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A man's guide to the menopause

November 12, 2018


The menopause can be a stressful time, especially if you’re experiencing troublesome symptoms – from hot flushes and night sweats to mood swings and reduced sex drive. It can take its toll on relationships too, especially if your partner doesn’t understand what you’re going through or isn’t taking your symptoms seriously.

In the Autumn 2018 issue of The Menopause Exchange newsletter, pharmacist consultant Dr Nuttan Tanna looks at what men should know about the menopause. She covers common symptoms of the menopause, how they can impact on a relationship and affect a woman’s physical and mental health, and how men can provide support and help at this time of life.

“For many women going through the menopause, having a supportive partner is essential,” says Norma Goldman, founder and director of The Menopause Exchange. “They may feel more confident about managing their symptoms if they can talk to their partner when they’re struggling, and also feel less stressed, especially if their sex life is affected. Our article gives men an insight into what their partner is going through, and will hopefully encourage them to help when they can.”

The Menopause Exchange, which was established in 1999, is completely independent and is not sponsored by any companies. It provides impartial, easily understood information to women, healthcare professionals and others responsible for the wellbeing of employees. The Menopause Exchange quarterly newsletter contains articles written by top medical experts, such as gynaecologists, GPs, consultants, specialist menopause nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, complementary practitioners and a specialist counsellor etc.

Other articles in the Autumn 2018 newsletter include HRT myths, hair loss and hair thinning and minerals at the menopause, as well as recent news, Ask the Experts Q&As and information about Norma Goldman’s Understanding the Menopause talks.

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