions, processes, and results. All experiment details are kept confidential, but the system continuously runs checks to ensure the laboratory is being used responsibly and that nothing dangerous or illegal takes place. Due to its ground-breaking technological achievements, Emerald Cloud Lab is 2023’s winner of Most Comprehensive Life Science Research Lab, Western Europe, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards. There is no doubt that the company has changed the lives of many scientists and will continue to do so, facilitating them in making life-changing discoveries through research. Contact: Shannia Coley Company: Emerald Cloud Lab Web Address: GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023

23 GHP Q1 2023 Air Sentry is a company that introduced ventilation systems for clinical use in the year 2000 to combat airborne diseases to decrease the transmission of such. We take a closer look at the designs and purpose of its products and how they are able to create cleaner air in the healthcare system in the UK. Airborne diseases are bacteria or viruses that spread when people with certain infections cough, sneeze, or talk, it passes from one person to another through the air particles. The prevention and control of airborne transmission of infection are not simple, given that protective equipment on its own isn’t always enough, so specially designed ventilation systems are needed to control the airflow of a room. There is however a solution to a rather complex problem. Air sentry is an English company that introduced ventilation systems for clinical use in the year 2000. Its system has been long established across the NHS and private healthcare setting to prevent the transmission of airborne disease. If hospitals didn’t have them in place, we would see a rise in infections between patients due to the bacteria travelling in the air. Currently, Air Sentry modular system is the only mix mode recirculating system that looks to meet the requirements of HTM 03.01.A. It falls in with EN14644 part 3 for filtration and is able to accept 20-50% clean air. The Air Sentry Air Purification is an air management system that was designed especially for high-risk areas such as hospital covid wards, ICU, and cohort wards. There are two versions of the same design: the Air sentry mobile unit and the Air Sentry Wall. They contain a powerful HEPA14 air filter that makes them effective against all known airborne pathogens, air pollution, and chemical exposure, which means it creates clean, near sterile air. Another of the products that Air Sentry developed is K9 HEPA Air purifier which is a small system that is also able to create safe air for us. Three different versions have been designed to meet all commercial and healthcare settings, these are K9 Mobile, K9 Wall and K9BMS. The K9 air cleaner is able to clean the air to the level required for clean room status, it being ISO level 7. It takes five to eight minutes for it to clean 99.9975% of all airborne viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens, this means that alongside PPE it is able to decrease the risk of airborne transmissions to almost zero. Air Sentry has a very low carbon footprint because its products are 100% sourced and manufactured in the UK, which enables the supply for spares and future support. In addition, the products have a lifetime value as the product’s life is of 25+ years – Air Sentry then also provides up to ten-year warranty. Having lived through the Covid-19 pandemic it is a relief to know that there is technology available that continuously decreases the chances of airborne viruses. This not only protects the public when stepping foot into enclosed environments or a high-risk area, but it ensures that doctors and nurses are protected as much as possible to carry on with their vital role in society. It comes to no surprise that Air Sentry has recently been recognized in the Global Excellence Awards 2023 with Best Air Pollutant & Pathogen Company 2023 – UK. We look forward to continuing to have access to Air Sentry’s products and services to be protected from airborne viruses. Contact: Andrea McShane Company: Air Sentry Web Address: Cleaner Air For A Safer Experience Dec22180 “Air Sentry is a quick, easy, and cost-effective method of reducing all airborne risks to health, including coronavirus. 99.9999% effective.” 10

14 GHP Q1 2023 From small clinics and doctor’s offices to multi-location long-term care facilities, Wellness Labs provides medical professionals with a range of testing services followed by fast results.With the goal of improving patient care, the company aims to provide the best quality services possible. As a result of its efficient testing as well as its convenient courier service and online results portal, Wellness Labs is Oklahoma’s Leading Clinical Diagnostic Testing Laboratory in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. Science That Cares About Patients roviding molecular, genetic, chemistry, haematology, microbiology, and toxicology clinical testing to the professional medical community, Wellness Labs is a locally owned, independent full-service reference laboratory. It utilizes advance techniques in many areas to provide clinicians and doctors with insight into patients’ health, which has several benefits. The testing reduces unnecessary antibiotic administration, allows potential problems to be identified before they become serious, facilitates more targeted treatment, and reduces overall costs as a result. Tailoring its services to meet the varied needs of clients, the company provides accurate, reliable, and rapid results so that medical professionals can spend more time caring for patients. Ensuring to keep up with latest scientific processes and technologies, Wellness Labs provide many different services. Firstly, the company utilizes chemistry, haematology and immunoassay testing in its blood analysis services. Providing a comprehensive overview of patient health, blood tests are a commonly used tool which allow doctors to test for various diseases and conditions, as well as effectively monitor treatment of chronic health conditions. Secondly, Molecular Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing is also available at Wellness Labs, which is 3 to 5 times more sensitive than conventional techniques, allowing pathogen identification results to be returned to the client between 12 and 24 hours after the specimen is acquired. Time is crucial in caring for patients, so the fast results obtained by Wellness Labs allow critical decisions to be made quickly. Furthermore, the company provides accurate clinical toxicology testing, for example Urine Drug Tests (UDT), which are frequently used in the treatment of Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD). Accurate results from these tests are important for doctors to be able to adjust medication and make changes to treatment which affect patients’ long-term quality of life. In addition, UDT can be used to monitor compliance in taking medication and identify undisclosed drug use. Since not everyone reacts to medication and treatment in the same way, specialised testing helps clients identify treatments that will and will not work for their patients. Examples of specialized testing include Cancer Genomics (CGx) and Pharmacogenomics (PGx). These tests perform in-depth analysis on patients’ base genetic sequence. The results can then be used to identify what, if any, cancer genes may be present (CGx), and what drug treatments will work best for a patient (PGx). These tests are incredible for deciding treatment and improving patients’ quality of life. Additional convenient services provided by Wellness Labs include a courier service and online client portal access. The company picks up clients’ samples daily or on-demand as needed. Requests made before 5pm are usually collected the same day, and those made after 5pm are picked up the following day. With a secure online environment, clients can use the results portal to order and review patient test results rapidly and at their own convenience. With unrivalled customer support and attention to detail, Wellness Labs aims to be the go-to provider of superior and affordable testing. Constantly harnessing new technologies and techniques to adapt to the needs of its clients, the company measures its success through clients’ abilities to provide high standards of patient care, which is what it strives to facilitate through its work. Treating clients’ patients like its own, the company is committed to providing the best services possible using the most up-todate technology and scientific processes, in order to improve patient care. As a result, Wellness Labs have been recognised as Oklahoma’s Leading Clinical Diagnostic Testing Laboratory in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. Contact: Karen Loudermilk Company: Wellness Laboratories Web Address: P Feb23006 GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023

10 Launched in Autumn of 2020, Reframe is the #1 alcohol reduction and elimination app on the market. Created through the combined efforts of Georgia Tech graduates Vedant Pradeep and Ziyi Gao, Reframe has forged a remarkable reputation in the health and wellness arena in just two short years. We spoke with Vedant to find out more about Reframe’s achievements and mission. To date, Reframe has helped close to one million individuals in their pursuit of reducing or quitting alcoholic consumption. This impressive declaration is made even more impressive by the fact that this has been achieved in just two years. Utilising an effective combination of neuroscience, mindfulness, and progress tracking, Reframe’s users can – nine times out of ten – meet their drinking goals in just two months. What’s left then, is the crucial question of – how? How has Reframe secured a success rate that fundamentally distinguishes it from any competing app in the sphere? Vedant began by offering an explanation. “Reframe is the first neuroscience-based alcohol reduction/elimination app. We consulted with 500 medical and mental health experts at Harvard, John Hopkins, and Emory. Integrating science and wellness techniques such as meditation, helps us appeal to a broader demographic and allows users to create lasting change. “But, Reframe is also more than an alcohol-reducing or elimination app. Reframe is the partner individuals need to help make wellrounded decisions about drinking that benefit them physically, mentally, and emotionally.” Of course, one crucial benefit of endeavouring to reduce alcohol consumption through Reframe is that it is private, with no need to travel to recovery centers or attend AA sessions. It also adapts and improves continuously on the back of user feedback in ways that more traditional methods simply can’t. Vedant is all too aware of the unique ways that Reframe operates, and benefits of utilising an app over alternative options. “Reframe seeks to help those who don’t know where to start, don’t have much time or patience, are turned off by the stigmas of recovery centers, or have difficulty staying committed to their goals. We value our users. In part, thanks to feedback from users, the app has been optimized numerous times, making it continuously more user-friendly, allowing us to integrate more helpful tools and personalized customization that leads to changing habits that last forever.” In many ways, Reframe launched onto the market at the perfect time. The pandemic resulted in many coming face to face with their potential mortality, and held a microscope up to bad habits. Many opted to pursue self-improvement, while others doubleddown or started drinking as a result of the stress and uncertainty brought on by COVID-19. “Studies show that individuals increased their drinking during the pandemic, and many have continued to drink excessively even now. That said, excess drinking has always been an issue for many. We are happy that we can offer an app with evidence-based solutions that are proven to be effective. Understanding that excess drinking is a problem, we continuously ask ourselves how can we make our product truly engaging and make people love using it? We want people to look forward to logging in to do their daily exercise and engage with the app. That means we need to make the app “prophetic” and address the right problem at the right time, which is why we are constantly adding more solutions.” All things considered, Reframe was aptly named, as it seeks to change the perspective on an issue that impacts millions around the world. By creating a platform that champions and promotes agency, self-reflection and independence, Reframe’s users take control of their own alcohol reduction in a way that is inherently rewarding, without external oversight from other individuals. The appeal speaks for itself. So, where does Reframe go from here? Putting aside the continuous innovation and development – what are Vedant and Ziyi’s next steps? “We hope to translate the app to multiple languages to reach non-English speakers. We are expanding to different verticals, such as Reframe Mind, an evidence-based education program that helps you manage stress. With Reframe Mind, you will identify, control, and regulate your emotions using the power of behavioural psychology and neuroscience.” Reframe’s success rate acts as a potent testament to the viability of its approach. On a landscape where it has thoroughly defined the parameters for success, Reframe has set the path for others to follow. In its role as pacesetter, it sets the bar high, with an ethos that revolves entirely around refinement. Development. Betterment, essentially. There can be no doubt that Reframe is a trusted entity in this space and trusted by hundreds of thousands of individuals – making its recognition as the Most Trust Alcohol Reduction App in the USA a no brainer. As the undisputed leader in this arena, it has an astonishingly bright future ahead of it. Reframe Contact: Vedant Pradeep Website: 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London All things considered, Reframe was aptly named, as it seeks to change the perspective on an issue that impacts millions around the world. Breaking Down the Barrier Between Eastern and Western Aesthetic Treatments Nov22037 Most Trusted Alcohol Reduction App - USA 12

GHP Q1 2023 GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023

20 Absolute Aesthetics specialises in treating lumps, bumps and skin lesions, excessive sweating, and laser-based therapies together with medical skincare in order to bring its patients the best results possible by focusing on an area of expertise. We speak to its Director, Victoria Whiteley, to find out more after its recent recognition in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. The Aesthetic Clinic That You Can Trust ur physical appearance changes throughout the years, whether it is marks that show up out of nowhere, expression lines that are enhanced with the years or the loss of hair due to age or pregnancy. Any of this as well as many more, are things people find themselves battling against which leads them to consider reaching out to experts to help them with their concerns. Often people know of individuals that have had negative experiences when seeking help with procedures of all kinds and it means they are scared to reach out for help. This is why it is important to research into the aesthetic industry to find a trustworthy aesthetician to support and guide you towards a result that you will be happy with. The Director and Founder, Victoria Whiteley, is passionate about medicine and aesthetic which led her to open her own clinic, Absolute Aesthetics. It was established in 2008 and has two clinics in the UK, one located in Central London and another in Guildford, Surrey. Making changes that will positively impact your confidence and wellbeing is at the heart of what Absolute Aesthetics aims to do by using non-surgical and surgical procedures for hair, body, face, and skin. The procedures have “research and scienced based evidence to support their efficacy”, highlights Victoria. The practitioners at Absolute Aesthetics specialise in treating lumps, bumps and skin lesions, excessive sweating and laserbased therapies together with medical skincare. Some of this are facial injectables, laser hair removal, body contouring, sculpting treatments and rejuvenation. Absolute Aesthetics focuses in providing medical led treatment through working alongside the doctors at The Whitely clinic. This ensures that the procedures are delivered safely, through research, development and in cooperation with regulatory bodies. Victoria, tells us, “Our team drives high standards of clinical safety, training and care.” Its team are highly qualified and skilled aesthetic therapists, nurses and doctors that are able to ensure “patients get the best care and advice”, says Victoria. The aesthetic world is constantly evolving from new techniques to new treatments, in order to stay up to date with the changes its “clinical team has access to training and professional development through our leading industry partners”, adds Victoria. Victoria directly specialises in removing skin lesions using Electro Surgery which is a procedure that uses small incisions and few stitches, and it leaves little to no scar at all. She keeps herself updated with the development of the research on this procedure as research shows evidence on how effective it is to remove lesions, even as complex as a cyst and xanthelasma. This helps Victoria stay updated with new findings to incorporate them into her practice to be able to support a range of patients. Absolute Aesthetics prides themselves in providing safe procedures to people of all ages, from 20 to 60 and above to provide the best procedure available to tackle their individual concerns. This gives her patients peace of mind of knowing that they have access to a variety of services if they wished. Victoria has developed a well-known reputation and takes great part in voicing her knowledge within the industry. She writes regular articles to the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing (JOAN), sits for the editorial board of PMFA Magazine, and speaks nationally and internationally at aesthetic conferences. An example of when others in the industry look to Victoria for guidance, is in relation to an interest of hers, the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. PRT therapy treats hair loss both in women and men as it activates the hair follicles stimulating them to grow again. Victoria’s results on using the procedure on her patients have shown that it is also able to improve the appearance of thinning hair and bold patches. The success of her results was recognised by one of the major suppliers to the aesthetics industry which led her to be invited to be first PRP therapy UK trainer. Victoria’s ongoing success within the industry is also highlighted in her ability to direct a team to overcome obstacles and being able to adapt to unexpected circumstances. Absolute Aesthetics was impacted by Covid-190 forcing her to rethink many aspects of the business. The pandemic meant they couldn’t carry out their services, putting the business on hold, during this time “it gave us the chance to re-evaluate the business, our service offering and how we reach out to patients”, shares Victoria. O Nov22569 “Look and feel good by the decade.” 14

GHP Q1 2023 Seeing the positive in the negative, allowed them to move forward in a new way. Victoria explains, “Part of this included reviewing our treatments, costing and re focus on the areas we specialise and excel in, resulting in us being a much stronger streamlined business.” Acknowledging the changes of the world and their continuous success in tackling its patients concerns has helped the clinic gain the trust of its patients which means that now, in 2023, the team at Absolute Aesthetics are able to expand and provide its clients with new treatments. It comes to no surprise that Absolute Aesthetics has now been recognised in the Global Excellence Awards 2023 and they are holders of the title of the Most Trusted Medical Aesthetic Clinic 2023 – Southern England. We look forward to continuing to see its growth and development for many more years as they care and support its patients. Contact: Victoria Whiteley Company: Absolute Aesthetics Web Address: GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023

16 GHP Q1 2023 The ESHO Clinic uses non-surgical aesthetic, correctional, and facial rejuvenation treatments to give its patients the best results. We speak to Founder and Lead Doctor, Dr Esho, to find out more after its recent recognition in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. Social media has led today’s society to be very image-conscious and many people often look for ways to tackle their concerns about their appearance by finding quick fixes. Trusting someone with your appearance is a lot of responsibility and that’s why it is important to ensure that you are at the hands of experts that care and are passionate about what they do, to guarantee you are provided with treatments that are safe and done correctly. The ESHO is a clinic with the aims to enhance its patients’ natural beauty with non-surgical aesthetic, correctional, and facial rejuvenation treatments. Some of these are anti-wrinkle injections, dermal filler, and more advanced skin treatments. The Founder and Lead Doctor, Dr Esho, has a passion for creating excellent natural results, making him one of the most influential doctors in the aesthetics industry. He shares, “Our passion is to provide each patient with the signature ‘ESHO’ experience by enhancing your natural features in the most ethical way.” Dr Esho leads a team of doctors that ensure patients have a unique experience. They carry out high quality treatments which provide effective results. Dr Esho highlights, “Our doctors have undertaken advanced master class training in non-surgical techniques with Allergan, Teoxane, HA Derma, Galderma, and other leaders in the aesthetic industry.”. All of ESHO’s doctors are also insured under Hamilton Fraser Insurance and registered with the General Medical Council, giving clients maximum confidence. Having a treatment plan uniquely made to suit your needs is key for the experts at the clinic to ensure patients get the best possible results. Dr Esho tells us, “We value accommodating each one of our patients with the upmost care and experience through every stage of their journey with us.” “As a company we take pride in providing high-quality treatments and the results speak for themselves.” Dr Esho’s desire to constantly learn new things means that he is always looking for ways to improve and innovate the services he offers. Alongside his team, he developed a 12-month prescription service called, The ESHO Skin Lab. An innovative subscription service that was the first to ever be offered within UK clinics, with the aims “to encourage patients to not only focus on improving themselves through injectable treatments, but to focus on their skin too”. The process begins with a consultation with advanced skin specialists where you will get the chance to discuss concerns and recommendations. Dr Esho explains, “They will assess the skin while providing a detailed skin scan analysis to formulate your skin lab plan. From this they will formulate a treatment and homecare plan specifically tailored to you to ensure you the best possible results from the skin lab.” Sharing his expertise with his patients is not the only thing Dr Esho does. He also partnered with a charity where he helps people that have had a surgery, or a procedure that didn’t go to plan. He provides treatment to help get them get the best results possible so they can feel good in themselves again. Dr Esho says, “I believe this has been beneficial in the industry and contributed to great success of the company, going that extra mile to help others has always been our aim as a company.” Dr Esho has a strong belief in himself in finding a way to success no matter the obstacle. He shares, “My life experience combined with an exceptional talented team of the best in industry has greatly contributed to the vast success of shaping together the ESHO brand – which in turn, provides remarkable company leadership within the industry.” Dr Esho is not done progressing – and the success of The ESHO clinic is ever growing. Last year he launched the first ESHO MD Clinic within Flannels Flagship in Liverpool. Now, this year, he will be opening another clinic in London while still managing the first ever clinic in Newcastle and another in Dubai. His hard work has recently been recognised by GHP in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. The ESHO Clinic has now won the title of Best Non-Surgical Medical Treatment Specialists – London, and we look forward to seeing Dr Esho and his team continue to make a positive impact in those who walk through its doors. Contact: Dr Esho Company: The ESHO Clinic Web Address: Experts Enhancing Your Natural Beauty. Nov22783

15 GHP Q2 2023 OSSIO® aims to be the gold standard in orthopaedic fixation by encouraging natural bone healing. Following the company’s announcement as Best Orthopedic Medical Device Company 2023 – USA, we have taken the opportunity to take a closer look at this amazing, transformative establishment. Naturally Transformative Bone Healing. eadquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, with development headquarters in Caesarea, Israel, OSSIO is a young, fastgrowing company. It was founded in 2014, beginning with the introduction of a product that was the culmination of years of biomechanical research combined with a vision to begin improving bone healing. Developing the technological basis of OSSIOfiber lay the groundwork for ushering in a new breakthrough category of non-permanent fixation, eliminating metal devices. The company is highly motivated and inspired to heal bone better. Committed to transforming the orthopaedic experience for patients, physicians, and payors (such as private insurance companies), OSSIO’s vision is to provide the first credible replacement to metal implants in the $15B+ orthopaedic fixation market. Its intention is to replace screws, pins, and plates with Intelligent Bone Regeneration Technology. Using OSSIOfiber represents a breakthrough in the industry as an innovative, material platform for orthopaedic and podiatric surgeons who seek a more biologically friendly way to restore patient stability and mobility. With OSSIOfiber there is nothing left behind, hence nothing that needs to be removed. By encouraging natural bone healing that, ultimately, stands to eliminate the hardware removal procedures, OSSIO wants to minimise implant-related complications, alleviate pain, and dramatically improve the healthcare economics of orthopaedics. Its bio-integrative implants have both the desired strength and a welcome bio-friendliness. This means they have the mechanical strength for easy insertion and secure fixation, while enabling the body to regrow bone. The regrowth incorporates and replaces the implant, but without the adverse inflammation and weakness often seen in bio-resorbables, and other bio-composites. It is something that has remained elusive to the industry – until now. OSSIO, with its registered trademark property OSSIOfiber, incorporates intelligent bone regeneration into areas such as nonmetal bunion repairs, non-metal hammertoe repairs, and other non-metal implants for foot pain. The science behind OSSIOfiber is unconventional and state-of-the-art. It’s stronger than cortical bone, stronger and more predictable than polymers alone, and does not have the foreign body reactions, stress-shielding, and potential patient discomfort or removal risks commonly associated with permanent metal hardware. Its strong and Bio-Integrative OSSIOfiber implants provide a unique matrix of fibres made from minerals similar to those already found in bones. This supports strong fixation and enables early bone attachment, as well as gradual bone and tissue ingrowth, and complete integration. This is all done without local or systemic adverse responses. OSSIOfiber offers surgeons and patients the confidence and certainty of a fully Bio-Integrative solution that utilises existing reimbursement and surgical techniques, and provides a more natural healing environment. The materials used are engineered for rapid bone in-growth, regeneration and replacement with a surface texture designed to enable early bone attachment. The 50 percent natural mineral fibre matrix has enhanced mechanical strength and fluid flow for progressive bone integration. It is suspended in 50 percent polymer for a more predictable integration into the local area, without adverse inflammation. It is a strong and Bio-Integrative Fixation designed to restore, regrow, and renew bone without permanent metal hardware. OSSIO’s breakthrough technology is a true innovation that once implanted turns into your own bone. Company: OSSIO Web Address: Contact Name: Alexandria Sooch H Apr23259 GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023

22 GHP Q1 2023 and mental health concerns among the UK population, everincreasing NHS waiting times and oversubscribed GP services are having a huge impact across the country. As a result, a driving factor in Medicash’s recent success has been its focus on diversifying access to treatment by embracing the digital revolution in healthcare, much of which can be accessed remotely. In recent years, the company has expanded its digital and virtual offerings to include a range of apps and online services for its policyholders, covering everything from counselling sessions to skin cancer monitoring to physiotherapy treatment. Taking advantage of recent leaps in modern technology is a key element of Medicash’s approach to health plans, allowing employers to not just financially support their team’s health, but to facilitate access to treatment as quickly and easily as possible. With a new policy being sold every two minutes in 2022 by Medicash, the company are on track to break the half-a-million policyholder mark this year and see no signs of stagnation on the horizon. More companies than ever before are looking for innovative ways to win the recruitment ‘Battle for Talent’ that emerged in the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly among the younger generation of professionals entering the talent pool seeking inclusive, wellbeing-focused employers. Between the post-pandemic focus on individual wellbeing and the impact of the ongoing cost of living crisis, the modern workplace is one where employees are valued and rewarded on a significantly more personal basis than ever before. By empowering employers to prioritise their workforce’s everyday health, Medicash is helping to drive this transformation, building healthier, happier workplaces across the UK. The world of work has undergone a dramatic shift in recent years. From pandemic lockdowns to inflation hikes, changes in the economic and social climate have had a radical impact on our approach to how, why, and where we work.These cultural shifts have rippled across the employee benefits industry, with our Best Healthcare Plan Provider 2023 winner, Medicash reporting a surge in interest for whole-of-workforce wellbeing solutions. We take a look at the reasons for this demand, and Medicash’s success in meeting it. In just three years, employees across the UK have seen themselves work both from the office and from home, with new technology and software, and through numerous national health and economic crises. There’s no wonder then that over threequarters of UK professionals report moderate-to-high levels of workplace stress – or that for the first time, in 2022 the WHO included ‘burnout’ as a recognised medical diagnosis within the International Classification of Diseases. These stressors have sparked a necessary change in workplace culture, one where employee health and wellbeing is as highly valued as salary and career progression to candidates. This increasing focus on a people-centred workplace has seen UK health plan provider Medicash experience a sharp rise in demand for its employee benefits, increasing its policy base by over 125,000 new policyholders in 2022 alone. Medicash’s health plans primarily allow policyholders to both cover the cost of everyday healthcare and increase their access to treatment. Amid the ongoing cultural shift in UK workplaces to create healthy, supportive environments, health plans such as these are becoming invaluable tools for employers in providing support for their workforce. In fact, according to the CIPD’s Health & Wellbeing at Work Report 2022, 21% of UK employers offered a health cash plan to all members of their workforce and this is increasing each year, with reasons such as lowering sickness absences, promoting inclusivity, and improving employee morale cited as the main drivers. Promoting inclusivity is key here – as private medical insurance can be relatively expensive for companies to fund, surveys have shown that many organisations only offer this benefit to certain levels of staff. Medicash health plans, by contrast, start from just 95p per employee per week, allowing companies to cover a far greater number of employees at a very modest cost. It’s for this reason that health cash plans like those offered by Medicash have long been touted as a whole-ofworkforce solution when it comes to healthcare benefits. Of course, there’s more to promoting the health of a workforce than just cost. In addition to the well-documented rise in stress Wellbeing for the Whole Workforce Oct22312 Company: Medicash Health Benefits Ltd Contact: Andy Abernethy Email: [email protected] Website: 18