Welcome to the Q2 issue of Global Health & Pharma Magazine – your source for the latest news and features from across the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

The global healthcare industry is diverse, expansive and, always, innovative: moving forwards, improving and evolving to tackle the challenges of the sector. So, this quarter, we have chosen to highlight some of these exemplars to see how they pursue perfection, whatever that may mean in their market. From ground-breaking dentistry to a world-leading communications agency, healthcare encompasses many things indeed, and all play a crucial role in the day to day operations of the industry.

First up, we spoke with Paul Hagopian, Co-Founder and Head of Client Partnerships of SPLICE Agency, a healthcare advertising agency in Emeryville, California. Following their recognition as the ‘Best Healthcare Communications Agency’ in GHP’s Private Healthcare Awards, we were eager to find out more about this essential area of the healthcare industry.

Later in the issue, we spotlight the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) to find out how they are supporting their members in all stages of the drug development process through a focus on science, careers and ‘community’. Walter Marlowe, Executive Director at AAPS, was eager to tell us more.

Here at GHP Magazine, we hope that you enjoy reading this quarter’s issue and look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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