With the healthy eating market on the rise, consumers are turning their attention to the alcoholic drinks they enjoy in an effort to reduce their calorie intake. New craft lager brand Gen!us aims to offer drinkers the opportunity to enjoy their favourite drink with fewer calories: but does it live up to expectations? GHP tried it to find out.

Gen!us’s branding evokes imagery of innovative ideas throughout history. The can’s outer design showcases a selection of mankind’s best minds, peppered with references to Confucius, Shakespeare, da Vinci, Einstein, Mozart, Newton and Aristotle.

By boldly brandishing such illustrious iconography, Gen!us has thrown the gauntlet into the ring and the message couldn’t be clearer: this new beverage hopes to represent the next leap forward in the industry. It’s a lofty goal indeed, but it’s one that holds merit.

Alcohol has long nurtured its fair share of hidden calories, presenting a nightmare scenario for anyone looking to shave inches from their waistline and enjoy their favourite drink. After all, the humble pint of beer harbours the same number of calories has a slice of pizza. The average gin and tonic ‘ a conservative choice ‘ contains almost 100 calories.

As such, Gen!us are keen to make a statement and shake-up the alcoholic beverage market, which has long been filled with traditional drinks whose composition and taste have not changed for decades. The lager’s reduced calorie count is proudly displayed on the front of its gold can, alongside a range of symbols designed to highlight the creativity that has gone into the drink, with DNA, hydrocarbon, Newton’s gravitational equation, the eye of Horas and e=mc2 all vying for attention.

Once you click the can open you get a simple larger smell and taste. The product is a Genius way to have a drink without feeling guilty, and definitely one to switch to if you are watching the calories.

The lager itself boasts a light, malty taste with hints of fruit and an aeriated, almost sparkling mouthfeel. This is a smooth drink with a gentle tang of flavour that is perfect for a summer’s evening and proves that you can have all the taste with fewer calories, and therefore less exercise required to burn it off.  

So for those looking to indulge without the guilt, Gen!us offers an enticing alternative ‘ all of the flavour without the associated guilt.

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