GHP December 2016

GHP December 2016

Welcome to the December issue of GHP Magazine.
As 2016 rolls into its closing stretches, this issue looks back with pride on the past year on the milestones that have been reached, the innovations achieved, the lives saved, through the vigilant work of thousands upon thousands of companies and institutions, comprising countless individuals, as they battle to overcome the challenges of their respective markets to ensure affordable and reliable healthcare for all.

To begin with, GHP pays particular notice to the technological breakthroughs and developments of recent months; the application of new child-proof safety containers and bio-friendly plastic films, made from all-new low-gauge materials, spell out a secure and safe future not only for Locked4Kids and PolyPak America, but for the millions of consumers that utilise these products every day. The potential to avert mishaps and even deaths is an opportunity that should be embraced readily, well into the future.

It is not only the applications and development of human medicine that GHP pays close attention to – the world of veterinary care is also a crucial area of focus, and this issue pays attention to the selfless services of such institutions dedicated to animal care as the Sierra Lione Animal Welfare Society, whose mission to curtail rabies in the West of Africa has drawn international attention and encouraged a greater awareness for the contagious disease.

Indeed, funding and investment continues to remain a central component of the ongoing development of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. While the Northamptonshire charity Animals in Need relies upon the donations of food, toys and bedding as well as finances from the public to support over 600 animals, there is an observable effort across all markets to capitalise upon an age of advanced medicine to develop new approaches to maintaining a consistent level of care for all those that require it. This is also why technological innovations such as Quanticate’s RCDM solutions represent such a fresh, holistic perspective towards tackling any future challenges faced by in the global healthcare industry.

We at GHP Magazine wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year, and we will return in January.

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