As trustworthy and reliable as most medical experts can be, there are times when their negligence can lead to issues, personal injury, and even death. When these circumstances arise, it can be a priority for a victim or family member to obtain financial restitution – and with the age of a personal injury lawyer specializing in the medical and pharmaceutical field, this process can be made all the more simple.

What is Medical Negligence?

In the most general terms, it’s a type of action carried out by a licensed professional working within the medical field, that leads to an injury or worse being sustained by an individual. According to Carpenter & Zuckerman in Bakersfield, California, the severity can vary; from an infection as a result of stitches not being cleaned properly or a wound not being treated correctly, right through to a lack of care resulting in a life-changing injury or even a fatality.

Who Is Eligible to Make a Claim?

Anyone affected by medical negligence can claim – whether that’s the victim of the negligence or their immediate family (often in cases where the individual may have passed away or is otherwise unable to act for themselves). Unfortunately, it’s not an easy option to take out a claim against a medical practitioner without the help of a personal injury lawyer, but this can be a reassuring option in and of itself.

For a start, a personal injury lawyer that specializes in this type of case will undoubtedly have a firm understanding of what is and isn’t allowed. As a result, they should be able to offer advice to the victim (or victims) about the likelihood of their case succeeding, how much they can expect to receive, and provide other vital information to help the process get underway.

How Much Do They Charge?

This will typically depend on the lawyer, their level of expertise, and whether or not they work under a no-win/no-fee clause or if they charge a nominal fee for their services and then a set amount. A victim or their family will be able to find out more by contacting the legal firm in question and many provide a no-obligation quote as standard, making it easy to get the type of financial information that you require.

For no-win/no-fee cases, this literally means that unless the case is won, there won’t be a charge to the victim. Conversely, if the case is successful, the lawyer will likely take a small percentage from the total amount of compensation awarded in (or out of) court.

Medical negligence is no laughing matter; from refusing to provide treatment, to incorrectly performing a surgery. For anyone that has suffered the consequences of negligent surgery or treatment, compensation is a viable option and it can help to cover other medical bills, treatments including counseling sessions, and help an individual to try to get their life back on track – particularly if they need the financial support due to life-changing injuries. For more information on the subject, reach out to a good lawyer or firm for advice and see what you can do next.