GHP Announces the 2020 Private Healthcare Awards Winners

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United Kingdom, 2020GHP Magazine has announced the winners of the 2020 Private Healthcare Awards.

There are few industries – especially right now – that are as important as healthcare. Where many sectors fall to the wayside in times of desperate need, healthcare is one of the few that, always, continues on and ‘helms the fort’. Healthcare is crucial to our development and continuation as functioning global societies, and that is becoming incredibly evident right at this moment.

With all that in mind, it has been a particularly rewarding experience to run the 2020 Private Healthcare Awards, and to interact with some of the leaders of the industry.

Awards Co-ordinator Jessie Wilson took a moment to comment on the deserving winners of this year’s programme: “Private healthcare is a vast and extraordinary sector, and regardless of whether you are a medical professional in that environment, or in administration, recruitment, logistics, product development or research, everyone has an important role to play. Ultimately, I am incredibly honoured to have spoken to everyone who has been recognised in this programme and I hope you all have great success in the future.”

To find out more about these leading lights and discover what has led them to becoming who they are today, please visit https://ghp-news.com/issues/private-healthcare-awards-2020/ to access our winners supplement.



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