Leading analyst firm concurs that information security will play a key role in the digital transformation of the Healthcare sector.

Imprivata’, the healthcare IT security company, has today stated that Identity and Access Management (IAM) is key to the success of many digital transformation projects in healthcare.

Daniel Johnston MRes, RN, and Clinical Workflow Specialist at Imprivata commented; ‘At Imprivata we have seen time and again that the key to achieving success in any IT project is to involve clinicians early. Only with end-user adoption will the digital transformation of the NHS be realised. Easy, and yet secure, access to clinical applications is a key component to a good user experience for clinicians, that will that will fuel the enthusiasm required and deliver truly transformational patient care.’

A recent IDC Technology Spotlight, sponsored by Imprivata entitled ‘Security at Scale: How Security Changes with Healthcare Digital Transformation, May 2019’ explores the relationship between security and IAM and the role that it plays in developing digital transformation landscape in healthcare across Europe. ‘However, according to a recent survey by IDC,’ continued Johnston, £68% of European healthcare organisations still consider their approach to digital transformation siloed, and even when digital and enterprise goals are aligned, they are too focused on the short term. There is still clearly a long way to go, and the relatively quick win that healthcare organisations can achieve by streamlining secure access to clinical applications is a good first step, and proof of concept.’

With this in mind, Imprivata recently announced that it will unlock the power of the cloud for clinical users by creating the first end-to-end IAM Cloud Platform for healthcare in collaboration with Microsoft. The first phase of the collaboration, Healthcare Seamless SSO, launched by Imprivata in April, eliminates the need for clinical and non-clinical Microsoft users to repeatedly type usernames and passwords to access any programs and applications. Leveraging Imprivata OneSign’, Healthcare Seamless SSO can be used with all types of applications, saving care providers 45 minutes every shift, improving satisfaction levels, and driving EMR adoption.

Digital Transformation was one of the headline topics at the inaugural Nursing and Midwifery GDE Network symposium, with discussions on where nursing practices meet algorithms, highlighting the extent of work to meet the growing challenges in NHS clinical settings.

For a copy of the IDC Technology Spotlight. Security at Scale: How Security Changes with Healthcare Digital Transformation, visit the Imprivata website to download a copy