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Over half of the UK say that Covid-19 has made them more likely to try and diagnose their own symptoms
A new campaign has been launched by the UK’s largest independent healthcare management app, ‘myGP’, urging NHSX to introduce centralised
Physicians are one of the most stressed and overworked professionals in any profession. They are responsible for treating their many
Winnie Harlow
Vitiligo is a common skin condition that causes skin to lose its pigment, resulting in hallmark white blotches. Vitiligo occurs
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One of the most common truisms in the modern world is how broken the American healthcare system is. It has
Covid vaccine
The University of Oxford’s Jenner Institute began work on a coronavirus vaccine in February. Development on the COVID-19 vaccine has
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Healthcare marketing is essential for any doctor looking to build a practice. While you probably already know the ins and
recovery centre
The Kames UK Real Assets team has worked with the NHS and The British Army to deliver a recovery centre
healthcare law
Healthcare professionals must follow policies and procedures to ensure that there is standardization in daily operational activities. Many of these
Is pharma ready to respond to the climate crisis
Climate change is perhaps the most complex issue facing modern society, affecting every aspect of human life including our health.
The talent, skill, and dedication of midwives make them an invaluable resource for expectant parents as they perform a service
With an increase in demand for parking spaces near hospitals and makeshift health centres due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a