Driving the Connected Healthcare Market to a Wider Standardization


With more than 200,000 connected medical devices currently in the field and a strong position as pioneer and worldwide leader of the connected healthcare market, eDevice was the key representative of the Telehealth industry participating in this first oneM2M Interoperability Test.

The result of the tests demonstrated interoperability between eDevice’s HealthGO Mini medical hub for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and oneM2M servers from various companies, including Cisco Systems (CSCO), Huawei Technologies, LG, Qualcomm (QCOM), HP & Fraunhofer, amongst others. These successful tests represent an important step for the eHealth industry, which requires standards for widespread expansion of connected care technologies. oneM2M fosters standardized end-to-end Remote Patient Monitoring solutions by connecting together the medical standards of the industry, including Continua, BLE, HL7, and more.

With HealthGO Mini, Healthcare organizations can now benefit from a scalable, robust and interoperable solution for retrieving vital signs from patients at home enabling advanced telehealth programs. HealthGO Mini is a standalone product installed at patients’ home that communicates seamlessly with off-the-shelf medical sensors and transfers measurements over eDevice’s 3G network through a oneM2M compliant infrastructure delivering health data to existing medical databases.

With these promising results, eDevice paves the way to mass production of interoperable telehealth solutions. As an ISO-13485 certified and FDA listed company, the company confirms its commitment to standards, even pushing for a wider standardization in the connected Healthcare industry.

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