Mental Health Crisis Care Improved
A new agreement to improve the system of care and support for people in a mental health crisis has been
Figures for Births
The statistics show that 13,083 deaths were registered in the third quarter of the year.
Former Nurses and Midwives Return to Practice
Almost 200 former nurses and midwives are predicted to return to practice in 2015.
New Global Summary of Physical Activity
Individuals in Scotland are said to be more active than any other nation in the UK.
Care act Reforms Underline Growing cost Burdens on Councils
Concerns were raised over the provision and funding of public services.
Bold new law to Increase Donor Rates in Wales
Wales has today become the first country in the UK to herald a revolutionary new system to increase the number
MPs urge Government to Implement Sugar tax
The Government has come under growing pressure to include the proposal.
Report Calls for Bold Government Action on Childhood Obesity
Treating obesity and its consequences is now estimated to set the NHS back £5.1bn each year.
New Strategy to Enhance Looked After Children Services
New plans for looked after children will improve services.
Committee Inquiry Finds Barriers to Palliative care must be Removed
MSPs found that palliative care is more readily available for those with a diagnosis of cancer.
Research Reveals UK Nurses Endured 9.6% pay cut since 2008
New research from the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) reveals the dramatic fall in the real terms earnings of nursing