Taking Care of You

EL Marsh Care specialises in delivering quality care to the people living in their own home and those living in the company’s comfortable, secure and joyful homes. We profile the facility to find out more about the methods used which ensure that its residents and those they visit are looked after.

Located in Birmingham, EL Marsh offers a variety of care options, from short and long-term residential care to supported living for adults with learning disabilities, Autism, mental health and other complex needs. Delivering the best level of customer service it can, the team prides itself on the choices, respect, dignity and independence it gives to all its residents.

Amongst its employees, EL Marsh possesses experienced, motivated and passionate employees that provide up to 24-hours of care, with the team supporting its citizens to ensure that its care and social needs are up to a quality standard.

Building on its sterling reputation, the care home’s overall mission is to ensure that residents are happy and able to live exciting, fun and comfortable lives. The team is able to do this by adopting an enthused, independent and imaginative service, in which everyone works together to achieve the same goals.

Sticking to its core values and principles, the team wants to offer support and confidence to others by showing empathy and aspiring to be the best they can be. Having respect for the people they look after, many of the team are inspired to help others live their independent lives, and in doing so, they are able to show patience and recognise the ordeal that others sometimes go through. Being able to judge exactly what care is required by clients, staff are trained to offer support using a preventative approach in order to promote citizen’s ability to be feel a sense of freedom whenever possible. The establishment’s staff are highly-skilled, and support is delivered in innovative ways which maximise a resident’s skills, coping capabilities and independence.

Essentially, the overall aim of EL Marsh is to allow its residents and citizens to be independent in their lives, and this is a key focus as staff aim to prepare clients in transit as they move on to either independent or supported living. As a result, staff reduce dependency by providing positive encouragement, motivation and work with clients in order to develop and enhance selfesteem and confidence in a timely manner.

Alongside independence, re-enablement is another key area in which EL Marsh places an emphasis on. The team at EL Marsh will work with people in outcome focused ways, delivering targeted support to enable thr relearning of skills. Additionally, staff will work with clients to provide motivation and reassurance which will underpin the rebuilding of confidence in one’s own abilities.

Importantly, as well as focusing on self-esteem and confidence, the team also offers aids, adaptations and assistive technology, and see this as crucial to enabling people to achieve their maximum levels of independence. Liaising closely with health and social care professionals, the company works hard to ensure that individuals have access to the full range of resources, and as such enable them to continue living safely and independently.

An example of this would be that previously, EL Marsh adapted a bathroom into a wet room, and as such enabled a new client to access personal care independently. Another example is that EL Marsh made a referral to OT to assess for another wet room in a client’s own home, and this was also successful. EL Marsh also uses talking and pictorial apps on pads to enable non-verbal residents to communicate choices and opinion more effectively.

Giving its clients the ability to live their life to the maximum potential, almost all of the residents have TV’s in their bedrooms, meaning they can watch programs of their choice. Additionally, giving them a sense of privacy and independence, they also have their own lockers and wardrobes to keep their belongings away from others.

Furthermore, giving them a real sense of freedom, those utilising the services of EL Marsh are also involved in choosing what they want to eat or wear, and they have a wealth of options to choose from. Some clients even have their own mobile phones which enable them to speak to their relatives or call the care homes in order to speak to staff to discuss their concerns, particularly when clients are mixing in the community.   

Last but not the least EL Marsh makes an effort to ensure all clients are supported to engage in activities of their choice in the community and also ensure the necessary equipment or materials are provided at the homes for each resident to engage in indoor activities.

Looking ahead, the team at EL Marsh is focused on a supported living project in Sandwell, meaning it will be able to offer further independent living opportunities which are tailored and specially adapted in order to meet individual needs. The project aims to enable young adults to access wider opportunities and build independence to access higher education, employment and life skills, leaving them well suited to enter adult life.

Company: El Marsh Care Home Ltd

Contact: Harpreet Johal

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Address: 131 Moat Road, Oldbury, B68 8EF, UK

Phone: 0121 552 5135